The heiress to one of the largest alcohol companies in the world has a plan to help Democrats keep the majority

Everything about the current national political climate points to a Red Wave in the November midterms.

However, all politics is local – and no race should be taken for granted.

And now, the heiress to one of the largest alcohol companies in the world has a plan to help Democrats keep their Senate majority.

The Heiress to the Anheuser-Busch fortune, Trudy Busch Valentine, has officially announced her intentions to run for the open Missouri Senate race.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt is retiring, making the Show Me State seat one of the hottest contested races in the country.

Busch Valentine made a surprise filling to add her name to the Democrat primary just before the filing deadline.

As the daughter of the late Anheuser-Busch beer baron August “Gussie” Busch Jr., Busch Valentine has virtually endless self-funding potential.

Combine that with her name recognition in Missouri, and particularly the St. Louis metropolitan areas where heavy Democrat votes reside, and she is the likely frontrunner to take the Democrat nomination for the open seat.

In fact, once Busch Valentine entered the race, former Democrat State Senator Scott Sifton dropped out of the contest and endorsed her.

Nonprofit executive Lucas Kunce is Busch Valentine’s opponent in the Donkey primary and is running a serious campaign.

On the GOP side there is a crowded six-way primary.

The top contenders are including Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Representatives Vicky Hartzler and Billy Long (R), and former Governor Eric Greitens.

Trial lawyer Mark McCloskey is also considered a wild card in the Republican Primary.

All of the Elephants have been vying for former President Donald Trump’s backing – but so far, the 45th President has yet to make an endorsement.

However, some on the Trump team have hinted at Trump potentially supporting Greitens.

Thought the former President has spoken glowingly about Rep. Long, and AG Schmitt held a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser bringing in a $1.6 Million haul.

Meanwhile, the other U.S. Senator from Missouri, Republican Josh Hawley has thrown his support behind Rep. Hartzler.

Sen. Hawley has been close with Trump, proving to be one of his best allies.

The polling in the Republican primary is close and Trump’s endorsement would likely swing the race to the candidate of his choice.

Missouri was once considered the bellwether state of America – how Missouri goes, so goes the nation.

However, over the years, the Show Me State has turned more Red by the cycle.

If Busch Valentine were to use what is assumed to be a substantial upcoming war chest to secure a victory, the GOP path to the Senate Majority in the midterms would become, not unobtainable, but much more difficult to capture.

She may be Missourian’s worst bet, but at the same time Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s best hope.

In Missouri, Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden by 16-points in 2020.

The same year, incumbent Republican Governor Mike Parsons won re-election by 17-points.

Before Busch Valentine’s entry into the race, most political pundits were scoring the open Missouri Senate race as solid or likely Republican.

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California’s plan for golf courses will have you seeing red

The far-Left hates the game of golf.

It’s bad for the environment, wastes water and advances white privilege, they exclaim.

But California’s new plan for golf courses is far worse than a bogey.

The California legislature is considering a bill that will steal away public and municipal golf courses and then use the land to build Section 8 housing.

If passed, the legislation would provide $50-million in developer subsidies to convert Golden State golf courses to so-called affordable housing complexes.

Democrat Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who represents a small city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area says golf is only for the rich and white, while Section-8 housing helps the underprivileged population.

“Who can access golf courses,” Garcia asked. “Only those who know how to or can afford to play golf. Pay-to-play leisure activities do not serve low and moderate-income Californians.”

In Garcia’s radical mind, her bill eliminating golf is a win-win.

“The state can craft a ‘grand bargain’ to encourage redevelopment of golf courses in a way that promotes equity and affordability, and fights climate change.”

Author and Documentarian Dinesh D’Souza’s wife, Debby, is a legal immigrant from Venezuela.

As you can see on the above video, on a recent episode of her podcast with her husband, she compared this California golf course takeover to the communist dictatorship rule she experienced in her home country.

“I know Assemblywoman Garcia has no idea Hugo Chavez did the same thing in Venezuela,” Debby D’Souza said. “But what it does tell me is that these people are cut from the same cloth. They think in exactly the same way.”

When reading the text of the bill, Mrs. D’Souza said she was reminded of when Hugo Chavez did the exact same thing.

“That’s why I call it Cali-zuela,” D’Souza said. “Because a lot of the things that are implemented in California were actually implemented first in Venezuela.”

D’Souza points out Chavez rule over Venezuela drove business out of the country and we’re already seeing companies leave California for more friendly business climates in states like Florida, Tennessee and Texas.

Assemblywoman Garcia says she wants to help the underserved communities, however, municipal courses across the state offer free golf to those communities through at-risk youth programs.

Programs exist at local courses for the physically or mentally disabled and the blind, military veterans, stroke survivors, a Special Olympics program – the list goes on and on.

But Democrats would rather have more Section-8 housing and expand urbanization with the goal of recruiting new Democrat voters.

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This phrase is one of the most Googled searches in America and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault

As President of the United States, Donald Trump had the economy rip-roaring at record levels.

Joe Biden…not so much.

And now, thanks to the Joe Biden economy, one of the most searched phrases on Google is incredibly depressing.

Under President Joe Biden, inflation is at a 40-year high – of nearly 8%.

And there is no end in sight, as economic experts are predicting the next calculation of the 12-month rolling inflation average will reach 10%.

American families are having to find an extra $5,200 in their budget compared to last year, all thanks to Biden’s inflation tax hike.

Gas prices are at record highs and still climbing and food shortages are expected that will add even more costs to your grocery store trips.

It’s depressing, to be sure.

According to Datatrek, Google search volumes for “food stamps” are at double the rate of pre-pandemic levels.

And the gains have spiked recently, as search volumes are trending even higher since the start of 2022.

“We suspect food inflation and still-lower levels of labor force participation versus pre-pandemic are playing a role here,” a spokesperson for DataTrek said.

Government records indicate 41.5 million people were on food stamps at the end of 2021 with an average benefit of $218 per person.

That comes out to more than $9-Billion in food stamp benefits in a single year.

And the increases of Google searches for the term suggest new people are seeking out information on how to sign up for the program.

The only silver lining is Biden’s economy could cost Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

Poll-after-poll shows inflation is one of the top two issues voters are concerned about heading into the midterms.

And a recent Rasmussen Report survey found 64% of Americans believe President Biden’s economic policies are to blame for skyrocketing inflation — while only 8% think Biden’s policies have reduced inflation.

How there can be even 8% that believe the Biden Administration has reduced inflation when inflation is at a 40-year high is beyond any reasonable explanation.

The Biden Administration has taken to a strategy of blaming year-long inflation surges and record high gas prices on Russian Premiere Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine.

Fortunately, the polling shows American voters aren’t buying the bill of goods Joe Biden and Jen Psaki are selling.

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Dr. Fauci said something about COVID that will leave you red with rage

The COVID regime is finally loosening its stranglehold on the country.

Even deep-blue areas are slowly returning to normal.

But Dr. Anthony Fauci said something about COVID that will leave you red with rage.

The White House has pivoted from COVID onto other issues like the struggling economy and the war in Ukraine.

After Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate was struck down by the Supreme Court, much of the steam was taken out of the COVID regime.

Dr. Anthony Fauci suddenly disappeared from the corporate news programs as even progressive cities like San Francisco walked back their vaccine passport requirements for indoor events.

And despite mountains of evidence, Fauci is not admitting defeat on the draconian lockdowns he spearheaded.

In a recent interview, Fauci was asked if lockdowns were a mistake.

He responded, “You know, I don’t think we’re ever gonna be able to determine what the right balance is. I think the ‘restrictions’—if you want to use that word, which I tend to shy away from—lockdown—they’ve certainly prevented a lot of infections, prevented a lot of hospitalizations, and prevented a lot of deaths. There’s no doubt about that. Obviously, when you do have that kind of restriction on society, there are unintended negative consequences, particularly in children who are not allowed to go to school, in the psychological and mental health aspects it has on children, in the economic stress that it puts on society in general on individual families. Obviously, those are negative consequences that are unintended.”

That is a maddening answer.

Johns Hopkins recently released a study that showed lockdowns had next to zero positive impact.

The study determined:

“While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted…In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

The Johns Hopkins study also determined that lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2%, but drug overdoses and deaths of despair skyrocketed.

The study concluded:

“[Shelter-in-place orders] may isolate an infected person at home with his/her family where he/she risks infecting family members with a higher viral load, causing more severe illness…[O]ften, lockdowns have limited peoples’ access to safe (outdoor) places such as beaches, parks, and zoos, or included outdoor mask mandates or strict outdoor gathering restrictions, pushing people to meet at less safe (indoor) places.”

So lockdowns were decidedly a mistake.

But Fauci won’t admit that he largely failed in his role as he actively silenced other epidemiologists who had the correct approach.

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These athletes have had enough of the woke mob’s grip on women’s sports and they’re not afraid to speak up

Leftism eventually destroys everything it touches.

The sports world is quickly learning that lesson.

But these athletes have had enough of the woke mob’s grip on women’s sports and they’re not afraid to speak up.

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas is making a mockery out of women’s swimming.

Lia, born William, competed on the men’s team and was ranked 42nd, then “transitioned” and rose to the top of the women’s division.

Thomas recently took home the NCAA championship in the 500m freestyle event, and was cheered on by the “woke” Left.

But more people are speaking out against the inherent unfairness of the situation.

Dozens of former swimmers, including Olympians, and coaches wrote a letter to the NCAA that read:

“Do we have a voice? It’s hard to express the anguish the women’s swim community has experienced this past week watching the 2022 NCAA Swim & Dive Championships. On one hand, we feel we are witnessing irrevocable damage to a sport that has transformed our own identities for the better. On the other, we have reconnected with each other in sisterhood after many busy years living our lives beyond the water’s edge. We are grateful for the many women who have stood up to publicly speak up in protest of your policies including UT’s swim alumni who penned a thoughtful letter to their Athletic Director and inspired us to write from the University of Arizona alumni perspective. We have collected some of our own thoughts on paper to plead to swimming leadership at every level to take immediate action to protect our women athletes.”

Thomas’s victory in women’s swimming is the culmination of a lot of bad ideas that have been propagated by fringe leftists.

All of society is being cudgeled to go along with radical theories about gender, and anyone who speaks out is publicly condemned, and perhaps even fired.

The letter continued:

“According to Duke’s Center for Sports Law and Policy, ‘there is an average 10-12% performance gap between elite males and elite females’ in sport. What advantage does testosterone have for natural born men in swimming specifically? This year in the 500 freestyle the men’s A standard qualifying time is 4:11.62. The women’s A standard qualifying time was 4:35.76. That is a difference of 24.14 seconds. To put that into perspective, the male swimmer in the last seed going into the meet would be two full laps ahead of his female counterpart in this event. This one example alone demonstrates the advantages a biologically male swimmer has over a female. Physiological advantages exist.”

