Megyn Kelly spoke the one truth that scares Jill Biden

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED, via Flickr,

Jill Biden’s finding out it’s her time in the hot seat.

The First Lady’s role in the conspiracy of silence that hid Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment from the American people is coming into focus.

And Megyn Kelly spoke the one truth that scares Jill Biden.

Megyn Kelly blasts Jill Biden for being selfish

Jill Biden – along with Hunter Biden – are the voices most resolute on Joe Biden remaining in the Presidential race.

Since Jill and Hunter Biden – and especially Jill Biden – are the most influential voices in Bidenworld, Biden is remaining in the Presidential race.

Megyn Kelly told British Journalist Piers Morgan this was an extreme act of selfishness on Jill Biden’s part.

“I think she’s been exposed as a power-hungry aspirant herself to political power. She is on the cover of Vogue magazine right now. Why? Because she wants to promote herself. She tweeted out a photo of herself sitting in the President’s chair not long ago when he was preparing for the G7 meeting . . . hanging over the back of his chair,” Kelly began.

The photo Kelly referred to was from 2021, and it showed Jill Biden on Air Force One acting like she was President.

The President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

Presidents make life-and-death decisions about sending soldiers into harm’s way.

If Jill Biden is keeping Joe Biden in the race because she either enjoys the trappings of power or she is the one calling the shots behind the scenes – despite the fact that no one elected her to anything – then America is in crisis mode.

Kelly calls out Jill Biden for being a fake doctor

Kelly said the dead giveaway that Jill Biden was power mad was the fact that Jill Biden insists on being called Dr. Biden even though her PhD is in education.

“And a couple of years ago, I did a bit that went viral on how she insists on being called Dr. Jill Biden everywhere. And all these left-wingers got upset with me. She is a doctor, she’s got her PhD, she’s in education, what have you. I don’t make fun of that degree.” Kelly continued.

Kelly said her father had the same degree and that she wasn’t mocking the achievement, but merely the title Jill Biden gave herself as her father would have gone by the title Professor and not doctor since if someone was having a medical emergency and a call went out to see if there was a doctor in the house he never would have said yes.

“My own father had that degree. But my father would never have insisted somebody call him Dr. Kelly. He went by professor, and that was a title he’d earned. Why does she insist on it? Because she’s power hungry. Because she has a small, fractured ego that she needs built up,” Kelly added.

Kelly expressed her disgust at the way she allowed her husband to be humiliated, such as after the debate when she spoke to him like a child.

“And I do think it’s tied to what we’re seeing now, the big reveal about her. She’s power hungry. She wants it. What did we see from her on debate night? We saw her take the stage and guide the president of the United States down the stairs like a mama would of a toddler. Like you and I both did when our kids were babies. And then after the debate, that clip that was everywhere with her saying: ‘You did it. You answered all the questions,’” Kelly concluded.

The threat to the Democrat Party that Jill Biden poses by keeping Joe Biden in the campaign is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things if Jill Biden is keeping Joe Biden in office despite a complete inability to function.