Left-wing news anchor Lester Holt asked Kamala Harris something no one expected

Kamala Harris continues to give awkward speeches and laugh that now-infamous laugh when she doesn’t want to answer a question.

Surprisingly, even the leftists that love her so much are getting sick of her constantly deflecting questions and cackling.

And when left-wing news anchor Lester Holt recently asked Kamala Harris something no one expected, that’s all anyone heard.

The whispers of Kamala Harris one day stepping in to replace Joe Biden started almost immediately after he announced her as his running mate.

Many considered Biden mentally unfit to be serving as President and assumed that Harris was put in place as Vice President so she can “take over” when the time comes that he is forced to leave the White House.

Harris is already taking on many of the tasks the President typically handles, such as talking with foreign dignitaries.

And Biden put her in charge of the current crisis at the border.

The problem is even though she is “in charge” of overseeing the massive issues at the southern border, Harris has kept her distance, saying she is choosing to diplomatically address the root causes of the crisis.

The issues unfolding at the border need to be addressed head-on by someone actually willing to visit it.

Harris has not set foot at the southern border since Biden handed off the responsibility to her.

Everyone knows that Harris is trying to avoid political blowback that could destroy any of her future aspirations. It seems she finds her future in politics far more important than what’s happening down south.

As the bad press continued to worsen, Harris finally caved and took a trip to Guatemala to meet with the nation’s President.

Seems she was hopeful this would quiet people down and that maybe they’d forget about how she still hasn’t visited the border.

Unfortunately, she calculated wrong, and now even those in the Democrat-controlled media are questioning her motives and why this immigration problem is just so unimportant to her.

In a recent interview with NBC golden boy Lester Holt, Harris completely dismissed the idea that it was vital for her to visit the border.

During the interview, Holt asked Harris when she would be visiting the border, and that’s when things got awkward.

First, Harris claimed, “we’ve been to the border,” to which Holt quickly responded that she has not been to the border.

And in what can only be described as one of her most awkward statements yet, Harris told Holt, “And I haven’t been to Europe.  I mean, I don’t understand the point you are making.”

Harris’s attempt at deflection proves she doesn’t care about what is happening at the southern border, and all that matters to her is her career.

The Vice President of the United States can’t answer a simple question about why she hasn’t visited the border she is supposedly in charge of because she knows egg is on the Biden administration’s face.

There is no doubt what is happening with the surge in illegal immigrants entering the country is all because Biden and Harris cared more about overturning Trump-era policies than actually trying to protect the nation they’re supposed to be running.

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