Megyn Kelly dropped this epic truth bomb on CNN that left their executives frantic, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

CNN’s new management is trying to turn around the struggling network.

The network continues to hit new lows.

And Megyn Kelly dropped this epic truth bomb on CNN that left their executives frantic.

CNN’s new CEO Chris Licht is trying to restore the tarnished reputation of the network and boost its ratings.

The network’s ratings have been in freefall since former President Donald Trump left office.

CNN continues to hemorrhage viewers despite the turnaround plan from Licht and the network’s ownership.

The one-time pioneer in cable news is now losing to conservative upstart Newsmax during key primetime slots.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said that CNN losing to Newsmax was a “a true existential crisis” for the network on her SiriusXM show.

Anderson Cooper’s 8:00pm show lost to The Balance on Newsmax, which is hosted by Kelly’s former Fox News colleague Eric Bolling.

Kelly said that CNN’s falling ratings are “unbelievable” and noted that the network is in 25 million more households than Newsmax.

“This is unprecedented,” Kelly said. “Eric Bolling is fighting with one arm tied behind his back and he’s winning. He’s beating, from the Newsmax anchor desk, Anderson Cooper on CNN. It’s extraordinary!”

She said that CNN’s decision to host a town hall with Trump alienated the few left-wing viewers the network had remaining.

“Their audience has evaporated!” Kelly said while waving her hands in the air. “They’re gone! I don’t know where the CNNers went.”

Kelly put the blame on former CNN President Jeff Zucker for sending the network into a tailspin it never recovered from.

“It’s a true existential crisis,” Kelly explained. “This is why Jeff Zucker was the grim reaper of CNN. He killed it. He killed it.”

She said that Zucker’s decision to take CNN far to the Left drove away moderates and “drove every right-of-center viewer away entirely.”

CNN’s ratings are down double digits since last year and the network suffered its worst week of ratings since 2015.

“There’s no one still watching that channel,” Kelly said. “And now Chris Licht comes in to try to win them back over, does something like hosting the leading presidential candidate on the GOP side for a town hall where we might explore his views, and the audience is so angry that what little they had left has totally abandoned them. They’re like, ‘No.’ So how do you build a media business based on that?”

Despite CNN firing host Don Lemon, many of the network’s unhinged anti-Trump hosts are still on the air.

“I mean, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Briana Keilar, my god, she was the biggest hater of all. Not to mention Jim Acosta. They’re up in that lineup still, all the Trump haters,” Kelly said. “And yeah, you don’t have to have that long a memory to remember that they hate not just Trump but the right half of the country.”

CNN’s much touted turnaround plan under its new leadership is a dismal failure as the network’s ratings continue to slide.

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