Megyn Kelly asked one question about Hunter Biden that sent Joe Biden into a rage

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The Biden family is in crisis mode with the President’s re-election campaign in turmoil.

Now a new inner circle is forming around Joe Biden. 

And Megyn Kelly asked one question about Hunter Biden that sent Joe Biden into a rage.

Hunter Biden becoming a key advisor at the White House after debate debacle

President Joe Biden’s inner circle shrank after he bombed at the debate, and Democrats began pushing him to exit the Presidential race.

The Biden family, led by First Lady Jill Biden and a small number of close advisors, are now calling the shots about the President’s future.

Hunter Biden has emerged as one of the loudest for his father to continue his Presidential campaign.

The New York Times reported that he’s become a regular at high-level White House meetings after the debate.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly was blown away that the President’s son has such a prominent role while the Biden White House is in crisis.

“Hunter is now going to the White House meetings,” Kelly said. “Hunter Biden’s there now. Hunter Biden – convicted felon . . . Drug-addled Hunter Biden — though he’s said to be clean at the moment — is going with the President to all of his meetings right now, apparently as like a backup Biden.”

Kelly noted that the media has now downplayed this newfound prominence for Hunter Biden.

“And this is begging defended by people like Mika Brzezinski as like, no big deal,” Kelly explained. “But it is a big deal, and there’s a real question about whether this is appropriate and why he’s there. They’re saying, the White House is saying, ‘Oh, it’s just because it’s a holiday week.’ Well, what does that mean? Is it like being your kid, is it bring your son to work day because it’s almost July Fourth?”

Hunter was convicted of three federal felonies related to lying about his drug use on the background check form for a 2018 handgun purchase.

Now, he’s awaiting a trial in September on tax charges.

Megyn Kelly highlights a leaked Democrat poll showing big trouble for Joe Biden

Biden has repeatedly vowed that he’s going to stay in the Presidential race. 

But some Democrats are working on pushing him out of the race. 

A private poll from Democrat firm OpenLabs was leaked to Puck News that showed disaster for Biden after the debate.

The OpenLabs poll found that Biden’s post-debate collapse not only had him trailing in all the swing states but New Mexico, Virginia, and New Hampshire were now in play.

“The electoral map, based on OpenLabs reporting, would land as follows: Biden with 205 electoral votes, Trump 333,” Kelly said. “Three hundred and thirty-three. That would be a landslide.”

“Biden has lost at least two points in every single battleground state,” Kelly continued. “New CBS polling puts it at four points that Biden has lost to Trump in the week of this debate. Four points in every single battleground state.”

Kelly noted that Trump had a lead of less than a point in Virginia and New Mexico in the OpenLabs poll.

“New Hampshire, a state that Joe Biden won in 2020 by seven, and in which he had had a 10-point lead just a few months ago, just in December, Biden is now down by two. New Hampshire, a 10-point swing,” Kelly said. 

Joe Biden had a big hole to climb out of after the debate, and he’s running out of time.