Merrick Garland is feeling the heat after he made this infuriating decision

U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Attorney General Merrick Garland is a ruthless political enforcer for Joe Biden.

He’s escalating his war on conservatives.

Now Merrick Garland is feeling the heat after he made this infuriating decision. 

Former President Donald Trump exposed the politicalization of the FBI’s rogue leadership.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has doubled down and the FBI is being weaponized to take out the political opponents of President Joe Biden.

The increasingly political agency is being investigated by the new House Republican majority after dozens of whistleblowers sounded the alarm on the FBI’s weaponization.

While the FBI is running amok, the Biden regime rewarded the lawless agency with plans for a new headquarters.

The proposed new headquarters for the FBI would be the largest office building in the world and twice the size of the massive Pentagon building.

The Pentagon spans roughly 30 acres and was the largest office building in the world until recently.

For years, the FBI has wanted a new taxpayer-funded building to replace its current one that takes up two city blocks between the White House and the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The site for the new FBI headquarters is down to three locations in Virginia and Maryland, just outside of the nation’s capital.

The potential sites for the new headquarters sit on parcels of land that are 58, 61, and 80 acres.

The General Services Administration (GSA) that manages federal properties said that the government owns a potential site in Springfield, Virginia while the other two sites in Maryland would have to be leased or purchased.

In choosing the next site for the FBI’s headquarters, the taxpayers who are footing the bill are being put last.

According to site selection criteria from the GSA, the agency is focusing on advancing racial equity and environmental considerations in its decision making.

Executive orders from President Biden on diversity and climate change will be the key factors in the site selection process.

Citing Biden’s executive order, the GSA said a potential site must, “advance racial equity and support for underserved communities through the Federal Government.”

On the GSA’s website, the agency had the gall to list cost as the least important of the five criteria being used to evaluate potential sites.

The potential site must also “address actions taken to advance environmental justice” according to the climate change executive order. 

Congressional Republicans have the chance to try to stop funding for the new FBI headquarters.

The once-trusted FBI is completely out-of-control and is in desperate need of serious reforms.  

While the FBI is shredding the Constitution and trampling Americans’ rights, Joe Biden is trying to reward them with a new sprawling headquarters courtesy of taxpayers. 

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