Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on the Biden regime for this woke debacle

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Wokeness is being injected into every area of the federal government.

Even the military is falling victim to this poisonous ideology.

And Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on the Biden regime for this woke debacle.

The military is struggling to meet their recruiting needs after embracing vaccine mandates and woke diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

President Joe Biden is turning the armed forces into a sociological experiment with their increased emphasis on wokeness.

Now the Navy has turned to a shocking strategy in an attempt to attract new recruits.

An active-duty drag queen was hired to be a “Digital Ambassador” as part of a recent recruiting drive “to attract the most talented and diverse workforce.”

Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, who is non-binary, was hired as one of five Navy Digital Ambassadors to recruit on social media.

Kelley uses the stage name Harpy Daniels when performing in drag.

The woke “Digital Ambassador” effort used was “designed to explore the digital environment to reach a wide range of potential candidates” as the Navy struggles to attract new recruits.

The Navy is projected to fall 16% short of its recruiting goals so it’s turning to using a drag queen to find potential recruits on social media – seriously.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly was dumbfounded by the Navy’s drag queen recruiting stunt.

She pointed out that the military fell short of its recruiting goal last year and is on track to miss it again this year.

“I would much rather have a bada** actual woman defending the country or a regular man, that [drag queen sailor] I don’t want defending me,” Kelly said. “I miss our men. I quote him every day, Christian Walker, ‘Bring our men back.’ Where are our men? Where are they?”

Appealing to wokeness doesn’t even appear to be helping the Navy with their recruiting challenges.

“This is not somebody anybody wants in a foxhole with them,” Kelly added. “The Navy has hired him, named him as a Navy digital ambassador. […] This is how they think they are going to get new recruits. Now, even in the military, this is why it’s a bridge too far, they want to divide them by identity.”

The Navy has completely lost touch with the profile of young men and women they’re trying to recruit to join.

They’re not even trying to appeal to patriotism or service, instead using a marketing technique straight out of a left-wing college.

“This is not the way to improve the Navy’s ridiculous recruiting effort. Fail,” Kelly continued. “They are already way behind. You don’t understand who you’re trying to recruit.”

Kelly pointed out that the transgender community has an unusually high number of people suffering from “very disturbed thinking” and “issues” and that those aren’t people the military should be trying to recruit and “give guns to.”

The Navy is the latest institution to fall victim to the woke mind virus under Joe Biden.

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