Yet the Left want people to believe that biology is not real.

Thomas will not be the last biological male to compete in women’s sports if the NCAA does not take a firm stance on the issue.

Liberals are begrudgingly admitting that conservatives may actually have a point on this topic.

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Ron DeSantis’s wife had one strong message that infuriated “woke” leftists

Ron DeSantis has been a conservative champion against the radical Left.

And he’s not the only one in his household speaking up.

DeSantis’s wife had one strong message that infuriated “woke” leftists.

Casey DeSantis is joining her husband in the crusade against the far Left.

Governor Ron DeSantis just signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law, the bill that Democrats and their media comrades slandered as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Nowhere in the bill does the word “gay” appear, yet the Left are lying about it anyway.

The law simply prohibits public schools from leading classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

A majority of people agree with the bill despite smears from the Left.

And Casey DeSantis echoed their sentiment.

The First Lady of Florida said, “As a mama of three little ones, thank you Dad for empowering parents, like me, and protecting Florida’s children, like ours. Classroom instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity with kindergartners is wrong – especially without a parent’s knowledge nor consent.”

She also highlighted the story of a mother named January Little John whose 13-year-old daughter was being “transitioned” by school officials behind her and her husband’s backs.

For the leftists who believe that was a one-off incident, a similar case arose in Florida.

The Washington Examiner reported that “the parents of a Florida elementary school student are suing their daughter’s school district after their child attempted to commit suicide following the school’s efforts to orchestrate her secret transition to a male gender identity. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida and claims that the daughter of Wendell and Maria Perez, a sixth grade student at Paterson Elementary School in Fleming Island, Florida, had adopted a male transgender identity at school with the support of administrators, who hid the girl’s gender dysphoria from her parents.”

Leftists believe they own parents’ children.

They think it’s their job to indoctrinate kids into their own political perspective.

This is why the Parental Rights in Education law is so important.

Parents have the right to know what schools are doing to their children outside of teaching them Math and English and Science.

The DeSantises have stood strong against the onslaught of the Left, showing that it’s possible to stand up to the bully.

Other Republicans should follow their example and endure some slings and arrows from the press and some “woke” celebrities, and do the right thing.

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Joe Biden’s new budget is sure to hit every American in the wallet and the reason why will infuriate you

President Joe Biden’s newly released budget has a tax hike he swears will only hit the super-rich.

We’ve heard that before from Democrat Presidents.

And Joe Biden’s new budget is sure to hit every American in the wallet and the reason why will infuriate you.

Inflation is at a 40-year high, dating all the way back to when our country was trying to recover from the disastrous Jimmy Carter economy.

Bloomberg Economics is reporting Bidenflation is costing the average U.S. household an extra $5,200 per year compared to last year.

That’s an extra $433 every month families weren’t expecting to have to budget.

The National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) blames this on President Biden’s economic mismanagement.

“On the heels of a global pandemic, Americans will now pay an additional $5,200 for the privilege of living in Joe Biden’s America,” NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi said. “Every Democrat Senator and senate hopeful should have to directly answer for their failed economic agenda…and then take an economics course or two.”

And don’t hold your breath for a quick turnaround.

Experts at Kiplinger’s Economic Outlooks are expecting the 12-month rolling inflation average to rise close to 10% next month.

DoubleLine Capital CEO Jeffrey Gundlach agrees with Kiplinger’s 10% inflation assessment.

“We’re definitely getting more concerned about the possibility of recession,” Gundlach said.

Meanwhile, American families are getting hit both coming and going as there is new bad news for anyone looking to purchase a new home.

According to the latest S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index, mortgage rates are up an astonishing 19% year over year.

CBS News reports these rising home costs will price millions of Americans out of the housing market.

“Home prices remain close to all-time highs, which is impacting affordability,” Rubeela Farooqi, chief U.S. economist with High Frequency Economics, said in a report.

And the Federal Reserve is increasing interest rates to combat Biden’s inflation spike – which means home buyers will be paying higher monthly mortgage rates for those homes that are priced overly high to begin with.

President Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s supply crisis is combining with inflation driving up material costs and pent-up housing single-family housing demand due to pandemic restrictions to slow new home building.

With the demand for homes fast outpacing the supply, prices will only continue to increase – while at the same time, American families are still trying to figure out how to budget for President Biden’s $5,200 inflation tax.

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Democrats can’t deny Donald Trump’s popularity and this latest poll has them petrified

Democrats dismissed Donald Trump during the 2016 primaries and general election.

They vilified Trump throughout his four years as President and still blame him for all the world’s problems today.

So, they’ll be shocked to find out where Trump’s popularity ranks among all national political figures.

Democrats never gave Donald Trump a chance.

And because of that, the former President’s approval ratings never reached great heights – despite one achievement after another.

A booming economy, low gas prices, no new wars, controlled immigration and low crime rates weren’t enough to get a Democrat to give Trump a thumbs up.

So, surely, it should be easy for Joe Biden to outdo Trump’s approval ratings.

Not so fast.

According to the Real Clear Politics average, Donald Trump now boasts the highest favorability rating of any national politician.

Despite many polls showing President Joe Biden sitting in the mid to upper-30’s for job approval, his RCP average for favorability rating sits at -10.3, 42.5% favorable, 52.8% unfavorable.

Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris is much worse, at -15.5.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York is even less popular with a -17.7 favorability from American voters.

Worse yet is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, who only about 1/3 of Americans support, netting her a -22.2 rating.

How does President Trump fare against the Democrat leaders who smear his name on a daily basis?

Trump has an underwater rating, but is far closer to 50/50 than any of his rivals.

The 45th President of the United States has just a -5.5 favorability – nearly twice as good as incumbent President Biden.

That’s also the best of any of the national GOP leadership.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthey is underwater at -16.6.

And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is the least popular politician in America, with a -33.5 rating.

The news led Trump’s son, Don Jr. to brag that his dad is still the King of Politics.

“Big news, your favorite President, Donald J. Trump, POTUS 45, tops every national political figure in favorability rating,” Don Jr. said in a Rumble post.

Junior points how surprising that news is considering all Trump has been up against since the moment he came down the escalator and announced his intentions to run for President of the United States.

“Donald Trump, who took on an onslaught of Democrats, billions in Big Tech money working against him, billions in corporate media money working against him, literally is the most favorably rated politician in America,” Don Jr. said.

According to Don Jr. the far-Lefts attempts to smear Trump have all fallen short.

“The lies, the Russia hoax, multiple impeachments, everything was supposedly a scam…they’re going to indict him every-other week, right,” Don Jr. asked. “Every tweet he sent was ‘worse than Watergate’ according to the clowns on air. But yet, the American people still rate him that highly.”

The Former President’s son goes on to compare his father’s booming economy, peace and safe neighborhoods to Joe Biden’s runaway inflation, record high gas prices, crime surge, conflict in Eastern Europe and crisis on the U.S. Southern Boarder.

“Maybe Donald Trump’s policy should be…’had enough yet guys?’ You want the big boys back in the room,” Junior asked. “Are you better off than you were 18 months ago? Can anyone with a straight face tell me that? No, they can’t.”

This is a great sign for Trump as his mulls over a potential run for a second term in the White House in 2024.

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What Rand Paul just said about Joe Biden will have Democrats fuming mad

Admittedly, trying to keep track of all of Joe Biden’s gaffes is a fool’s errand because they happen almost every time he opens his mouth.

However, Joe’s latest gaffe was so bad that not only did the White House have to walk it back almost as soon as the president said it – it could’ve sparked an international incident.

In light of this, Senator Rand Paul had some strong words for Joe Biden that’ve made the radical Left madder than a whole flock of wet hens.

Last week, Joe Biden nearly incited an armed international incident when he said at a rally in Poland, “For God’s sake, this man (Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin) cannot remain in power!”

After Joe let that doozy fly, White House staffers immediately sprung to action to “clarify” the president’s remarks.

White House officials told the media that the president “was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change” and that Biden’s “point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region.”

Whether that’s true or not will be debated by historians and academics for years to come.

Either way, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was not amused by Biden’s remarks.

That’s why during an interview on Fox News’ “Jesse Waters Primetime” Senator Paul slammed Biden by saying, “Well, you know, a lot of times when you’re around somebody who’s in cognitive decline, you find yourself trying to help them with a sentence, trying to help them complete it, and say, oh no, that’s not what you really mean. Let me help you complete the sentence. But we shouldn’t have to do that for the commander-in-chief. And it is actually a national security risk. Because he’s sending signals that no one in their right mind would want to send to Russia at this point. We aren’t trying to replace Putin in Russia, we aren’t trying to have regime change, we’re not sending troops into Ukraine, and we’re not going to respond in kind with chemical weapons. So, none of those things are true.”

But the good senator from Kentucky was not finished blasting Biden for his careless rhetoric.

Senator Paul continued, “But, you know, he lives in an alternate universe where he just says they’re not true and he didn’t say them. So, I guess you’re supposed to look the other way. But even the left-wing media is noticing these gaffes. So, I do think that it is a real problem. And there’s a humorous angle to this, but it’s really not funny. I mean, because we’re worried about what he’s saying precipitating or escalating the conflict in Ukraine into a world war. That’s very serious.”

While this is not the first time that the president’s mental health has been brought into question; what is different is that Biden’s gaffes are happening more frequently and they’re quickly rising from a national embarrassment to a national security issue.

So much so that perhaps conversations about invoking the 25th amendment to the Constitution may need to happen sooner rather than later.

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Elon Musk just issued this bizarre challenge to Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine is serving as a reminder of the nightmarish nature of war.

Everyone other than warmongers want the conflict to end as soon as possible.

And Elon Musk just issued this bizarre challenge to Vladimir Putin.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is committed to ending the war in Ukraine.

Musk is so committed, he challenged Russian president Vladimir Putin to hand-to-hand combat for the freedom of Ukraine.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk wrote, “I am absolutely serious.”

If that wasn’t strange enough, podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan offered to train Musk for the hypothetical fight.

The Daily Wire reported that “host Joe Rogan said last week that he offered to train SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to fight Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rogan, who holds black belts in taekwondo and two schools of Jiu-Jitsu, told Australian comedian Monty Franklin that he had reached out to Musk after reading that he had challenged Putin to a one-on-one fight for Ukraine.”

Rogan is also a commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), so he is well-versed in the combat world.

Rogan explained, “Elon Musk wants — he wants to fight Putin. Have you seen that? … I offered my services. I texted him. I said, ‘Dude I will arrange all of your training. If you really do fight Putin,’ I said, ‘I will arrange all your training. It would be so f***ing epic.”

