Letitia James was fuming over the crowd’s reaction to Donald Trump entering the arena at Madison Square Garden

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Donald Trump has been on trial for the past several weeks in New York City.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James filed civil charges against Trump for allegedly inflating the value of his assets.

But Letitia James was fuming over the crowd’s reaction to Donald Trump entering the arena at Madison Square Garden.

Joe Biden’s reelection efforts are centered around his weaponized justice system taking Donald Trump out of the 2024 race.

Trump is facing 91 felony counts in four criminal cases in Washington, D.C., New York, Florida, and Georgia.

“Trump was charged with violating Georgia’s anti-racketeering law by scheming to illegally overturn his 2020 election loss,” PBS reported. “He’s also accused of election interference in a federal indictment.”

“In June, Trump was charged with hoarding classified documents and refusing government demands to give them back,” PBS continued, before adding that “in March, Trump was indicted in New York on state charges stemming from hush money payments made during the 2016 Presidential campaign.”

Trump is also facing a bogus civil fraud lawsuit brought forward by Democrat New York State Attorney General Letitia James.

James is a partisan politician who campaigned on a platform of weaponizing her office to take down former President Trump.

She is charging Trump for allegedly inflating the value of his assets, even though there is no victim since he repaid every loan with interest.

Of course, the really bad news for Donald Trump is that there is no jury in the case, and the Democrat Judge ruled him a fraud before the trial even started.

But even though Donald Trump is facing a kangaroo court trial in New York City, he apparently still has a lot of fans in the Big Apple.

UFC 295 took place at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

Donald Trump is a big fan of professional fighting and is also a long-time friend of UFC President Dana White.

On Saturday, Donald Trump attended the UFC 295 Pay-Per-View event at Madison Square Garden.

And the crowd went wild when Trump entered the arena alongside Dana White, Tucker Carlson, Kid Rock, and Donald Trump Jr.

“Making his way into the building, one of the bigger mixed martial arts fans I know—President Donald Trump,” the television announcer said as Trump entered the arena along with Tucker Carlson, Dana White, Donald Trump Jr., and Kid Rock.

Letitia James may be dragging Trump through a bogus trial in New York City in an effort to take out Joe Biden’s top rival in the 2024 election.

But Donald Trump is still a man of the people, even in New York City.

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