Leftists are embracing one insanely radical idea that may lead to violence

The Left has detached from reality.

Donald Trump’s Presidency broke their collective brains.

Now leftists are embracing one insanely radical idea that may lead to violence.

Add eco-terrorism to the list of deranged ideas at the Left is now embracing as “normal.”

The New Yorker platformed a radical environmentalist professor named Andreas Malm from Lund University in Sweden.

During a New Yorker podcast interview, Malm promoted “a call for escalation, a call for the movement to diversify its tactics and move away from an exclusive focus on polite, gentle and perfectly peaceful civil disobedience.”

Lund called his tactics “intelligent sabotage.”

His promotion of radical environmentalism dovetails with the far-left group Extinction Rebellion, which has pushed equally unhinged ideas.

Lund continued:

“I am recommending that the movement continues with mass action and civil disobedience, but also opens up for property destruction . . . If people in that region were to attack the construction equipment or blow up the pipeline before it’s completed, I would be all in favor of that. I don’t see how that property damage could be considered morally illegitimate given what we know of the consequence of such projects.”

Lund literally said “blow up the pipeline” as an acceptable and morally legitimate strategy.

The New Yorker found no shame in proffering such insane ideas.

Lund’s kooky ideas expose the authoritarian mindset of the Left.

Once leftists feel morally justified in their actions, there’s no line they won’t cross.

This isn’t the first time the so-called “mainstream” media have promoted political violence.

Last year, NPR platformed a far-left author who wrote a book titled “In Defense of Looting.”

Environmental extremism is ramping up as the Left is becoming more hysterical about climate change.

They have adopted the belief that only they can save the planet by taking full control of the economy and banning fossil fuels.

They don’t care that exploding the cost of energy would lead to hundreds of millions of deaths in developing countries.

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