Matt Gaetz went on Fox News and set the record straight about what really happened in the recent battle for Speaker of the House

It took Kevin McCarthy 15 rounds of voting to become Speaker of the House.

A group of conservatives withheld their support until McCarthy agreed to a set of rule changes that gave grassroots Americans more power.

And Matt Gaetz just went on Fox News and set the record straight about what really happened in the recent battle for Speaker of the House.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz played a key role last week for conservatives in the battle for Speaker of the House.

Gaetz was one of McCarthy’s fiercest opponents and began mobilizing opposition to electing him as Speaker in the weeks leading up to the voting.

During the seventh round of voting, Gaetz nominated and voted for Donald Trump as Speaker of the House.

Thanks to Gaetz holding the line, enough conservatives refused to support McCarthy until he had no choice but to agree to their list of demands that drains power from the Swamp.

After McCarthy was elected Speaker on the 15th round of voting, many conservatives were left wondering if they achieved anything at all from the battle given their distrust of the establishment to uphold their promises.

During a recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle, Gaetz explained the victories achieved by conservatives to Laura Ingraham and her viewers.

“Congressman Gaetz, how confident are you that the concessions that you guys ended up winning are enforceable and you can hold on to them for these next two years?” Ingraham asked Gaetz.

“Well, just moments ago, we passed the rules for the 118th Congress,” Gaetz responded. “And those included the enforcement mechanism of the one-member motion to vacate,” he continued, before adding, “now, I don’t anticipate that we’ll ever have to use that, but it gives us the opportunity to ensure that our goals regarding policy, procedure and personnel are met.”

Gaetz then listed off several conservative issues that the House will hold votes on under the concessions agreed to by McCarthy.

“We’re going to have votes on term limits, balanced budgets, internal enforcement of our immigration laws,” Gaetz said. “None of those things would have happened if we had caved on Monday,” he continued, before adding, “but by getting these concessions and coming to a stronger place, the House is in a stronger position.”

For years, the Swamp has rammed bills that were thousands of pages long and packed full of trillions of dollars in spending through at the last minute.

Conservatives were given no time for debate and were prohibited from offering amendments.

But that all changed thanks to Gaetz and the conservatives who held the line until McCarthy caved in to all their demands.

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