Mark Levin dropped a January 6 truth bomb that will change everything

The corporate-controlled media is celebrating the January 6 Committee.

As usual, the media is omitting the truth in order to destroy Donald Trump.

And now Mark Levin dropped a January 6 truth bomb that will change everything.

The corporate-controlled media is completely in the tank for the January 6 Committee.

Left-wing networks televise the hearings from start to finish and hype mundane findings and previously disclosed documents and testimony as new “bombshells.”

But Mark Levin saw through the fog of left-wing media lies and cut right to the heart of the matter.

Levin told viewers of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program that the hearings were a sham run by Nancy Pelosi’s nine hand-picked Trump haters.

In describing the hearings, Levin explained they were a Soviet-style show trial complete with Hollywood style propaganda.

The hearings also violated a fundamental tenet of due process by not having any adversarial component, as everyone on the Committee all hated Trump and wanted to see him brought down.

“It’s all choreographed. They have teleprompters. They splice in their video. It’s all cherry picked. No contrary witnesses, no contrary evidence, no cross-examination, no opposition, no motions, no challenges. And we’re supposed to believe this,” Levin began.

Levin blasted the idea that the hearing was a search for the truth and also provided two examples of why the hearings were a witch hunt.

The first involved former federal judge Michael Luttig, who supposedly advised Pence to resist Donald Trump’s pressure to reject the Electoral College results on January 6.

“You learn nothing. This isn’t a pursuit of the truth, and I’ll give you two perfect simple examples. I was told from a high-ranking person in the — in the Mike Pence circles, they said Michael Luttig, who was their chief witness today, who sounded like Robbie — frankly like Robert Mueller, he said they never asked Luttig for an opinion. Luttig was not an advisor to Pence. Luttig was not counsel to Pence,” Levin began.

Levin said his sources in Pence’s orbit told him all Luttig did was submit a memo unsolicited to the Vice President’s office.

However, the Committee portrayed Luttig as advising Pence every step of the way.

The second example Levin cited was the Committee playing up Attorney General Barr’s testimony about there being no voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Levin said had the panel contained actual Republicans, someone would have cited U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia Jim McSwain’s letter to Barr after the election informing him of the numerous allegations of voter fraud his office received.

“As part of my responsibility as a U.S. attorney, I wanted to be transparent with the public and, of course, investigate fully any allegations. Attorney General Barr however instructed me not to make any public statements or put out any press releases regarding possible election irregularities. I was also given a directive to pass along serious allegations to the state Attorney General for investigation, the same state Attorney General who had already declared that you could not win. I disagreed with that decision but those were my orders, quote/unquote,” Levin added.

The January 6 Committee serves one purpose.

And that is to force Joe Biden’s Justice Department to indict Donald Trump.

It’s a political show trial straight out of a third world banana republic.

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