Mark Levin lowered the boom on Joe Biden after he dropped this epic truth bomb

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Joe Biden’s regime is putting America last. 

But one move confirmed his contempt for average Americans.

And Mark Levin lowered the boom on Joe Biden after he dropped this epic truth bomb.

The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio exposed President Joe Biden’s callous disregard for blue-collar Americans. 

His regime ignored the disaster and was shamed into taking action after former President Donald Trump visited the town.

While Biden said he has no plans to visit East Palestine, he spent Presidents’ Days on a surprise trip to Ukraine where he announced $500 million in new military aid.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) initially denied East Palestine’s request for disaster relief because it wasn’t a traditional natural disaster like a tornado.

The agency later backed down after public outcry.

Talk radio host Mark Levin slammed Joe Biden for putting American citizens last in the East Palestine disaster during an appearance on Fox News.

He pointed out that Biden had no problem funneling taxpayer money to Palestinian terrorists but won’t give East Palestine the time of day.

“It’s a funny thing. Biden is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the Palestinians in the Middle East who are killing Jews in violation of the Taylor [Force] Act,” Levin said. “He’s defying the Taylor [Force] Act, but he won’t spend one penny or one minute of time on East Palestine, Ohio.”

The Taylor Force Act is a 2018 law signed by former President Donald Trump that prevents American aid to Palestine from being used to fund cash stipends for the families of terrorists.

Levin said that Biden’s lack of concern for East Palestine is because it doesn’t support the Left’s racial equity agenda.

“Here’s the unvarnished truth. It violates their narrative. [East] Palestine, Ohio is mostly White,” Levin explained. “It’s mostly Republican. It’s mostly middle-class to lower- middle-class.”

Columbiana County, Ohio where East Palestine is located overwhelmingly rejected Biden in the 2020 election. 

“You don’t see any white privilege there whatsoever,” Levin continued. “The train tracks go right through this city. So, there wasn’t environmental injustice there, I guess.”

Joe Biden likes to claim he’s “Blue-Collar Joe” and that he cares about the little guy.

But the residents of East Palestine don’t fit the radical agenda of the Democrat Party, so he’s giving them the cold shoulder.

“The people are not oppressing anybody,” Levin said. “There is no civil rights movement representing these people, No Biden executive orders providing equity for these people.”

The residents of East Palestine “are part of the problem” in the Democrat narrative according to Levin.

“East Palestine, Ohio, like so many communities in America, disproves the racist propaganda and this phony equity agenda of the Democrat Party. They figure ‘why lift a finger?’” Levin concluded.

Joe Biden stooped to a new low in putting Americans last by turning his back on the suffering residents of East Palestine.

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