Leonardo DiCaprio funneled money to a left-wing group to use in this revolting “green” attack

The Hollywood actor is well known for his “green” activism.

He spends millions in jet fuel for his private jet flying around the globe demanding others stop “destroying the environment.”

And Leonardo DiCaprio funneled money to a left-wing group to use in this revolting “green” attack.

It’s no surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio gives to radical left-wing causes.

He is part of the Hollywood leftist cabal.

DiCaprio may not really understand what he is talking about when it comes to politics, and especially when it comes to the politics of the environment.

Because if he did, he wouldn’t be spending millions upon millions of dollars flying around the globe on a private jet.

A private jet burns more fuel than most Americans burn in their lifetime.

Of course, DiCaprio and his ilk could actually care less about the environment.

To them it is actually about power and keeping their place at the top.

That’s why Leonardo DiCaprio’s non-profit foundation has awarded massive grants to a leftist group, which funneled money to a law firm spearheading a number of climate nuisance lawsuits nationwide, according to emails received and reviewed by Fox News Digital.

According to 2017 correspondence between Dan Emmett, a major “green” philanthropist, and Ann Carlson, a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) climate professor, the two worked with law firm Sher Edling to raise money for its efforts to sue oil companies over alleged climate change deception.

In their emails, Emmett and Carlson discuss how Chuck Savitt, Sher Edling’s director of strategic client relationships, had sought Emmett’s support and had already received support from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

When the emails were exchanged, Carlson, who is now a senior Biden administration official, served as co-director of the UCLA Emmett Institute on Climate Change & the Environment, the advisory board which Emmett still chairs.

“Chuck Savitt who is heading this new organization behind the lawsuits has been seeking our support,” Emmett wrote to Carlson back on July 22, 2017. “Terry Tamminen in his new role with the DiCaprio Foundation has been a key supporter.”

Emmett also forwarded a message Savitt sent him on July 19, 2022 asking for his support. In that email Savitt mentioned that Sher Edling’s first lawsuits were filed with the support of the Collective Action Fund for Accountability, Resilience and Adaptation, a fund managed at the time by Resources Legacy Fund (RLF).

“Wanted to let you know that we filed the first three lawsuits supported by the Collective Action Fund on Monday,” Savitt had told Emmett. “These precedent setting cases call on 37 of the world’s leading fossil fuel companies to take responsibility for the devastating damage sea level rise – caused by their greenhouse gas emissions – is having on coastal communities.”

The email correspondence took place two months before the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation publicly announced it would contribute $20 million in grants to a number of climate and conservation causes.

The group’s announcement, which has since been deleted but remains archived, included a grant to the RLF “to support precedent-setting legal actions to hold major corporations in the fossil fuel industry liable,” almost exactly mirroring Savitt’s language.

So we know that DiCaprio is funding these nuisance lawsuits, which drive the cost of gas and energy up for the average American.

We also know he is funding radical leftist groups bound and determined to destroy the economy.

The only thing we don’t know is if he is flying his private jet to even more meetings to make sure he gets credit for his donations.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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