Musk apparently fought a sumo champion in an exhibition match years ago, and hurt his back from tossing his opponent.

This is a new take on attempting to end the war in Ukraine.

Actresses have been writing bad poetry to Putin, and eccentric tech billionaires are challenging him to hand-to-hand combat for the fate of Ukraine.

Rogan added, “If anybody else who’s a billionaire told me that I would be like, ‘F*ck you – shut up.’ But he’s not a liar…He’s so f*cking smart, he might be able to figure out how to do it.”

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is doing everything he can to escalate tensions with Russia.

He erred and suggested that American troops could set foot in Ukraine, claimed that NATO could respond “in kind” if Russia uses chemical weapons, and called for regime change in Russia.

All of his statements had to be walked back by the White House.

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Nancy Pelosi made one unstable threat about the midterm elections

Joe Biden and the Democrats are desperate for a win.

Thus far, nothing has worked and Biden’s approval ratings have tanked.

Now Nancy Pelosi made one unstable threat about the midterm elections.

The Democrats are worried they will no longer be in control of the legislature come November.

The Senate map slightly favors the Republicans, and they currently have a 3.4-point lead in the generic Congressional ballot.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes democracy is in peril if the Democrats do not win.

In an interview with Time Magazine reporter Molly Ball, Pelosi said, “It is absolutely essential for our democracy that we win…I fear for our democracy if the Republicans were ever to get the gavel. We can’t let that happen…I don’t have any intention of the Democrats losing the Congress in November.”

Democrats continue to speak in apocalyptic terms about the “end of Democracy” if the Republicans win, which serves as a justification for the worst behavior imaginable.

Pelosi was also bullish on the Democrats’ chances to maintain control of Congress despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Pelosi continued, “Everybody said redistricting was going to be horrible for the Democrats. Remember that? Not so. Not so. If anything, we’ll pick up seats rather than lose 10 to 15, which conventional wisdom said that we would. There’s nothing conventional anymore, and it certainly ain’t wisdom.”

Pelosi’s talk about redistricting is comical because the Democrats are always complaining about the Republicans’ gerrymandering efforts, yet it’s perfectly fine when the Left redraw districts in absurd ways; New York Democrats got particularly “creative” for the most recent electoral map.

It’s fitting that Pelosi had this conversation with Molly Ball, the reporter who wrote about how a “cabal” worked to “fortify” the 2020 election.

Ball wrote, “That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”

In Ball’s interview with Pelosi, she said that Donald Trump exposed “weaknesses” in America’s democratic system.

It stands to reason that the same “well-funded cabal” will attempt to “fortify” the 2022 midterms as well.

Republicans have made headway in combating such shenanigans with more robust election laws, which is why Democrats have been shrieking so loudly about them.

The Democrats are desperate to cling to power, and Pelosi admitted as much.

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Joe Biden can’t escape this shocking new email scandal

The Hunter Biden scandal just got a whole lot worse for Joe Biden and his Ukraine problem.

And even Democrats are now scrambling to try and cover their tracks on the latest bombshell.

Because Joe Biden can’t escape this shocking new email scandal that changes everything.

Most Americans have seemingly become numb to the Hunter Biden story.

We all know by now the kind of man Hunter Biden is and most of his sordid exploits and sleazy dealings.

We’ve seen and heard it all.

The crack smoking, the “dating” his sister-in-law, the out-of-wedlock babies being deserted, and of course the influence peddling in foreign lands making him and the Biden family hundreds of millions of dollars.

But now, from Hunter Biden’s own laptop, the very one the media told us was just a Russian plant, we are finding out some very serious and disturbing things about Hunter Biden.

Some things that go far beyond strippers and cocaine and affairs with family members.

These new revelations involve national security, and potential crimes against the nation – including possible treason.

This latest information is according to the Daily Mail, which obtained Hunter’s emails.

These emails found on Hunter’s now notorious laptop reveal that he helped secure millions of dollars for Metabiota, a DoD contractor, which specializes in researching pandemic-causing diseases that could be used as bioweapons.

This means that Moscow’s claim that Hunter Biden helped finance a U.S. military ‘bioweapons’ research program in Ukraine is at least partially true, according to the new emails obtained exclusively by

Hunter also appears to have introduced Metabiota to his pals at Burisma in Ukraine for a “science project,” involving biosecurity labs in that now war-torn nation.

While Metabiota appears on its face to be a simple medical data company – a 2014 email from its Vice President to Hunter Biden described how they could ‘assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia’ – an odd goal for a mere biotech firm.

Of course, at the time of that email Hunter’s dad Joe was Obama’s point-man for Ukraine’s ‘reconstruction.’

Emails and defense contract data from Hunter Biden’s laptop reviewed by suggest that Hunter had a prominent role in making sure Metabiota was able to conduct its research just a few hundred miles from the Russian border.

Now this project has turned into a national security nightmare for Ukraine and potentially the U.S. and NATO when the Russian military invaded the country last month.

Earlier this month Biden Administration officials warned Congress that ‘Russian forces may be seeking to gain control’ of these ‘biological research facilities’, prompting fears that deadly and engineered pathogens could fall into Russian hands.

Hunter and his colleagues at his investment firm Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (RSTP) routinely raised millions of dollars for technology companies.

Metabiota was one of those firms.

Hunter and pals invested $500,000 in Metabiota via Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners and raised several million more through various investment firms like Goldman Sachs.

In Ukraine, Hunter Biden was more intimately involved in Metabiota’s operations, something he bragged about in funding pitches to investors.

In fact, in April 2014 emails, Hunter and his partner Eric Schwerin even discussed housing Metabiota in their office space.

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Donald Trump just hit Hillary Clinton with one massive lawsuit

Democrats are desperate to chase Donald Trump out of politics for good.

But Trump refuses to go away.

Now, Trump just hit Hillary Clinton with one massive lawsuit.

Donald Trump is simply not going to put Russiagate behind him.

He wants people to pay for the soft coup he underwent for years during his presidency at the hands of Hillary Clinton and key Democrat operatives.

That’s why Trump is suing Clinton and top Democrats in federal court.

The New York Post reported that Trump “filed a $24 million federal lawsuit alleging that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee launched a wide-ranging ‘unthinkable plot’ in 2016 to smear him and his campaign as colluding with Russian officials. In the suit, filed in the Southern District of Florida, Trump claims the goal was to fabricate a scandal in an effort to ‘cripple’ his bid for the presidency.”

Special Counsel John Durham is getting to the bottom of the Russian collusion hoax, and it certainly appears as though Trump’s suit is grounded in truth.

Whether or not a judge will allow the case to move forward is a different story, but at least Trump is helping to shed a light on the corruption.

In Trump’s 108-page complaint, he alleges, “In the run up to the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts orchestrated an unthinkable plot — one that shocks the conscience and is an affront to this nation’s democracy…Acting in concert, the Defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was colluding with a hostile foreign sovereignty.”

The suit alleges that Democratic operatives falsified evidence against him, which is true.

FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pled guilty to lying to the FISA court in order to maintain surveillance on Trump and his associates.

The complaint also says that the plot was “conceived, coordinated and carried out by top-level officials at the Clinton Campaign and the DNC — including ‘the candidate’ herself — who attempted to shield her involvement behind a wall of third parties.”

Thus far, Durham’s investigation buttresses the claims made by Trump in his suit.

He still has to connect all of the dots, but it seems quite clear there was a concerted effort to sabotage Trump, and Democratic activists in the so-called mainstream media were eager to participate.

They reported one bogus “bombshell” report after another.

Hopefully, Trump’s suit forces Clinton and other Democrats to finally answer some difficult questions.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

These Hollywood elites found out the hard way you can’t slap Ron DeSantis down

A-list celebrities patted themselves on the back at the annual Academy Awards.

They also worked in some nauseating political propaganda.

And these Hollywood elites found out the hard way you can’t slap Ron DeSantis down.

The 94th Academy Awards will be remembered, if at all, for the shocking moment when actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock.

But before that stunning incident, the show was the usual bore.

People won awards for niche films that nobody saw, and progressives shoved their politics down the throats of the country.

Co-hosts Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall started off the show by taking a shot at Ron DeSantis.

They said that the ceremony would be fabulously “gay.”

The “joke” doesn’t even make sense because the bill that DeSantis supports does not include the word gay anywhere in it.

Teachers are not precluded from saying the word gay.

The Parental Rights in Education bill simply means that public schools cannot initiate classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3.
The bill also says that parents must be notified if their children are assuming a different gender identity at school.

But those truths have been obscured by the Left.

They smeared the piece of legislation as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which is not accurate.

For his part, DeSantis has stood up to the onslaught of attack he’s received from the Hollywood leftists at Disney.

At a recent event, DeSantis said, “[T]he chance that I am going to back down from my commitment to students and back down from my commitment to parents’ rights simply because of fraudulent media narratives or pressure from woke corporations, the chances of that are zero.”

Nevertheless, Democrats will continue to knowingly lie about the bill.

The trio of hosts almost made a goofy joke about the gender pay gap.

Schumer said, “This year the academy hired three women to host because it was cheaper than hiring one man.”

Schumer is reportedly worth at least $25 million, so she makes more than all male comedians with the exception of a select few.

The hosts also slipped in a stray Mitch McConnell joke that didn’t land.

Hollywood elites just can’t help themselves.

They have to push their values on the rest of the country even though their values are not at all shared by the majority of the country.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Bill Gates just made a statement so absurd even some Democrats are mad

The Microsoft billionaire turned radical leftist funds a lot of crazy causes.

He promotes abortion around the world and forced vaccines here at home.

And Bill Gates just made a statement that is quite possibly one of the most absurd things he’s ever said – so bad he even made some Democrats mad.

Bill Gates is an evil genius – at least that’s what a large number of Americans believe.

And it seems every time he opens his mouth, even more people join the evil genius club.

Whether his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein (which was at least a partial cause of his divorce from wife Melinda), or his funding of the mass murder of millions of children through abortion, Gates is a radical leftist’s dream.

Of course, he also has a bizarre fetish with forcing vaccines on the masses.

But now, the Microsoft founder is raising eyebrows by stating that Americans, and people in all first-world nations, should stop eating meat.

In a recent interview with MIT Technology Review, Gates claims that real meat is troublesome for the environment, so he wants the world’s richest countries to eat synthetic beef instead.

Although Gates did say it’s ok for poor nations to eat real meat.

“I do think all rich countries should move to 100 percent synthetic beef. You can get used to the taste difference, and the claim is they’re going to make it taste even better over time,” the tech guru said.

