Michelle Obama is still a Democrat powerhouse – and this latest move proves it

The Obamas may not have been the first “celebrity” politicians, but they sure made hanging out in the White House look posh.

Oftentimes they look more like the Hollywood elite than they do former President and First Lady.

But Michelle Obama is still a Democrat powerhouse – and this latest move proves it.

Michelle Obama is stepping back into the political sphere.

Given Democrats’ uncertain fate in the 2022 midterms, they need to pull in all the star power they can.

Obama’s group – When We All Vote – has announced a list of events leading up to the 2022 midterms to rally the Left’s base.

The events will, of course, include a slew of Obama’s celebrity friends.

According to a recent article in The Hill some of the big names that will be tagging along with Michelle Obama are NBA star Chris Paul, Regina Hall of the Scary Movie franchise, and radio host Angela Yee.

Obama’s biggest focus during these events will be to continue pushing the false narrative that voter ID laws and other election integrity measures pushed by Republicans are racist.

“These harmful voter suppression tactics will negatively impact Americans’ freedom to vote, especially Black, Brown and young voters, and voters with disabilities,” a When We All Vote statement read.

Democrats have an incredibly slim margin to defend in 2022 and with the disaster Joe Biden’s first year in the White House has been they are undoubtedly nervous.

Star power like Michelle Obama reminding the American public how racist it is to show an ID to vote is a one trick the Democrats hope will work in their favor.

Of course, many are pointing out the hypocrisy behind Democrat endorsed vaccine passports and not showing ID to vote, which doesn’t play well for Joe Biden.

Americans are sick of being lied to by the Left.

It’s still too early to tell, and Americans have short memories, but if Biden continues to falter and the Democrat hypocrisy is exposed even further, even Michelle Obama probably can’t save the Party from themselves.

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