Laura Ingraham uttered two words about Joe Biden that left him seething with rage

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Joe Biden has embarrassed the country on the world stage.

One high-profile meeting with a world leader has everyone panicking.

And Laura Ingraham uttered two words about Joe Biden that left him seething with rage.

President Joe Biden’s rapid mental decline is on full display for the world to see with an increasing number of gaffes and bizarre behavior in his limited public appearances.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is traveling to San Francisco, California for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, which includes a meeting with Biden.

The trip marks Jinping’s first visit to the U.S. in six years and first meeting with Biden since 2022.

The high-stakes meeting is a “problem for America” because of Biden’s “diminished capacity” according to Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Former Trump administration Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer appeared on The Ingraham Angle to sound the alarm about the Biden-Jinping meeting.

Ingraham asked him how much trouble the country was in over the meeting “given Biden’s diminished capacity.”

Lighthizer pointed out the biggest problem was Biden’s “appeasement policy towards China.”

“I’m far more worried about the substance than I am about whether or not he can do the job,” Lighthizer said. “China is more aggressive than they have been in decades and they’re a real threat to this country.”

The Chinese have ramped up their aggression toward its neighbors and the U.S. after weak leadership returned to the White House under Biden.

“And unfortunately, this administration and this president do not understand that — their policy is not in the national interest from a national security point of view, certainly not from an economics point of view,” Lighthizer continued.

Lighthizer explained that the biggest problems facing the world today including the Ukraine war and rising Middle East tensions are being funded by China.

He added that the fentanyl crisis that’s skyrocketed under Biden’s open border policy is being fueled by chemicals manufactured in China.

Ingraham said that she agreed with him but pointed to Biden’s diminished mental capacity being a huge liability in dealing with the Chinese.

“But Bob hold on — I agree with you on everything you just said,” Ingraham said. “But you know – I know you’re not a doctor, you haven’t examined Biden, but you’ve been at these meetings. You have got to be sharp with these people because they are sharp.”

Biden is a serious liability for the country because of his eagerness to appease China and his inability to remember names and basic facts.

“Biden can’t master the details of the names of his own cabinet, Bob,” Ingraham explained. “So we have a double problem, the substantive issue, and the fact that we have a president who does not have – as Politico said – the capacity to do the things that a normal President would be doing. That is a problem for America right now, in addition to all the other problems.”

Joe Biden is rolling over and letting the Chinese and other foreign adversaries walk all over him.

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