To make his position even more clear, Gates said he believes government force to make this happen is an option.

“Eventually, that green premium is modest enough that you can sort of change the [behavior of] people or use regulation to totally shift the demand,” he said.

Don’t worry, Gates has a personal stake in this as well (just like he does in the vaccine mandates.)

While he would force first-world nations to eat fake beef, he would provide genetically altered animals to other, third-world, places, such as Africa.

“For Africa and other poor countries, we’ll have to use animal genetics to dramatically raise the amount of beef per emissions for them. Weirdly, the U.S. livestock, because they’re so productive, the emissions per pound of beef are dramatically less than emissions per pound in Africa,” he said.

Gates said his foundation is working to take “African livestock, which means they can survive in heat, and crossing in the monstrous productivity both on the meat side and the milk side of the elite U.S. beef lines.”

As always with Gates, there is an angle that benefits him.

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Democrats are using January 6th to unleash another attack on Clarence Thomas

Democrats are milking the Capitol Hill riot for all its worth.

They view it as an opportunity to go after all of their political opponents.

Now, Democrats are using January 6th to unleash another attack on Clarence Thomas.

Democrats have been going after Clarence Thomas for 40 years, ever since he was hired in the Reagan administration.

They infamously tried to “Bork” him during his Supreme Court confirmation by embarrassing him with scurrilous claims; the Democrats began the shameful practice with Robert Bork in 1987.

Now, there are growing calls for Thomas to be impeached because of text messages his wife Ginni sent to Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s former chief of staff.

Ginni Thomas was enthusiastic about Trump pursuing all legal avenues to challenge the 2020 election results, which is not unique in political history.

However, in light of January 6th, it suddenly became high treason.

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th House Select Committee dredged up 29 text messages Thomas sent to Meadows, which including statements such as:

“Help This Great President stand firm, Mark!!! … You are the leader, with him, who is standing for America’s constitutional governance at the precipice. The majority knows Biden and the Left is attempting the greatest Heist of our History.”

Thomas sent that message on November 10th, well before the election had been certified.

Thomas’s correspondence essentially stopped on November 24th; for historical context, in 2000, the Florida recount dragged on until mid-December.

Thomas sent one more message on January 10th that read:

“We are living through what feels like the end of America…Most of us are disgusted with the VP and are in listening mode to see where to fight with our teams. Those who attacked the Capitol are not representative of our great teams of patriots for DJT!! … Amazing times…The end of Liberty.”

Joe Biden’s election victory was instantly unassailable; the corporate press deemed 2020 “the most secure election in history.”

However, several states made sweeping changes to election procedures due to COVID (some in contravention of state law), which allowed for a significantly higher percentage of provisional ballots to be accepted.

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg poured hundreds of millions of dollars into key precincts with his “Zuck Bucks” to help “fortify” the election.

Also, the corporate press suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story along with other damaging stories to Joe Biden in order to tilt the election in the Democrat’s favor.

The whole purpose of the January 6th committee is to look for anything that can be used as a political weapon and keep the riot in the news for as long as possible.

Meadows’s attorney George Terwilliger III explained that “nothing about the text messages presents any legal issues.”

But the Democrats are attempting to use the text messages to get Thomas impeached.

They want the most reliably conservative member of the court off the chessboard.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more on this developing story.

What Sarah Palin just said about her political future will send a shiver down every Democrat’s spine

Ever since Sarah Palin burst onto the national political scene in 2008, when the late Senator John McCain announced her as his running mate, the radical Left has done everything they could to destroy her.

They attacked her looks, her intelligence, and her parenting on top of scrutinizing every single word she ever publicly said because they were afraid of her.

And what Sarah Palin just said about her political future will have these Leftists screaming in horror.

Recently, Congressman Don Young tragically passed away while traveling back home to Alaska.

The late Congressman was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1973 and was in the middle of running for his twenty-sixth term in Congress.

However, now that Rep. Young has been laid to rest, journalists and political operatives have turned their attention to Young’s now vacant congressional seat.

And that is exactly what prompted Newsmax’s Eric Bolling to ask former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin if she would be interested in throwing her hat in the proverbial ring for Young’s seat.

Governor Palin responded to Bolling’s question by saying, “If I were asked to serve in the House and take his place, I would be humbled and honored and I would. Yeah, in a heartbeat I would.”

Knowing full well that her answer would be dissected and potentially used to attack her in the future, Governor Palin continued, “Think of those huge shoes that are to be filled when we consider Don Young’s longevity and his passion, his love, his fighting spirit for our wonderful state of Alaska and for the nation as a whole…We’ll see how this process is going to go in terms of filling that seat but it would be an honor.”

And there you have it, folks, Sarah Palin could be back in the national spotlight sooner than any Democrat alive would want.

For years, Sarah Palin’s had a strong connection with the conservative grassroots across the country.

Palin has long since been credited with helping Tea Party conservatives get elected in 2010, was renowned for her ability to raise money for conservative candidates, and was one of the first to support Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy in 2016.

Whether Sarah Palin is serious about entering into the political arena again remains to be seen.

But this was the first time in a long time that Governor Palin’s publicly entertained the idea of running for Congress and it certainly would put a smile on every conservative’s face to think of how many “journalists” in the lame-stream media freak out, should she decide to enter the race.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

Airline CEOs are pushing back against one ridiculous COVID policy

The American people are done with burdensome COVID restrictions.

And the media’s attention has shifted almost entirely to the war in Ukraine.

Now, airline CEOs are pushing back against one ridiculous COVID policy.

Ever since Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate was struck down by the Supreme Court, the COVID regime has been on its last legs.

A clear sign that the American people were largely done with COVID mania was when Democratic governors and mayors in deep-blue cities like San Francisco lifted some of the more draconian restrictions.

Now, airline CEOs want the mask mandates lifted because they don’t make any sense.

W. Douglas Parker (American), Ed Bastian (Delta), Robin Hayes (JetBlue), Gary C. Kelly (Southwest), and several others wrote in a letter to Biden:

“The persistent and steady decline of hospitalization and death rates are the most compelling indicators that our country is well protected against severe disease from COVID-19. Given that we have entered a different phase of dealing with this virus, we strongly support your view that ‘COVID-19 need no longer control our lives.’ Now is the time for the Administration to sunset federal transportation travel restrictions – including the international predeparture testing requirement and the federal mask mandate – that are no longer aligned with the realities of the current epidemiological environment.”

It’s not just the CEOs; the flight attendants are fed up with the mandates as well.

The Southwest Airlines flight attendant union wrote to the Biden administration:

“Serving onboard during these contentious times and enforcing mask compliance is one of the most difficult jobs we have ever faced as flight attendants…We strongly believe it is now time to give our members and passengers the opportunity to choose if they prefer to wear a mask while flying…In the spirit of bringing normalcy back to our front lines as aviation’s first responders, we ask that you consider lifting the federal mask mandate for airline travel and will move expeditiously to restore choice to aviation professionals and the flying public.”

In other words, the flight attendants don’t fear that their safety is in jeopardy, and they hate having to enforce mandates that do not make any sense.

COVID transmission on commercial flights was never an issue.

The planes have HEPA filters that constantly circulate clean air through the cabins.

The airline mandates have remained in place for no good reason and it’s time for them to end.

Biden and the COVID regime are clinging on to some restrictions in case they want to pivot back to full-blown hysteria.

After a hiatus, Dr. Anthony Fauci re-emerged on the corporate press news shows to warn people that he could return in his role as the Grinch and shut down society.

But the American people are not up for it again.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more on this developing story.

Donald Trump’s favorability numbers just go to show Americans have had it with Biden

Joe Biden can blame record-high gas prices on Vladimir Putin all he wants, but no one’s buying it.

Americans are sick of the lies.

And Donald Trump’s favorability numbers just go to show Americans have had it with Biden.

Once again, the national polls show just how much Americans adore Donald Trump and his no-nonsense attitude.

Biden has done such damage to the U.S. that Americans are clamoring for Trump to come back.

In fact, recent reports show that Joe Biden is the third most unpopular president at this point in his first term.

That’s not something to be proud of, and if things keep going the way they are, Biden could quickly end up being the MOST unpopular president in history.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Joe Biden’s approval rating has reached a new low of 40%, and it found that 54% of Americans disapprove of the job Biden is doing.

On the flip side, former President Donald Trump is at the top of every favorability poll.

Trump is beating out every national political figure, including those the corporate-controlled media spent billions of dollars trying to protect.

According to a recent Emerson College Poll, in a 2024 election rematch between Trump and Biden, Trump wins 45% to 42%.

RealClearPolitics released a “poll of polls,” which showed that Trump has the highest favorable rating among all national politicians and is only at -5.6 points unfavorable.

The next closest politician is Biden, who nearly doubles the unfavorable rating at -10.3 points.

“A winning favorability rating means the public likes you, which can be even more important than your job approval ratings,” Breitbart News recently reported.

While many are using these numbers to predict what could happen in 2024, it’s an even more telling sign of what’s to come this fall.

Winning just one chamber of Congress during the upcoming midterms would allow the Republican Party to stymie Biden’s radical agenda for the next two years.

The Democrat Party did this to themselves by running a candidate on a fake platform of being “moderate.”

Joe Biden is not moderate and never has been.

The American people are fed up and looking for a solid leader to clean up Biden’s mess.

Right now, it looks like Donald Trump fits the bill.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Josh Hawley got attacked in the most despicable way possible after he questioned Biden’s Supreme Court nominee

Joe Biden and the Democrats hoped for a smooth confirmation hearing for his Supreme Court pick.

But Josh Hawley and the Republicans challenged her record like they’re supposed to.

Now, Hawley got attacked in the most despicable way possible after he questioned Biden’s nominee.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley has been one of the more notable Republicans pressing Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on her judicial record.

Hawley questioned Jackson on why she sentenced child pornography offenders below guidelines, which is a perfectly reasonable line of inquiry in a Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

That, of course, drew the ire of the Democrat Media Complex.

Hawley and other Republicans were smeared in the press, and The Onion, a liberal satire site, went the extra mile and accused Hawley of being a pedophile.

This is a perfect example of how The Babylon Bee supplanted The Onion as the best satire site in the country.

The Onion has developed into left-wing advocacy instead of being funny.

Satire is supposed to be grounded in truth, but The Onion instead takes random potshots at Republicans.

Calling Hawley a pedophile is neither funny nor grounded in truth; it’s just blatant political activism.

In the “satire” article, The Onion fake-quoted Hawley as saying:

“This country isn’t safe with people like me roaming around out there. Frankly, it’s sickening that I’m even allowed in this room, let alone public office. I’m literally looking at child porn on my phone right now, and what’s she doing? Just sitting there.”

