Megyn Kelly laid into Fauci for this authoritarian statement he made

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to spew lies to the American people and the Democrats continue to support him.

The hypocrisy is almost laughable, if it weren’t so infuriating.

And recently Megyn Kelly laid into Fauci for this authoritarian statement he made.

Megyn Kelly hasn’t been pulling any punches lately.

The former Fox News host has been incredibly vocal as of late about her clear disgust with the Left and its communist agenda.

During a recent episode of Kelly’s podcast, she once again tore into everyone’s least favorite doctor, Anthony Fauci.

Fauci recently made a statement basically granting Americans permission to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“I believe strongly that, particularly in the vaccinated people, if you’re vaccinated and your family members are vaccinated, those who are eligible — that is obviously very young children are not yet eligible — that you can enjoy the holidays. You can enjoy Halloween, trick-or-treating and certainly Thanksgiving with your family and Christmas with your family,” Fauci told ABC News.

The statement caused a fierce backlash and had many calling for the doctor to just go away.

Like many, Kelly was infuriated by the statement, and she let it be known how she felt about Fauci.

“It’s down to Fauci like ‘hmm, I’ll decide whether you have Christmas, I’ll decide whether you have Thanksgiving,’” Kelly stated.

Kelly went on to rip Fauci for believing that it’s his role to tell Americans when and how they can celebrate.

“No, you won’t, you won’t decide. We’ll decide for ourselves. We don’t need you to tell us whether we should gather with our family over Christmas,” Kelly exclaimed.

The American people do not need permission from Dr. Fauci, or anyone for that matter, to celebrate the holidays and fellowship with their friends and families.

It is not the government’s place to tell citizens how to behave because of a completely blown out of proportion virus.

Never mind the fact that a large majority of Americans celebrated the holidays as normal last year despite Fauci’s statements to not gather for fear of spreading the virus.

Americans have had it with the lies and are refusing to listen to Fauci or any else demanding how they act for that matter.

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