Megyn Kelly revealed this ugly reality about how the White House handles a crisis, CC BY 4.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The White House is constantly trying to put out fires that Joe Biden created.

And they’re willing to cross any line to protect the President. 

That’s why Megyn Kelly revealed this ugly reality about how the White House handles a crisis.

Jen Psaki tells an obvious lie to protect Joe Biden

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was constantly trying to do damage control to the press about the latest blunder from President Joe Biden when she was in the administration.

She’s still doing the same just this time as a member of the Democrat Party’s public relations team in the media.

Psaki – an MSNBC host – released a book about her time as Press Secretary called, Say More: Lessons From Work, the White House and the World.

In one of the most disgusting acts of Biden’s Presidency, he repeatedly checked his watch during a 2021 ceremony for the troops who were killed in the attack at the Kabul airport during his botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Multiple pictures were taken of Biden checking his watching and families of the fallen soldiers confirmed that he did it.

Psaki – ever the dutiful spin doctor – had the gall to claim in her book, “the President looked at his watch only after the ceremony had ended.”

She claimed that reports to the contrary were an attempt to make Biden seem insensitive.

Outcry poured after she told this outrageous lie and the book’s publisher announced that future copies would be updated.

Megyn Kelly goes nuclear on Jen Psaki

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly was beside herself about Psaki’s shameless display on her SiriusXM show.

“I think what she did was so gross,” Kelly said. “She’s just gross.”

Psaki almost certainly included that detail with an election year in mind.

“In her book, she decided it might be a good idea to describe and rehabilitate President Biden’s incident at Anderson Air Force Base when the remains of our fallen soldiers in Afghanistan were returned after his debacle of a withdrawal from that war,” Kelly explained.

Kelly got to the heart of the Biden administration’s response to a crisis, lie and deny.

“The name of her book is Say More: Lessons From Work, the White House and the World. And I guess her lessons are when something bad happens, you just lie about it — and that makes perfect sense, given that she was his Press Secretary and now she works for MSNBC,” Kelly said.

The hallmark of the Biden administration has been to try and lie their way out of crisis.

For example, Biden and his allies in the media claim that the economy is doing great, it’s just that voters don’t realize it.

“He was sick and tired of having to stand there and honor the fallen soldiers at Dover. We’ve talked about it repeatedly on the show,” Kelly said. “And she has the nerve to try to launder that moment in advance of an election by saying it wasn’t until the whole thing was over. It is a lie and it is a material lie she told in that book.”

Kelly noted that grieving military families never received an apology.

“This is a middle finger to the Gold Star families and there’s been no apology,” Kelly exclaimed. “It’s absolutely egregious. And by the way, no apology. Zero apology to the Gold Star families, six of whom spoke to the New York Post and have demanded a retraction and an apology from her. Nothing. How dare she insult them in an effort to score political points for her heartless boss.”

Joe Biden’s approval dipping below Jimmy Carter confirms this strategy is blowing up in their faces.