Laura Ingraham lowered the boom on Joe Biden for this disturbing move

    Joe Biden is lashing out while his Presidency goes down the tubes.

    He’s becoming increasingly unhinged.

    Now, Laura Ingraham lowered the boom on Joe Biden for this disturbing move.

    Heading into November’s Midterm elections, Democrats have a major problem on their hands.

    Joe Biden’s failed Presidency is causing enthusiasm among the Democrat base to plunge over turning out to vote.

    In a bid to fire up the Democrat base, Joe Biden turned to attacking his favorite bogeyman, Donald Trump.

    Biden and Democrats are working overtime to make Trump the center of the political universe to distract from their catastrophic failure running the country.

    In a prime time address, Joe Biden declared war on Trump and his supporters with the most deranged speech of his Presidency.

    Speaking with an ominous dark backdrop, Biden claimed that the MAGA movement was a threat to the foundation of the country’s democracy.

    Fox News host Laura Ingraham ripped into Biden for his disgusting attack on Trump supporters on her show The Ingraham Angle.

    “And just like that, he declared war on, what, 74 million voters?” Ingraham exclaimed. “Now, it’s obvious that Dr. Jill and Joe Biden’s handlers, they decided that the only way to avoid a rout in November and to kick to the curb Joe Biden in 2024, which they want to avoid, was if he went into a total mad-man aura against MAGA.”

    With Joe Biden’s political future in question, devastating losses in the Midterm elections could convince Democrats to pull the plug on him for 2024.

    “But the primetime speech was a tour de flop — a primal quack from a lame duck president,” Ingraham explained.

    Biden’s speech was even criticized in some corners of the corporate-controlled media including CNN.

    “Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan, up for re-election in New Hampshire, knew it was a problem,” Ingraham said. “She said, I think President Biden’s comments just painted with way too broad a brush.

    Hassan is considered one of the most vulnerable Democrat Senators up for reelection this year.

    Biden’s speech was so unhinged and divisive that Democrats in swing states are distancing themselves from it.

    “Even The Washington Post poured cold water on it, and a White House official acknowledged that the administration made a conscious decision to include the Marines for symbolism,” Ingraham continued.

    Biden used two Marines as political props in the background of his speech in a stunning breach of military protocol.

    Defense Department and Marine rules prohibit soldiers from taking part in partisan political activity like Biden’s speech while in uniform.

    In a stunning admission, The Washington Post reported that “for some scholars who study civil-military affairs, the use of the Marines as a backdrop to the speech was unwise.”

    “Now, Biden’s internal polling on this speech must have been really, really bad, because within, I think, about 18 hours or so, they tried to claim that he didn’t mean every Trump voter,” Ingraham concluded.

    Joe Biden’s attack on Trump supporters is a sign of growing desperation heading into a tough Midterm election.

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