Megyn Kelly exposed this massive conspiracy about Fox News firing Tucker Carlson

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Americans are still searching for the truth surrounding Fox News taking Tucker Carlson off the air.

Megyn Kelly thinks she has the answer.

And Megyn Kelly exposed this massive conspiracy about Fox News firing Tucker Carlson.

Dominion denied reports that it demanded Fox News fire Tucker Carlson as a condition of settling Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against Fox News.

But Megyn Kelly did not buy these denials and leaned on her training as a lawyer to expose the weasel words Dominion used to try and refute the reports about Carlson’s firing.

“I will say this, the Dominion denials on this are weak sauce, all my spidey senses are up as a lawyer when I read the way they deny this and I had Kelly McGuire, my producer, go back and try to find all their denials, what have they have said and these are the two salient ones. First they said, ‘Dominion did not insist on Fox firing Tucker as part of the settlement,’ ‘we did not insist on it,’ hmmm. That’s not enough, that’s too narrow a sliver, that’s too narrow a sliver, then the second one was a little bit wider and they said ‘Dominion made no demands about Tucker’s employment,’” Kelly stated.

Kelly said the denial by Dominion did not exclude the possibility that Fox News offered to fire Carlson as part of the settlement and they agreed to their terms or if a third party other than Dominion demanded Fox News fire Carlson as part of the settlement deal.

“Now listen, if you are being accused of making this a deal term, wouldn’t you come out and say it’s not a deal term, it was never discussed, the whole thing’s absurd, why would you say, ‘I never insisted on it, I never demanded it.’ Well was it a deal term or wasn’t it? You know, these are my questions, was it a deal term, was it offered, did you agree, did someone else suggest it other than Dominion? Was it discussed with anyone at all? What was the outcome of that? All those questions are left unanswered by these weird, very finely crafted denials by Dominion and these are not dumb lawyers,” Kelly added.

The less-than-airtight denial left Kelly skeptical that Carlson’s ousting was not part of the settlement deal.

Kelly also pointed to the fact that Carlson’s firing coming right on the heels of the Dominion settlement seemed to point in the direction of Fox News taking Carlson off the air as part of the settlement.

“They just won $800 million from Fox in a settlement so they know how do a sweeping denial and they’re not doing it, so that is the one thing that would lead me to say maybe they really are on that. Plus, the fact that right after they settled I mean, the week after he was fired, so the timing certainly would favor an interpretation like this,” Kelly concluded.

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