Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on Nikki Haley for giving a voter this woke answer

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Nikki Haley’s struggles are continuing on the campaign trail during her longshot bid for President.

She left conservatives gasping after she answered one of the most important questions facing the country.

And Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on Nikki Haley for giving a voter this woke answer.

Democrats have twisted the previously straightforward question of what a woman is upside down.

They’re turned supporting radical gender ideology — where anyone can switch genders on a whim — into a national crusade.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was hit with a question by an attendee at an Iowa town hall on CNN that put her on the spot about the issue.

An Iowa voter asked the Republican Presidential hopeful if she thought that a man could become a woman.

Haley was given what should have been a simple question, but she refused to answer it.

“There’s been a lot that’s been talked about when it comes to all of these roles and all of these issues. I strongly believe that we should not allow any gender change surgeries to anyone before the age of 18. Period. We, kids now can’t get a tattoo until they’re 18. We shouldn’t have them permanently change their body until they’re 18,” Haley said. “… After the age of 18, we want to make sure people can live any way they want to live. I don’t think government needs to be in control of anybody’s life. You go live the way you want to live, you should be free to live the way you want to live. And … government and everybody else should stay out of your way.”

Opposing gender reassignment surgeries for children has become a defining issue for Republicans.

Haley reversed course to oppose it after she took flak from conservatives for saying the government should stay out of the issue and leave it to parents during an earlier interview.

Nowhere in her rambling response did she answer the simple question if a man could become a woman.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has become one of the fiercest critics of radical gender ideologies in the media.

She went nuclear on Haley for dodging the question on social media.

“This is utter b******t. The WRONG ANSWER & an unnecessary weird pander to the rabid trans lobby,” Kelly wrote. “The answer is NO, A MAN CANNOT BECOME A WOMAN.”

Haley’s base of support in the Republican Presidential Primary consists of trying to appeal to RINOs, independents, and Democrats.

She is a woke leftist who’s completely out of sync with conservative voters who make up the GOP’s base.

Pandering to the Left on radical gender ideology is one of the many reasons that Nikki Haley has virtually no hope of winning the Republican nomination.

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