Megyn Kelly revealed one secret about Joe Biden that Democrats will never speak in public

Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Something isn’t right with Joe Biden as he limps into re-election.

Democrats are trying to keep it under wraps from the American people.

And Megyn Kelly revealed one secret about Joe Biden that Democrats will never speak in public.

Former President Donald Trump kicked off the Republican Presidential Primary with an overwhelming victory in the Iowa caucus.

President Joe Biden recorded a message on social media taunting him after his historic margin of victory in Iowa.

“You know it’s kind of funny. All these Republican candidates in the primary trying to beat Donald Trump and I’m still the only person to ever beat Donald Trump. And I’m looking forward to doing it again for the good of this country,” Biden boasted.

The Biden campaign hoped that the video would make the 81-year-old President appear confident and ready to go for an intense general election campaign.

But former Fox News host Megyn Kelly thought that Biden’s promo only added to the growing concerns about his age on her SiriusXM show.

“First of all, why is he sitting in the kiddie table?” Kelly asked. “He looks like he’s down here. He’s like, down here with his little hands like this . . . He’s a little kid at the big table.”

Biden is slouched over a table that’s too small for him in the video.

“How many takes do you think that took? And is there any way the original script was only 12 seconds? Zero chance,” Kelly added.

Guest Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire speculated that the take used in the video was the best they could get from Biden.

“He’s not a one-take wonder that’s for sure and the sad thing is, we know that that was the best to take,” Knowles said. “They obviously used the best take and it wasn’t very persuasive about historical or future events.”

Kelly pointed out that in the video it abruptly zoomed in on Biden making it appear that it was two separate takes spliced together.

“So that jump cut . . . was obviously there for a reason,” Kelly explained. “He screwed it up. He couldn’t get through it. And they couldn’t get a second take I guess with him in the original position or he couldn’t get through even that short bit one time. So they had to use the up close from the second tape. That’s my belief . . . This is terrifying.”

The Biden campaign hoped that the short video would be a shot across the bow at Trump after he won Iowa.

Instead, it showed the frail 81-year-old President struggling to get through a 12-second video that appeared to be edited together from multiple takes.

Polling shows that the public and even a majority of Democrats think that he’s too old to seek a second term.

Joe Biden won’t be able to hide from the questions about his age and fitness for office on the campaign trail.

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