Mark Levin just shocked every Republican in Congress after issuing this call to action

Like most Americans, Mark Levin has had it with the Biden administration.

The lies and hypocrisy coming out of the White House are like nothing this country has seen before.

And Mark Levin just shocked every Republican in Congress after issuing this call to action.

Few believed Joe Biden could mess up this royally, this quickly.

The damage the Biden White House has caused to the country is likely irreparable.

Now, after telling America to get vaccinated, so they don’t have to wear masks anymore, the White House has changed its mind and is saying even fully vaccinated citizens must “mask up.”

The mixed messages coming from the Left are laughable.

And it’s only getting worse.

Most recently, Biden issued a new eviction moratorium through the CDC.

Seems Joe doesn’t understand that the CDC doesn’t have the legal footing to issue such decrees, but that doesn’t matter because the Biden family has always believed they’re above the law.

Does the name Hunter ring a bell?

By defying the Supreme Court ruling on eviction moratoriums, Biden proves he believes the rule of law in America no longer applies to him.

Now Mark Levin is calling it like he sees it and says it’s high time Republicans start working toward impeachment of Biden.

Levin says Biden is betraying his oath of office and endangering the American people.

“No President has ever done this to his own people. He is a coward, and he buckles to the radical Left. He’s no fool. The idea that people who are vaccinated are the ones who are going to be punished, it’s like gun owners who are law-abiding are the ones are going to be punished,” Levin stated.

During a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Levin declared, “Joe Biden is the most disastrous President in modern American history.”

And Levin is demanding that Republicans take action.

“Republicans, have you heard of the word impeachment? You guys just going to go down to the border and whine yourselves to death?” Levin asked.

The popular radio host went on to state that Republicans in Congress need to start explaining to their constituents that “this man just violated [a] Supreme Court decision.”

The American people need to wake up.

Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies don’t care about the people – they care about themselves and lining their pockets.

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