Merrick Garland just admitted to targeting pro-life activists and you won’t believe why

U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Attorney General Merrick Garland has turned the Justice Department into a political enforcement arm of the Democrat Party.

Biden relies on Garland to use his power to crush his political enemies.

Merrick Garland just admitted to targeting pro-life activists and you won’t believe why.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, radical pro-abortion extremists began attacking and firebombing pro-life pregnancy centers, groups, and churches.

Since the Dobbs decision, there have been more than 81 reported attacks on pregnancy centers and 130 attacks on Catholic churches.

However, only two individuals have been charged compared to the 34 individuals Garland’s Justice Department charged for blocking access to or vandalizing abortion clinics.

During a Wednesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Mike Lee (R-UT) asked Garland why the Justice Department prosecuted numerous pro-life activists but has not brought any of the left-wing terrorists firebombing crisis pregnancy centers to justice.

“So how do you explain this disparity by reference to anything other than politicization of what’s happening there?” Lee asked Garland.

Surprisingly, Garland admitted to arresting more pro-life activists than left-wing terrorists firebombing pregnancy centers.

“I will say, you are quite right: there are many more prosecutions with respect to blocking of the abortion centers,” Garland said. 

But then Garland offered up an outrageous excuse for targeting pro-life activists.

“But that is generally because those actions are taken with photography at the time, during the daylight, and seeing the person who did it is quite easy,” Garland said. “Those who are attacking the pregnancy resource centers, which is a horrid thing to do, are doing this at night, in the dark.”

Garland claimed that he “put full resources” on investigating the firebombings and “put rewards out for this.”

But he whined that the criminals were “clever” and operated “in secret.”

“We will prosecute every case against a pregnancy resource center that we can make,” Garland said. “But these people who are doing this are clever and are doing it in secret,” he continued, before adding “and I am convinced that the FBI is trying to find them with urgency.”

The criminals were not that secret.

They often spray-painted the name of their organization – Jane’s Revenge – on buildings once they vandalized them.

Other times they wrote “Jane was here” to make sure everyone knew exactly who was behind the destruction of the property.

Joe Biden and the Democrats constantly claim Republicans are violent extremists who are trying to destroy democracy.

But they flat-out ignore – or sometimes cheer it on as “peaceful protests” – all of the left-wing violence across the country.

And that is why more and more Americans are losing trust in the Justice Department and the FBI.

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