Liz Cheney revealed the next America First target she and the Democrats have in their crosshairs

    Liz Cheney’s career as an elected politician is reaching its twilight.

    She’s transitioning to her new role as a Democrat hatchetman.

    And she just revealed the next America First target she and the Democrats have in their crosshairs.

    Liz Cheney is escalating her vendetta against Donald Trump.

    Like other Never Trumpers, Cheney is broadening her attack from Trump to Trumpism.

    And that’s why Cheney says she could not support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president in 2024.

    The New York Times reported that “Ms. Cheney suggested she was animated as much by Trumpism as Mr. Trump himself. She could support a Republican for president in 2024, she said, but her redline is a refusal to state clearly that Mr. Trump lost a legitimate election in 2020. Asked if the ranks of off-limits candidates included Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, whom many Republicans have latched onto as a Trump alternative, she said she ‘would find it very difficult’ to support Mr. DeSantis in a general election. ‘I think that Ron DeSantis has lined himself up almost entirely with Donald Trump, and I think that’s very dangerous,’ Ms. Cheney said.”

    Cheney claims that she is putting “country over party,” but she is putting “vendetta over country.”

    Cheney is the embodiment of the warmonger contingent that has despised Trump ever since he effectively called George W. Bush and his administration war criminals, including former Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Trump’s noninterventionist instincts and skepticism toward NATO made him a blood enemy of the establishment.

    As Trump explained during a recent rally, “The Cheneys are diehard globalists and warmongers who have been plunging us into new conflicts for decades, spilling American blood and spending American treasure all over the world…the Cheneys never met a war they didn’t like.”

    Cheney sees the writing on the wall that she has no chance of winning her primary in Wyoming, essentially ending her career in Republican Party politics.

    Cheney’s new role will resemble that of the Lincoln Project grifters and other Never Trumpers and neocons who have cozied up to the Democratic Party.

    As people on the Right have lost their appetite for endless wars, the Cheneyites are finding a new home on the Left, where foreign wars are back in fashion so long as the enemy can be framed as an ally of Trump.

    Cheney’s feud with Trump has exposed her and the other warmongers for what they are.

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