Leftism is the death of comedy.

Liberals can be funny, but leftists cannot.

And The Onion has veered to the progressive fringes.

Liberal comic Bill Maher pointed out that the Left have gone loony, which means there’s a lot of fertile ground for comedy.

Maher said it best when he explained, “I keep saying to the liberals: you know what, if what you’re doing sounds like an ‘Onion’ headline…stop…This is why there is an opening for conservative comedy.”

Ironically, The Onion has given up on being “The Onion” and The Babylon Bee has taken over.

It’s no surprise that The Bee has been shut out of its Twitter account for being too effective.

The Twitter overlords punished them with a “hateful conduct” violation for calling transgender Biden cabinet member “Man of the Year.”

No amount of censorship or advocacy can stop Americans from seeing how crazy the Left have become.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Ron DeSantis just infuriated the “woke” Left with one declaration

Ron DeSantis is near the top of Democrats’ enemies list.

He’s followed Donald Trump’s lead and hit back in the culture war.

And DeSantis just infuriated the “woke” Left with one declaration.

The debate over transgenderism has heated up, and the Left are losing.

The majority of Americans do not believe that a man can become a woman and vice-versa, which is why the Left are exerting so much top-down control in order to push their worldview on the public.

A recent example involves University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, who “transitioned” and competed on the women’s swim team as a senior.

The corporate-controlled press is attempting to make all of society believe that biological males have no advantage over females in athletic competitions.

Thomas dominated the field in the recent NCAA championship swim meet, but Governor Ron DeSantis acknowledged second-place finisher Emma Weyant, a Florida native, as the true NCAA champion.

DeSantis wrote:

“By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud. In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Sarasota’s Emma Weyant as the best women’s swimmer in the 500y freestyle.”

Many progressive women have found themselves on the side of conservatives on this particular issue because the far-Left has even drifted away from the second-wave feminists.

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova said that Thomas should have an “asterisk” in the record book.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been slandered endlessly by the far-left for stating that “biological sex is real” and a man cannot become a woman.

Feminists at the Women’s Liberation Front (WOLF) tried to have a public discussion about the transgender issues, and only the conservative Heritage Foundation would platform them; leftist organizations were either too scared or in league with the transgender lobby.

DeSantis is inviting more slings and arrows from the Left.

He’s recently been smeared for promoting the Parent Rights in Education bill, which was mischaracterized by liberals as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill even though the word gay does not appear in the text anywhere at all.

The bill simply prohibits public schools from having classroom discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3.

In other words, activist teachers are prohibited from classroom lectures on radical gender theory when it comes to eight-year-olds and under.

Over 60-percent of Americans agree with the bill, which is why the Left have to lie and censor to change public perception.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Find out which vulnerable Democrat used taxpayer funds to hide their stock scandal

Either members of Congress are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg or they’re dumber than a box of hammers.

It’s true because yet ANOTHER one of Nancy Pelosi’s pet politicians has been hit with an ethics complaint for violating the STOCK Act!

And if that’s not bad enough, this Democrat used your tax dollars to pay a leftist lawyer to try to hide it from WE THE PEOPLE!

As Right News Wire previously reported, in 2021 fifty-two Members of Congress, including several prominent Democrats like Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Mark Kelly, and Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, were hit with ethics complaints for failing to properly report their financial trades as required by the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act of 2012, a.k.a. The STOCK Act.

But new information has come to light about the shady dealings of Democrat Congresswoman Cindy Axne of Iowa’s 3rd District.

Axne, who is widely considered a top target for Republicans, failed to report up to six hundred and forty-five thousand dollars in stock trades in 2019 and 2020.

When asked about the ethics complaint, Rep. Axne claimed that it was “a clerical issue” and attempted to dismiss it as a partisan smear.

Unfortunately for Congresswoman Axne, her actions are speaking much, much louder than her words.

Just forty-eight hours after the ethics complaint was filed against Axne, she spent over eighteen thousand dollars worth of taxpayer funds to enlist the services of Marc Elias, a Leftist lawyer who has a reputation of being a “fixer” for Democrats.

Elias’s most-recent claim to fame was that he tried to help Democrat Rita Hart, who lost her race in 2020 to Republican Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks by six votes, overturn the results of her congressional race.

And from that fiasco, Elias was able to bill taxpayers more than $800,000 in legal fees for his failed attempt to overturn the will of Iowa’s voters.

When asked about her relationship with Elias, Axne stated that she gave Elias’s law firm a “non-technology service contract…to audit her reports” a.k.a. making her problem go away.

While Cindy Axne’s taste in lawyers may be offensive to some, and indeed it is, what’s even worse is the fact that she actually went on record in February and spoke out against a ban on congressional stock trading.

And then only after receiving a large amount of backlash for making such a politically-dumb policy statement, twenty-four hours later she completely flip-flopped and told the Fake News Media that she actually supports such a ban.

Regardless of Axne’s antics, what’s truly fascinating about his whole stock saga and Congress is that it shows us either just how crooked Congress really is or just how dumb they are since apparently too many of them either can’t or don’t know how to report their stock trades as is required by law.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

Bill Barr ripped Joe Biden to shreds for the lie he told about Hunter’s laptop

The so-called mainstream media are finally reporting honestly about the Biden crime family.

Much of the discussion was shut down prior to the 2020 election.

And Bill Barr ripped Joe Biden to shreds for the lie he told about Hunter’s laptop.

Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” bombshell report from The New York Post was finally acknowledged by the corporate press.

The New York Times waited a year and a half to confirm what was known back in 2020, but the Democrats and their media allies did not want to damage Joe Biden’s election chances.

And former Attorney General William Barr said that Biden’s comments on his son’s laptop scandal bordered on “election interference.”

During a debate with Donald Trump, Biden lied and said that the laptop story was “Russian disinformation” and not true.

Biden’s lie infuriated Barr, who did not speak publicly on the matter at the time.

In a recent Fox News interview, Barr said:

“He’s squarely confronted with the laptop, and he suggested that it was Russian disinformation and pointed to the letter written by some intelligence people that was baseless—which he knew was a lie. And I was shocked by that.”

Biden claimed that 50 former intelligence agents debunked the story, which clearly turned out to be meaningless.

The entire press dismissed the story as having “all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff even had the gall to say that he had seen intelligence that proved the laptop was Russian disinformation.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe immediately shot down Schiff’s lie.

But it didn’t matter.

The media and Big Tech suppressed the story enough to keep swing voters in the dark.

Barr added, “When you’re talking about interference in an election I can’t think of anything more…From a political standpoint now that this is in people’s consciousness, it had been suppressed up until now…”

A study from the Media Research Center showed that 17% of Biden voters in 2020 would not have voted for Biden had they known about the laptop scandal or other Biden scandal that had been downplayed or ignored by the press.

Trump didn’t run against Biden; he ran against the Democrat Media Complex, and Barr is calling it out.

For years, the Democrats accused Trump of being under the thumb of the Russians.

There should be robust discussions about the Biden crime family’s ties to foreign governments and investors.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more on this ongoing story.

Joe Biden is all smiles now that this “conservative” magazine is helping him with his radical SCOTUS pick

It turns out radical leftists aren’t the only ones supporting Joe Biden’s pedophile-loving Supreme Court nominee.

Groups like the CATO Institute and other self-described “libertarian” groups have come out in support of her too.

And Joe Biden is all smiles now that this “conservative” magazine is helping with his radical SCOTUS pick.

There was a time when conservatives proudly read William F. Buckley’s flagship publication The National Review.

Then sometime in the mid-1980s things started to change at the publication, and by the late-1990s it was a shell of its former self.

And finally, Donald Trump broke them.

Now, the once proud publication has joined disgraced neocon and Never Trump liberals like Bill Kristol and the Democrat funded Lincoln Project as a shill for the radical far-left.

That’s why Senate Democrats heaped praise on National Review on the opening day of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings.

The praise came in response to National Review’s help with Democrat efforts to confirm the radical leftist judge to the nation’s highest court.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee opened up the hearing by citing a National Review article which attacked Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) for pointing out Jackson’s “soft on crime” track record.

The self-described “conservative” publication joined the Biden White House, CNN, MSNBC, and other corporate crony media outlets in accusing Hawley of attempting to orchestrate a smear campaign about Biden’s pedophile-loving nominee.

That’s right, it seems to the folks over at the National Review pointing out a Supreme Court nominee’s record is now considered a smear campaign.

Of course, this makes us here at Right News Wire curious to know if National Review is now receiving the same leftist and socialist funding that their comrades in arms at the Lincoln Project are receiving.

We certainly hope they were paid more than 30 pieces of silver for this latest betrayal.

Dick Durbin actually quoted the National Review’s article, “Despite your record, we’ve heard claims that you are ‘soft on crime.’ These baseless charges are unfair. A conservative National Review columnist called claims brought by one of my colleagues ‘meritless to the point of demagoguery.’”

But there was more.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) also testified in defense of Jackson’s record and cited the very same National Review article to discredit Hawley.

“I’m likely to be followed by one or more colleagues who have raised allegations about your record that are simply unfounded in fact, and indeed irresponsible. They’re unproven and unprovable. They’re simply false,” Blumenthal said. “There is simply no evidence to support these unfounded attacks. I found the commentary in National Review cited by Senator Durbin says about those allegations they are ‘meritless to the point of demagoguery.’ I agree.”

William F. Buckley was a pioneer of the Modern Conservative movement. A founder of Young Americans for Freedom, a hero to many on the Right.

Unfortunately, his National Review has become a parody magazine, more concerned with appealing to the woke Left and socialist donors than to Buckley’s conservative base.

At least Judas realized his betrayal.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

A recent poll shows Democrats’ effort to prop up Biden’s economy is failing miserably

Joe Biden’s economy has been worse than anyone could have expected before he took office.

But people might not know that if they only watched the “mainstream media.”

One poll shows Democrats’ effort to prop up Biden’s economy is failing miserably.

When Joe Biden took office, he inherited a country with energy independence, a COVID vaccine for those who wanted it, and people that were itching to get back to work.

And Biden blew it.

He immediately hampered the oil and gas industry, paid people to stay home and not work, and forced people into unemployment with his COVID mandates.

Now, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Inflation has hit a 40-year-high, and it’s even worse if you calculate the figure with the old Consumer Price Index (CPI) criteria.

Despite what the corporate press says, the American people blame Biden for the bad economy.

Rasmussen Reports found that “64% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the policies of Biden’s administration have increased inflation, while only eight percent (8%) think Biden’s policies have reduced inflation. Another 25% say the Biden administration’s policies have not made much difference in inflation.”

