Megyn Kelly made a prediction about the 2022 midterms that has Chuck Schumer sweating bullets

Democrats are trying everything they can think of to save their slim majorities in the U.S. House and Senate this November.

At his State of the Union address, President Biden went as far as to promise things like ending cancer.

But Megyn Kelly has one prediction for how the Democrats latest strategy will work in the midterms.

Host of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Megyn Kelly, was recently interviewed by Paul Murray on Sky News.

In the interview the former Fox News anchor predicts the 2022 midterms in November will be “absolutely devastating” for Chuck Schumer and the Democrats.

Murray points out that many blue state officials are changing their tune on COVID regulations.

However, he also says there are signs that Democrats are still all in on COVID to “save their backsides” in the elections.

“There was a memo put out by pollsters and consultants who work for the democrats saying, ‘red alarm fire.’” Kelly said. “We’re losing voters by the millions because of our COVID insanity. The American people are done with COVID. They’re over this COVID-hawkishness. They can’t stand the restrictions; they just want to live with it.”

Kelly continued saying the memo said Democrats are the only ones who haven’t realized American attitudes on the never-ending pandemic, and if they keep it up, the midterms are going to be a “bloodbath.”

It hasn’t been Democrat policies, or even vaccines that have ended the serious threat of COVID, it’s been the Omicron variant.

According to Harvard University, the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” line is just that, a political talking point, and nothing more.

“Researchers found that traditional dosing regimens of COVID-19 vaccines available in the U.S. don’t produce antibodies capable of recognizing and neutralizing the Omicron variant,” Harvard University studies reported.

More than 70% of Americans are vaccinated, but yet the Omicron surge has lasted well into the winter.

So-called “breakthrough cases” of vaccinated people contracting COVID are now simply just regular COVID cases, as they make up the majority of people catching the virus.

According to Kelly, Democrats were never following the medical science, they’ve just been following the political science.

She points to the shift in policies from leaders on the Left following this urgent memo from Democrat consultants urging the end of masks and mandates.

“And then, miraculously, like a beacon, like a phoenix rising up, the Democrats say, ‘ya know what, COVID, it’s over, praise Jesus, I can walk, It’s over, I don’t know how we did it, but WE did it.’” Kelly mocked. “It’s such a lie.”

Murray says Democrats don’t deserve any credit for moving on from the pandemic, but asks Kelly if voters will still hold it against the Donkeys come November, a politically long way away.

“100%,” Kelly quickly answered. “The handover will remain. The voters are too angry. You don’t mess with somebody’s children and then the parents just move on. For two years, these children have had these face diapers on them. Covering their smiles, making it impossible to communicate effectively, setting back learning, setting back speech development and social development. It’s been infuriating.”

The woman who was once fired by NBC News for simply asking if black face for Halloween customs was really so horrible, believes the Democrats will pay the price at the ballot, not just for the forever pandemic, but also for their attack on parental rights and lack of transparency in schools.

Kelly concludes with her prediction that parents will remember and the midterms are going to be “absolutely devastating” for Democrats come November.

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