Lauren Boebert is taking on weak-kneed Republicans for refusing to protect this Constitutional Right

Lauren Boebert is a rising star in the GOP.

When the freshman representative isn’t calling out Joe Biden’s lies during the State of the Union, she’s fighting to preserve our Constitutional rights.

And now, she’s focusing her aim on fellow Republicans who are tucking their heads in the sand on this important issue.

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado is leading the charge against RINOs who won’t stand up for their constituent’s rights.

Rep. Boebert was joined by fellow Congressmen Chip Roy and Michael Cloud, both of Texas, as well as Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Bob Good of Virginia, in calling on Republican voters to primary weak-kneed Republicans who won’t work to stop the ATF’s new de facto gun registry.

Rep. Cloud has introduced the NO REGISTRY Rights Act.

The bill would force the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to delete all internal records on gun sales and transfers.

At a press conference, Breitbart reporter Matt Perdie asked about Republicans who bow down to the gun-grabbing lobby.

“I think there are a lot of American conservatives out there who would like to know why there are Republicans who have weak knees with a bill like this, that would keep a firearms registry from happening in the federal government. What incentives do these Republicans have?” Boebert responded.

“I would hope every Republican signs on to this,” Boebert continued. “I think we’ve all seen that for far too many Republicans, the R stands for rollover. Elections have consequences and we need to be smart about who we are electing.”

Representative Good jumped in with an idea for voters.

“I have an answer for Republicans who won’t support the 2nd Amendment, won’t support this legislation,” Good began. “Don’t vote for them, don’t give them money, DO primary them.”

So far, Rep. Cloud’s bill has about 50 co-sponsors.

However, there are 213 Republicans in the House of Representative – and protecting American’s right to keep and bear arms is supposed to be one of the top priorities on the GOP platform.

Rep. Massie predicted some RINOs will claim the ATF needs this registry to investigate crime – but he says that’s just a scapegoat.

Rep. Cloud then read a quote from the ATF saying they don’t investigate those types of crimes.

“The ATF has no ability to determine the success of hundreds of thousands of crime gun traces it completes annually,” the ATF statement read.

There goes the RINOs’ excuse.

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