An eye-popping two-thirds of the country blame Biden for the crippling inflation that is hurting so many Americans.

For a while, the Biden administration and their media allies tried to shirk responsibility and label inflation “Putin’s price hike” due to his invasion of Ukraine.

But even top Barack Obama adviser David Axelrod said the Putin angle was a narrative fail.

Axelrod said during a podcast interview:

“Why not…just be blunt with people? … But then now they’ve over-corrected and so for a few days he was saying, you know, everything is ‘Putin’s price hikes. Inflation is Putin’s fault.’ People don’t believe that, either. They know that we had inflation before this. They know that gas prices were high before this. So they haven’t dialed this in quite right yet. You can’t blame everything in the economy on Putin.”

Axelrod is correct.

Gas prices have been rising since Biden took office, so shoveling all of the inflation crisis onto Putin’s invasion does not wash with the American people.

Instead of being honest, the Left are pulling out all the stops.

CNN even went so far as to say that inflation was good for the middle class and the working poor, and bad for the rich when the exact opposite is true.

Inflation is a regressive, invisible tax that hits people in the middle and the bottom the hardest.

Americans are seeing through the Bidenflation lies.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Republican governor just caved to the insane left-wing cancel mob

The fringe elements of the Left are taking over the Democrat Party.

And too many on the Right are doing little to oppose them.

Now, a Republican governor just caved to the insane left-wing cancel mob.

The Left have gone so far off the deep end, they now believe that men can become women and vice versa.

The radical idea has gotten to the point where biological males are competing in sports against girls and women.

And Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb vetoed one bill that would have barred biological males from participating in women’s sports.

In a veto letter to Indiana State Speaker Todd Huston, Holcomb wrote that “student-athletes could be treated differently according to which school they attend and compete for. Frustration of students, parents and administrators will likely follow. This of course only increases the likelihood of litigation against our schools with the courts having to adjudicate the uncertainties.”

Holcomb tried to explain his veto along substantive grounds, but Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita disagreed with Holcomb’s assessment.

Rokita wrote:

“The passage of HEA 1041 to ban males from competing on female sports teams is an important step in protecting youth sports and has been championed by my office. We welcome the opportunity to defend this law if challenged in court.”

Holcomb is likely worried about the backlash he will receive from the Left, which has become unruly on the issue.

In fact, Holcomb received light praise from The New York Times for his veto.

The Times wrote that Holcomb “has sometimes taken a more moderate stance than other Republicans, frustrating some conservatives with virus restrictions in the early stages of the pandemic.”

In Holcomb’s veto letter, he also argued that the bill “implies that the goals of consistency and fairness in competitive female sports are not currently being met…After thorough review, I find no evidence to support either claim even if I support the overall goal.”

Holcomb is being short-sighted.

There is a growing number of transgender athletes around the country that are dominating in female sports.

The most stark example is University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas.

While competing against men, Thomas—born William—ranked 462nd among NCAA swimmers.

After transitioning, Thomas rose to number one in the female division.

Transgender activists are trying to sell the lie that there is no biological advantage to going through male puberty, but that is refuted by science.

Holcomb is doing his constituents a disservice.

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You will be furious when you learn how much of your tax money is going to healthcare for illegal immigrants

Ever since Biden & Harris took power, conditions at our southern border have gone from bad to worse to a full-scale humanitarian crisis.

This surge of illegal immigration is largely due to Biden’s open border policies, along with his administration’s public hostility towards the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

While America’s problems at the border are no surprise, what will shock you is just how much healthcare for these illegal immigrants is costing taxpayers like you.

Make no mistake about it, the Biden economy is failing countless Americans every single day.

Frequent supply chain disruptions, skyrocketing gas prices, and inflation are costing American families at least an extra three hundred and eighty-five dollars a month, according to a recent report from Congress’ Joint Economic Committee.

And Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is only making things worse, including the crisis at the southern border.

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that thousands of Russians have fled that hellhole of a country and traveled to Tijuana, a Mexican city on the U.S.-Mexican border and a hub for illegal immigration.

Keeping all of that in mind, taxpayers should shudder to think of how much we’ll be paying for the healthcare of illegal immigrants this year – ESPECIALLY once they see how much we spent on it in 2021.

According to ICE’s 2021 annual report, which was recently released, the Biden-Harris Administration spent over three hundred and sixteen MILLION dollars to provide comprehensive medical, mental health, dental, and public health services to over eighty-eight thousand illegal immigrants.

And Breitbart reports that “Last year, ICE facilitated 88,430 intake screenings, 13,622 emergency room visits, 8,497 dental visits, 12,041 urgent care visits, 78,202 sick calls, and 46,496 mental health interventions for illegal aliens in their custody.”

But what’s even more infuriating about this is the fact that on top of the previously mentioned $316,000,000, Americans are paying over $18.5 billion a year in medical costs for illegal aliens living inside of our country, according to estimates by immigration policy experts.

And there you have it, Biden is spending billions of your tax dollars to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

You see, Open-Border Biden doesn’t care that families across the country are struggling to put food on their tables or that it costs them an arm-and-a-leg to fill up their gas tanks.

All he cares about is keeping the radical Left happy because he knows the Democrats are toast in the upcoming midterm elections if they decide to stay home.

That’s why he’s willing to waste billions on this losing issue and make not only America’s illegal immigration crisis but also our inflation problems much, much worse.

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Biden’s gas price hike is putting a pinch in Americans’ pocketbooks and not just at the pump

Inflation is at a 40-year high under President Joe Biden.

Wages aren’t keeping up with rising prices.

And record high gas prices are about to put yet another pinch in Americans’ pocketbooks.

Uber, Lyft and taxi services are adding fuel fees to offset the soaring gas prices under President Joe Biden.

Uber riders may have recently noticed an added 55-cent maximum fuel charge on the receipt from their latest ride.

Meanwhile, Uber Eats is adding a surcharge of $0.35 to $0.45, depending on location.

Chief Uber competitor, Lyft, has followed suit and has also just implemented a 55-cent fee for fuel.

For both Uber and Lyft, the amount of the fuel charge is dependent on how long the trip is and gas prices in your area.

And for each of these rideshare mega companies, the new fuel fees will be in place for 60 days, at which point the companies will reexamine where the Joe Biden Gas Hike stands.

The companies say the added fees are going directly to the drivers to offset the record high gas prices under President Biden.

If you need a ride, but are more old school, you’re going to get hit twice as hard.

Taxi companies in several large metropolitan areas are adding an additional $1 fuel charge to their meters.

One agency in Washington D.C. says the extra fee will be in place for at least 120 days.

The general manager of D.C. Yellow Cab, Roy Spooner, says rising gas prices during the Biden Administration, combined by Biden and Dr. Fauci’s COVID regulations have really hurt the bottom line for the taxi business.

“When you think about how regular gas has pretty much doubled, every little bit helps,” Spooner said. “That extra dollar of gas will probably get you three or four miles and the average trip in the city is five miles, so you got some help with it.”

Aside from Uber Eats, many other food delivery services — who were some of the biggest corporate benefactors of the perpetual pandemic — are trying to ease the Biden burden on their drivers as well, but so far, without passing the buck on to consumers.

DoorDash, for example, is giving drivers ten dollars cash back when they use the DasherDirect debit card to buy gas.

They’re also rewarding drivers with the most miles each week with pay bonuses.

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Rand Paul made one promise that has Dr. Fauci and the Democrats shaking in their boots

Pandemic restrictions have made the last two years incredibly difficult.

The COVID regime wants people to ignore all of the nonsensical prohibitions that caused so much suffering.

But Rand Paul made one promise that has Dr. Fauci and the Democrats shaking in their boots.

Senator Rand Paul spoke for millions of Americans when he grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci during hearings.

Paul was ahead of Fauci on many issues because he was following the data when public health officials like Fauci were playing politics instead.

For example, Paul was ahead of Fauci in calling for schools to be reopened because children were not major vectors of transmission.

Fauci finally came around months later.

And Paul promised to investigate Fauci when Republicans regained control of the Senate.

Paul said, “As soon as Republicans get the majority, I pledge to the American people we are investigating Dr. Fauci to the fullest extent of the law. We are putting him under oath. We are getting the documents.”

There are many questions that need to be answered.

The establishment has essentially pivoted toward the war in Ukraine while quietly backing off from COVID restrictions, and the corporate press wants people to forget the suffering they were subjected to.

The New York Times wrote a piece talking about how forgetting the pandemic will be a good thing, but the paper also admitted that “this pandemic required us to socially isolate, we couldn’t make use of the most psychologically beneficial coping mechanism: gathering together. One of the greatest risk factors for PTSD in troops is when, shortly after trauma, they find themselves socially isolated, their minds exposed without a social fabric to protect them from the lashing loops of their fear and dread.”

The American people are not going to forget all of the politicians and public health officials that caused them undue suffering because they refused to follow scientific data.

They also silenced counter-narrative voices who turned out to be correct.

CNN medical expert Dr. Leana Wen, one of the approved COVID talking heads, admitted that cloth masks were merely “facial decorations.”

Epidemiologists and other physicians had been saying that since 2020.

Paul absolutely needs to investigate Fauci regarding his role in the pandemic, specifically why he and the medical establishment vigorously attacked anyone who attempted to treat COVID with repurposed drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine even before the development of a vaccine.

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Joe Biden’s new policy is about to explode the border crisis

Several crises have cropped up thanks to Joe Biden’s faulty leadership.

Few, however, have been worse than the issue on the southern border.

And Biden’s new policy is about to explode the border crisis.

Donald Trump was working to get the border crisis under control, but Joe Biden has done the opposite.

As soon as he took office, he reversed policies that helped stem the tide of illegal immigration and bogus asylum claims.

Now, the Biden administration is lifting Title 42—a regulation that allowed border agents to turn away migrants on public health grounds due to COVID—which will make the illegal immigration problem worse.

Fox News reported that “President Trump started using Title 42 at the beginning of the pandemic to turn back migrants before they could claim asylum, and Mr. Biden has continued the practice. Border Patrol agents are giving priority to removing foreigners under Title 42…Those who can’t be quickly expelled may be sent back to Mexico under the newly restarted Remain in Mexico to wait outside the country for their court hearings.”

Biden initially killed the “Remain in Mexico” agreement that Trump brokered with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but he begrudgingly reinstated it after an unwieldy surge of migrants at the border.

The Biden administration will likely attempt to deep-six “Remain in Mexico” again if they can do so without spurring another scandalous border crisis.

Biden and all of his challengers during the Democratic Primary intimated they were in favor of universal healthcare for illegal aliens.

That type of rhetoric causes migrants to make the dangerous trek north, which in many cases leads to death and despair.

