Maxine Waters made this head-turning prediction about Joe Biden dropping out of the race

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Joe Biden’s on the ropes thanks to his horrifying debate performance.

An increasing number of Democrats want Biden out of the race.

And now Maxine Waters made this head-turning prediction about Joe Biden dropping out of the race.

Maxine Waters stands by Biden

Joe Biden’s frightening performance at the debate, where he couldn’t speak in coherent sentences, lost his train of thought, and could barely raise his voice above a whisper settled in the minds of Americans that Biden was too cognitively impaired to do the job of President.

A Wall Street Journal poll taken after the debate found 80 percent of Americans said Biden was too old to serve as President.

Democrat pundits, party strategists, and elected officials began to publicly call for Biden to bow out of the race, arguing that he can’t beat Donald Trump.

Minnesota Angie Craig became the first swing state Democrat to call on Biden to step aside.

“As an elected leader, I feel a responsibility to be honest about what I believe, even when it’s hard to hear. President Biden is a good man & I appreciate his lifetime of service,” Craig wrote on X.

“But I believe he should step aside for the next generation of leadership.  The stakes are too high,” Craig added.

But Biden still retained a reservoir of support among the Congressional Black Caucus.

This is a vital constituency in the Democrat Party as black voters set Biden on track for the nomination with an overwhelming vote share in the 2020 South Carolina Primary.

At the Essence Festival, Maxine Waters (D-CA) did her part to tamp down any rebellion rejecting the idea out of hand that anyone other than Joe Biden would be the nominee.

“I don’t care what anybody says — it ain’t going to be no other Democratic candidate.  It’s going to be Biden,” Waters declared.

Biden gets key backup

One of the most influential Democrats in the House of Representatives is South Carolina’s James Clyburn.

It was Clyburn’s endorsement in 2020 that turned around Biden’s campaign and served as the critical factor in Biden’s South Carolina victory.

Clyburn made clear with a post on social media that he stood by Biden,

“15 million new jobs. 21 million Americans are now insured under the ACÁ. The cost of insulin is capped at $35/month for seniors on Medicare,” Clyburn’s post began.

“That’s just a fraction of what @JoeBiden has been able to deliver. There is no one better suited to continue this country’s progress than him,” Clyburn added.

Clyburn’s backing came after ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked Biden if top Congressional leaders like Clyburn, Nancy Pelosi, and Hakeem Jeffries came to him and asked him to withdraw from the race if he would follow suit.

Biden shot back that would never happen.

“Well, Yeah, I’m sure. Look. I mean, if the Lord Almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get outta the race,’ I’d get outta the race. The Lord Almighty’s not comin’ down,” Biden replied.

Joe Biden is dug in.

Despite polls showing Donald Trump growing his lead, donors refuse to give money as long as he is the candidate, and the media escalating a pressure campaign against him, Biden won’t get out of the race.

And as long as Biden retains the backing of key Democrats like Waters and Clyburn, he won’t have to.