Megyn Kelly just exposed this shocking thing Dr. Fauci has been doing

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been allowed to run the country.

The leader of the COVID regime has encouraged one outrageous policy after another.

And now Megyn Kelly just exposed this shocking thing Dr. Fauci has been doing.

The narratives of the COVID regime are quickly crumbling.

Nearly everything that Dr. Fauci and other public health officials have told the American people is being questioned.

And Megyn Kelly pointed out that Fauci is getting paid handsomely to lie to the public.

During an interview with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, one of the three creators of the Great Barrington Declaration, Kelly stated, “The point is we have been lied to. We have been actively misled. We have been led around like mules on a tether by government bureaucrats like Fauci, who wants to shut down your job while he makes north of $400,000 a year — and we learned this week is set to retire with a pension of over $350,00 a year.”

Fauci is the highest paid federal employee, and not only will he suffer no consequences for his proven lies, he will walk away with a fat pension.

Fauci has either lied or flip-flopped on so many issues, mainly for political considerations.

He lied about his position on the efficacy of masks, he lied about whether or not the lab leak hypothesis had merit, and he lied about the vaccination rate needed to reach herd immunity.

“These people wanna muzzle your kid all day at school while they parade around maskless at dinners and the Met Gala…They want to scare parents into sticking an experimental vaccine into their kids’ arms over and over and over — not one, but two shots, and then a mandatory third. Or no sports or school or indoor fun of any kind, despite the data that unvaccinated young people face a risk far less severe than that of fully-vaccinated adults,” Megyn Kelly continued.

Fauci arrogantly declared himself “science,” yet he has not followed data around COVID.

For example, Fauci was many months late on saying that schools should remain open even though data showed that young people were not getting gravely ill from COVID nor were vectors of transmission.

Fauci and other public officials also ignored the irreparable damage done to kids losing nearly two years of development.

Fauci has been given a perch as an authoritative voice that he clearly does not deserve, and the American people have paid the price while he lined his pockets.

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