A recent border surge became a calamity for the Biden administration.

Thousands of Haitian migrants descended on Del Rio, Texas, overwhelmingly local authorities who were ill-equipped to handle the giant influx of people.

Mounted border patrol agents were falsely accused of whipping Haitian migrants with their reins.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters even had the audacity to say that the images were worse than slavery.

Even though the story was untrue, the horseback unit was disbanded.

What is true is that “catch and release” is effectively back in place.

Fox News added that “Border Patrol agents released about 402,000 migrants last year into the U.S., roughly one-fifth of the total arrested for crossing into the U.S. illegally, and allowed them to stay in the U.S. until their immigration cases are decided…Most of the rest, a little over 1 million, were sent back to Mexico or their home countries under Title 42.”

Over 90% of asylum cases are bogus; most people coming into the country are economic migrants.

That is why many never bother to show up to their asylum hearing and simply stay in the United States illegally.

With Title 42 gone, expect “catch and release” to get even worse.

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The New York Times just confirmed the Left knowingly covered up this ugly truth about Hunter Biden

Donald Trump warned us the election was stolen.

But even he didn’t know just how far the Left went to make sure nothing kept Joe Biden from winning.

But The New York Times has finally admitted the Left knowingly covered up this ugly truth about Hunter Biden.

About a month before the 2020 November election, President Donald Trump appeared on CBS’ 60 minutes and discussed Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Trump declared it was “one of the biggest scandals” he’s ever seen.

But, of course anchor Lesley Stahl was steadfast in her insistence that there was no way to determine that the laptop or any of its contents were real.

Trump responded, “Excuse me, they found the laptop. Lesley. Listen…,” as Stahl repeatedly and rudely interjected that Hunter’s laptop could not be verified.

“What can’t be verified?” Trump asked.

“The laptop!,” Stahl exclaimed.

And that was just on 60 Minutes.

The laptop story was also widely rejected in other media outlets as well.

Almost every major news outlet claimed the laptop just simply could not be verified, despite a mountain of credible evidence to the contrary.

National television hosts, their guests and journalists took to the airwaves in October 2020, in a frenzy to reassure their liberal viewers that the laptop story was “unverifiable,” almost certainly tied to the Kremlin, and simply a smear campaign orchestrated by President Trump and his allies.

On October 22, 2020 Biden campaign advisor Symone Sanders appeared on the liberal news network MSNBC and bluntly stated that any attempts by then-President Trump to amplify the laptop story was “Russian misinformation.”

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson continued the campaign a week later by saying, “It is so obviously a Russian operation.”

And never one to be left out of a good lie or political cover up, CNN’s Brian Stelter said, “U.S. authorities are seeing if those emails we just talked about are connected to an ongoing Russian disinformation effort.”

Of course, Mr. Potato didn’t stop there, the Reliable Sources host then went on to hypothesize that the contents of the laptop could be made up, claiming the entire laptop story was a “classic example” of the “right-wing media machine.”

Stelter’s CNN colleagues, Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper, were also critical and dismissive of the laptop story.

Tapper acted disgusted during an October 2020 CNN segment, huffing and puffing that conservatives were going “crazy” with allegations about Hunter and Joe Biden “too disgusting to even repeat.”

Other so-called pundits labeled the laptop story false information.

Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent declared that it was “Trump’s fake new Biden scandal,” calling the allegations “laughably weak.”

The New York Times ran a report sounding the alarm about “Russian disinformation,” claiming President Trump was warned that Russians were “using” his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was given the laptop before providing its contents to the press, to spread false claims about the Bidens.

Politico also ran an October 2020 article titled, “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say,” which highlighted a letter signed by “more than 50 former senior intelligence officials” who asserted that the emails from the laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

The letter suggested, without evidence, that the emails were hacked and could have been tampered with by the Kremlin in order to make its contents look incriminating.

Signers of that letter included former high-ranking intelligence officials and outspoken Trump critics like former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, and Jeremy Bash.

Most work, or worked, as analysts on MSNBC and CNN and all openly supported Biden’s candidacy.

Now of course, we know the signers of the letter knew better.

We know they flat out lied.

And we now know that The New York Times last week confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s missing laptop.

We also know that none of these people will ever be held accountable for lying to the American people, stealing a U.S. presidential election, and covering up crimes and possibly treason.

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Donald Trump has his eyes set on revenge against this RINO

One of the many things Donald Trump exposed during his time in the White House was just how many RINOs are hanging out in the GOP.

It wasn’t just far-left Democrats like Nancy Pelosi that found themselves triggered by Trump.

And now, former President Donald Trump has his eyes set on this revenge against this RINO.

Former investment banker, Governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Presidential election loser, Mitt Romney added United States Senator from Utah to his resume back in 2018.

That makes him up for re-election in 2024.

Utah is a bright Red state and Romney won his seat in 2018 by 31-points, after winning the GOP primary earlier that same year 71%-29%.

So, on the surface, it looks like 2024 will bring about 6-more years of Mitt.

Not so fast, says the 45th President of the United States.

Behind the scenes, Donald Trump is urging a high-ranking conservative to challenge RINO Romney in the GOP Primary in 2024.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes backed Trump’s challenges to the controversial 2020 election results.

Now, Salt Lake City’s Desert News is reporting Reyes is speaking with “key players in Utah politics and with allies of the former president,” about primarying Mittens in 2024.

Reyes was Trump’s reelection co chair in the Beehive State back in 2020.

According to the Desert News, Reyes is expected to announce his decision on a potential 2024 Senate bid this coming May.

But even if his answer is no, if the perennial “silver medalist” decides to run for re-election to the upper chamber, political pundits believe The Donald will have a Trump card up his sleeve.

“I guarantee Trump will come up with somebody,” said Utah Republican Party Chairman Carson Jorgensen. “There’s enough vitriol there that no matter if Trump is running for president, he will run a candidate against Romney.”

Trump adviser, and Don Jr’s fiancé, Kimberly Guilfoyle says Reyes is “both substantive and magnetic.”

She says there is a reason he was invited to speak on the final day of the GOP Convention in 2020.

“Many of us who served President Trump have enthusiastically encouraged him to run for Senate regardless of what Mitt decides to do,” Guilfoyle said.

For his part, Romney is now 75 years old and has not yet said if he’ll run for a second term in the U.S. Senate.

But he has said he’d welcome a challenge from Trump loyalist, Reyes.

“That isn’t something I’m prepared to decide yet or communicate,” Romney said. “But were I to decide to run again, the best news I could get would be that Sean Reyes was my opponent.”

For once Mitt, you and conservatives agree, the best news they could get is that Sean Reyes is challenging you.

Joe Biden’s border crisis just took a turn for the worse

Joe Biden has ignited many fires during his short time in office.

His administration has made a mess of several problems that were improving.

Now, Biden’s border crisis just took a turn for the worse.

Donald Trump was working to get the border crisis under control, and Biden set it on fire during his first day in office.

Not only did Biden reverse all of Trump’s effective border policies—such as the “Remain in Mexico” agreement with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador—but he encouraged illegal aliens to make the dangerous trek north with his irresponsible rhetoric.

Now, deportations have dropped by 70% in large part due to the Biden administration’s de-emphasis on removing illegal aliens from the country.

Western Journal reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportations “dropped by over 70 percent during fiscal year 2021 to a level not seen since the 1990s. According to preliminary data published by ICE, there were 55,590 removals in FY 2021, during which President Joe Biden took office and significantly changed the agency’s guidelines. By way of comparison, ICE removed 185,884 people from the country in FY 2020, when Donald Trump was president. In FY 2019, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, ICE carried out 267,258 removals.”

The result has been that the border is now being overrun by migrants.

Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez said that Del Rio, Texas is “getting hammered” by migrants coming from Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejando Mayorkas said:

“We have fundamentally changed immigration enforcement in the interior…For the first time ever, our policy explicitly states that a non-citizen’s unlawful presence in the United States will not by itself be a basis for the initiation of an enforcement action…This is a profound shift away from the prior administration’s indiscriminate enforcement.”

In other words, Mayorkas is essentially saying the administration has adopted a de facto “open borders” policy.

Violent criminal aliens should definitely be the top priority, but repeat “low-level” offenders should not be allowed to slip through the cracks.

In some instances, unaccompanied young children are showing up at the border.

Biden and the Democrats have assumed a radical posture on the issue of immigration.

Not only have they implemented de facto open borders, they have established de facto amnesty as well.

“I issued new immigration enforcement guidelines. And in those guidelines, I articulated what I think is a very important principle. That we will not dedicate our limited enforcement resources to apprehend individuals who have been here in this country for many years who have been contributing members of our communities,” Mayorkas stated.

One former DHS official said that the new policies essentially turn America into a “sanctuary country.”

The huge numbers of migrants overwhelming border communities have contributed to the rise in popularity of Republican politicians in the region.

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University that praised communism just got smacked in the face with reality

Americans are sick and tired of the country moving wildly to the Left.

Conservatives and even some moderate liberals are pushing back against the “woke” insanity.

And one university that praised communism just got smacked in the face with reality.

The University of Florida is backtracking on an idiotic idea to honor Karl Marx at one of the campus’s libraries.

The school allowed a plaque outside of a group study room to praise the chief promoter of one of the worst ideas in human history.

Breitbart reported that the “University of Florida has removed Communist Manifesto author Karl Marx — who the university called a ‘philosopher, radical economist, and revolutionary critic’ — from the name of a library study room. Incredibly, the school claims the decision is based on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

So it took the war in Ukraine to get Florida to reverse their decision.

Leftists had no problem with the Soviet Union when it was a slave state that was flipping countries toward communism around the globe.

But now that Russia is a run-of-the-mill corrupt oligarchy, the plaque had to come down.

Hessy Fernandez, director of strategic communications said, “Given current events in Ukraine and elsewhere in the world, we determined it was appropriate to remove the name of Karl Marx that was placed on a group study room…”

The plaque read, “The unique extent of the influence of Marx’s materialist explanation of the workings of society, economics and history, inevitably saw Marxist theory extend its influence to literary criticism.”

Sadly, his influence on academia—and society as a whole—has been widespread and deeply detrimental.

The core Marxist framework of oppressor versus oppressed has been applied in a variety of fields, not just economics.

Almost all of Marx’s predictions did not come true; he said the socialist takeover would happen in an industrialized country, but it happened in Russia, which was more agrarian at the time.

The fact that his predictions didn’t come true caused consternation for many of his devotees; the proletariat did not rise up against the capital class because they enjoyed their middle-class lifestyle.

That’s when dedicated Marxists applied his theories to culture, and that has been the educational paradigm in higher learning for several decades.

