Leftists were fuming over the reason country music star Luke Bryan showered this American Idol contestant in praise

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America’s entertainment industry is dominated by far-Left Democrats.

Celebrities who express their conservative views are blacklisted and censored.

That’s why leftists were fuming over the reason country music star Luke Bryan showered this American Idol contestant in praise.

Luke Bryan is one of the top country music stars in the world.

Born in south Georgia, Bryan began his music career writing songs for Travis Tritt and Billy Currington.

But in 2017 he signed with Capitol Nashville and has since become one of the most successful and awarded country artists of the past decade with five Entertainer of the Year awards.

Bryan produced 27 number-one hits in his first ten albums.

Since 2018, Luke Bryan has been a judge on the hit TV show American Idol.

During a recent episode of the show, Luke Bryan showered 21-year old Megan Danielle with praise for one reason that sent the Left into a fit of rage.

In honor of her recently-deceased grandfather, Danielle sang Go Rest High on That Mountain in honor of her recently-deceased grandfather.

Danielle’s performance touched Bryan’s heart, who is also a Christian.

“What I love about you— I mean, we’re way beyond loving your voice, is you’re—you know– you’re never scared to tell everybody your faith,” Bryan said after her performance. “I just felt in my heart that I couldn’t pick a better one.”

On social media, Danielle frequently speaks about her devout faith in God and her values.

“Even though I fail everyday, I sin and I’m not perfect . . . I would never claim or want to be perfect,” she wrote in one post. “I know it is so easy to get trapped into what the world wants of you and lose focus of His word because of what the world wants . . . but I am here to tell you, it is all going to be okay. God loves us & WE need to share more of Him!”

Lionel Richie, who is also a judge on the show, also praised Danielle.

“Your voice is so powerful when it comes down to just telling your story,” Richie said. “I know your papa is very very happy with what you did today.”

Star Katy Perry, also a judge, called the performance “heaven-sent.”

At a time when most every show on TV is dominated by left-wing values, Luke Bryan’s praise for Danielle’s faith was a breath of fresh air for most Americans.

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