Mark Levin lowered the boom on Mitch McConnell with this epic takedown

The Midterm elections ended up being a massive disappointment.

Now conservatives are searching for answers. 

And Mark Levin lowered the boom on Mitch McConnell with this epic takedown.

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s defeat in the Georgia runoff election ensured that Democrats will have 51 seats in the Senate next year.

Despite President Joe Biden’s low approval rating and the country grappling with seemingly endless problems caused by his failed Presidency, Democrats ended up gaining one seat after the Midterm elections.

Radio host Mark Levin laid the blame for the GOP’s Midterm flop at the feet of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) during an appearance on Fox News.

“The problem with the Republican Party is, it’s not a conservative party,” Levin said. “It’s not a Reagan party. It’s not a Trump party. It is a Washington-centric party. It is a bureaucratic party.”

McConnell and the Republican establishment are trying to pin the blame on Trump and the Senate candidates he endorsed for the GOP’s election failures.

After selling out conservatives to hand Biden major victories on gun control and a wasteful infrastructure bill, McConnell is already looking to cut his next deal with the President.

He said he wants Democrats to meet him “on the 40-yard line” to get bills passed in the next Congress.

“What do you mean, meet them on the 40-yard line?” Levin asked. “What is their agenda? Why do they want people to vote for them? Why don’t they embrace conservative principles?”

McConnell refused to embrace a legislative agenda before the Midterm elections, taking away Republican Senate candidate’s ability to draw a clear contrast against their Democrat opponents.

“So what is the position of the Senate Republicans when it comes to all these issues?” Levin wondered. “God knows, there’s a zillion of them. From the border to inflation to gasoline. Why don’t they have a coherent, consistent legislative agenda?”

The Republican establishment sold out conservatives to hand Biden victories and refused to push a conservative agenda during the campaign.

“What is their agenda?” Levin said. “Why do they want people to vote for them? Why don’t they embrace conservative principles? Why don’t they think about Reagan and the successes of Trump.”

McConnell and the Senate RINOs aren’t interested in governing conservatives instead focusing on deal making with Biden.

“Why? Because they’re not conservative, and they don’t believe in it, and as long as this goes on, we’re going to lose elections,” Levin explained. “The Republican establishment, the Republican ruling class has failed us.”

Mitch McConnell dropped the ball during the Midterm elections and the country will pay the price with two more years of Democrat control of the Senate.

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