Megyn Kelly called an MSNBC host one name that will enrage the woke mob

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Megyn Kelly was furious with what she saw on TV.

Kelly wanted to give one radical leftist a piece of her mind.

And now Megyn Kelly called an MSNBC host one name that will enrage the woke mob.

Megyn Kelly let far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid have it over Reid’s Looney Tunes interview with Moms for Liberty founder Tiffany Justice.

Reid went after Justice over the group’s campaign to keep books that promote pedophilia, transgenderism, and other sexually inappropriate content out of school curriculum.

Kelly blasted Reid as an “idiot” for grilling Justice about her group’s opposition to a book called “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” a young adult memoir by George M. Jackson which describes an adult family member raping a young boy through anal sex.

“This idiot actually wanted to know what ‘expertise’ @4TiffanyJustice has to object to minors in school reading about strap-on dildos & incestual pedophilia,” Kelly posted on X.

In the interview, Justice explained that the story was “tragic” but that it had no place in a public library where young children could find the book.
“What a tragic story of a young man who is anally raped by an adult family member,” Justice stated.

“In what context is a strap-on dildo or the rape of a minor child by a teacher acceptable for public school?” Justice wondered.

Reid pushed back using the Big Lie liberals latched onto, which is that Moms for Liberty and other parents concerned about sexually explicit content in school libraries and curriculum want to “ban books.”

The MSNBC host asked Justice who should “get to decide what books tens of thousands of children get to read?”

Justice rejected the premise of the question.

“No one is banning books,” Justice shot back.

Justice’s point is that in a public library, the taxpayers have a right to have their say in the content of the books on the shelves.

“Write the book, print the book, publish the book, put the book in the public library, sell the book, right? We’re talking about a public school library,” Justice continued.

What Justice is saying is that taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to subsidize normalizing pedophilia or pushing pornographic materials on impressionable kids.

Any bookstore is free to sell these works.

But Americans shouldn’t have to fund using them to indoctrinate young children through their tax dollars.

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