Only the most hardcore cranks argue in favor of economic Marxism, but a huge swath of the Left applies his theories to race, gender, sexuality, and other areas of social division.

Conservatives have slowly caught on to this game, and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to reverse this horrific trend.

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Ted Cruz’s latest bill has Joe Biden and his radical environmentalist friends seething with anger

Joe Biden doesn’t care about the pain you’re feeling at the gas pump.

And he certainly doesn’t care that gas prices are skyrocketing because of HIS failed policies.

Thankfully, Ted Cruz introduced a bill that will make America energy independent again and infuriate the tree-hugging Leftists at the same time.

Ever since Joe Biden took office, he’s made it his mission to bankrupt America’s energy industry, destroy good-paying American jobs, and force us all to drive crappy electric vehicles that no one wants or can afford.

And, unfortunately for us, record-high gas prices haven’t deterred Biden or the other green socialists in his administration from their mission.

It is this stunning display of tone-deafness that prompted Senator Ted Cruz to introduce the Energy Freedom Act.

If enacted, this bill would expedite permitting, leasing, and creation of safe new pipelines, and make America the world’s leading exporter of energy by providing much-needed regulatory certainty to American energy companies.

When asked about the bill, Senator Cruz said, “It would create new jobs, lower energy costs, and because modern energy production in the United States is far cleaner than in any other country’s by every measure, it would help the environment…The Energy Freedom Act would put a stop to the Biden administration’s sabotage of the American energy industry, and Congress should take it up without delay.”

But the senator from Texas wasn’t finished bashing Biden for his energy ignorance.

Cruz continued, “They (The Biden-Harris Administration) want to purchase oil from places like Iran and Venezuela…They would rather fund terrorism and the worst regimes on the planet.”

And that is exactly what is so troubling and confusing about the Biden Administration’s energy policy.

Instead of allowing American companies to drill, refine, and distribute energy here in America, where our laws are sure to protect the environment while employing countless hardworking Americans, Biden is calling on dictators and enemies of the United States who will produce energy in ways far more detrimental to the environment.

Much like Joe Biden without a teleprompter, it does not make sense, which is why one could justifiably speculate that politics instead of logic may be guiding the president’s decisions.

With that in mind, one could speculate that Senator Cruz’s bill ought to be dead on arrival should it ever reach the president’s desk.

But politics is a tricky thing and vulnerable Democrats are already looking at new ways to reduce the pain their constituents are feeling at the pump, like even suspending the federal gas tax.

Should their poll numbers slide any further, “moderate” Democrats could rally behind Cruz’s bill and force Biden to sign it.

While that remains an unlikely scenario, it is not out of the realm of possibility and thus there is reason for hope.

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Far-left Democrat said it’s “un-American” to criticize one Biden failure

The entire Democratic machine is mobilized behind Joe Biden.

Democrats and their media allies are making excuses for his numerous blunders.

And a far-left Democrat said it’s “un-American” to criticize one Biden failure.

Joe Biden’s first 14 months in office have been worse than even his harshest critics could have imagined.

Donald Trump rightly predicted that gas would hit $7 per gallon on Biden’s watch, but nobody expected two separate foreign policy calamities.

The jaw-dropping gas price hikes have been particularly devastating for Americans, but Democrats don’t want anyone to point the finger at Biden.

And Washington state Congresswoman Kim Schrier believes it’s “un-American” to blame Biden for the budding energy crisis.

During an interview, Schrier said, “You should be blaming Putin if anybody for this…To not blame Putin…first of all is denying reality, and second, frankly, I think is un-American.”

While Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine has exacerbated the cost of gas, Biden’s nonsensical energy policies put the country in a precarious position in the first place.

The price of gas has steadily risen ever since Biden took office.

The problem got so bad that the administration last year urged members of the corporate press to positively spin a trivial drop of a few pennies in the price of gas…and the press obliged.

Schrier blamed the pandemic for gas prices rising, but the actual problem was Biden’s open antipathy toward fossil fuels.

He killed the Keystone XL pipeline, nixed new fracking projects on federal land, and blocked leases for oil companies planning to drill.

The regulatory uncertainty led to speculation, and prices went up.

The market operates more efficiently when companies don’t believe they are going to be blindsided by regulations or new legislation.

Democrats have become so obsessed with green energy, it’s no wonder players in the energy market feel wrong-footed.

The so-called mainstream media are desperate to label the prolonged energy issue as “Putin’s price hike,” but American and European dependence on Russian oil wouldn’t have been necessary if the Left didn’t chase the green tech boondoggle.

Putin’s invasion has certainly caused problems, but the energy crisis was largely a self-inflicted wound by the west.

It’s chilling that Schrier and other Democrats are using language like “un-American” and “treasonous” and “collaborator” and “Russian asset” for anyone who questions the establishment narrative.

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Nancy Pelosi proved how little she cares about Americans with this latest vote

Inflation is on the rise and unfortunately, it’s not going away anytime soon.

A large reason for why that’s the case is because Congress is continuing to spend our tax dollars like drunken sailors.

In fact, Nancy Pelosi recently proved how little she cares about Americans with this latest vote.

Make no mistake about it, inflation is hurting American families across the country.

Congress’ own Joint Economic Committee recently released a report that shows that inflation is costing American families at least an extra three hundred and eighty-five dollars a month!

And it’s gotten so bad, that the Federal Reserve was recently compelled to raise interest rates to attempt to combat it.

Usually, during tough economic times, Americans find solace by telling themselves things like, “at least we’re all in this together” or “we’re Americans, we can get through anything.”

And to a certain extent, that’s true.

But nothing will infuriate the public more when they find out that they’re being taken advantage of by our elected officials.

That’s what makes this latest display of tone-deafness by Congress particularly aggravating.

Congress knows that WE THE PEOPLE are hurting and instead of trying to help they passed a massive spending bill, which will inevitably make our inflation pains go from bad to worse.

Now, it would be one thing if this bill was designed to tackle even one of the crises caused by Joe Biden.

But it’s not!

This bill was loaded with secret goodies for Members of Congress and even Joe Biden.

It’s true!

Congress gave Joe Biden a million dollars to spend for “unanticipated needs.”

Whether Joe will be able to use that to pay off some of his son, Hunter Biden’s, legal bills remains to be seen.

But what is crystal clear is that Congress gave themselves a twenty-one percent increase to their own congressional office allowances, an increase of $134.4 million dollars from last year.

RollCall reports, “the $5.9 billion fiscal 2022 Legislative Branch funding portion would substantially boost the office budgets of House members” and “would provide $774.4 million for the Members Representational Allowance, known as the MRA, which funds the House office budgets for lawmakers, including staffer salaries.”

Have they no shame?

Americans are paying historically high gas prices, seeing food prices skyrocket, and having to pay more money to heat their homes or keep the lights on and the people we’ve elected to solve these problems don’t seem to care.

And that’s exactly the problem, Congress doesn’t care, the Biden-Harris Administration doesn’t care, and the president doesn’t care.

How else could one explain this politically stupid pay raise or $1 million slush fund for Joe Biden?

You can’t!

But hopefully, every single member of Congress learns their lesson at the ballot box in November, if not sooner.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

Joe Biden’s gas prices have Americans putting a stop to this everyday thing

Democrats are pulling out every trick in the book to avoid a Red Wave this coming November.

Currently, the Biden Administration is keeping voters distracted with conflict in Ukraine and blaming all their problems on Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, families here at home are struggling more and more by the day to make ends meet.

Bad economic news during the Biden Administration has become far too common.

The latest news coming out of the White House is a sharp drop in consumer spending rates in February.

Retail sales are considered by economists to be one of the leading indicators of the direction of an economy.

In this case, it’s just the most recent sign of President Joe Biden’s inability to manage the U.S. economic welfare.

According to data just released by the U.S. Commerce Department, retail sales increased only 0.3% last month.

To put it in perspective, sales in January rose 4.9%.

40-year high inflation under Biden is pricing some products out of range for shoppers who are being forced to more carefully budget, clip coupons and pinch pennies thanks to Bidenflation.

And there appears to be a direct correlation between the amount families are spending on retail items and how much they’re paying at the pump.

Meanwhile, spending on gas in February ballooned 5.3%.

In fact, if you exclude spending at gas stations, the February increase falls to just 0.2%.

According to Bloomberg News, “control group sales” — used to calculate gross domestic product by excluding food services, auto dealers, building materials stores and gasoline stations — fell 1.2% in February compared to January.

Furthermore, the Labor Department is reporting the producer price index — which measures inflation at the wholesale level before it reaches consumers — surged 10% in February.

That’s the highest spike in Wholesale prices in recorded history.

For American families, it means more pain and more sacrifices.

But for the Biden Administration, it’s just another black mark on its record to blame Putin for.

This also marks the ninth consecutive month wholesale prices have increased by 5% or more.

And there are no signs in sight of Bidenflation or record high gas prices slowing down.

Americans will have to keep struggling, at least until November.

New poll shows Americans continue to disapprove of Joe Biden’s radical agenda

Governor Ron DeSantis is delivering results for his constituents in Florida.

But that doesn’t stop far-Left Democrats from fighting the Governor every step of the way.

And according to the latest polling, American voters agree with DeSantis on this hotly debated issue.

While the Florida state House and Senate debated a Parental Rights in Education bill, woke leftists and their allies in Big Media pushed the peddle to the mettle with an all out attack on the legislation.

They even went as far as to label the common-sense bill, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

That’s despite there being no restriction of the word “gay” anywhere in the text of the legislation.

The clown show took to Twitter and Tic Toc filling the platforms with endless videos of flamboyant people saying “gay” on repeat, like a broken record.

Even President Joe Biden weighed in on the legislation.

“I want every member of the LGBTQI+ community — especially the kids who will be impacted by this hateful bill — to know that you are loved and accepted just as you are,” Biden tweeted. “I have your back, and my Administration will continue to fight for the protections and safety you deserve.”

However, the latest polling from Politico/Morning Consultant – hardly a bastion of the far-Right – proves Americans are siding with Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature over President Biden and his woke administration.

In fact, 51% of respondents said they support restricting discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity below 4th grade.

The Parents Rights in Education bill restricts that level of discourse for grades K-3.

Meanwhile, 52% of voters support discussions to “age-appropriate” levels.

And while Republicans obviously support that sentiment in high numbers, and Democrats just as obviously oppose, independents are siding with the nuclear family.

By an 11-point margin, independents in the survey said they didn’t want young school kids learning about these adult level issues.

Another poll, this one from the Daily Wire which does lean Right, showed 64% support of the bill among American voters.

While Big Media focuses exclusively on the ban of sexual instruction for 5–7-year-olds, the main focus of the bill is all about parental rights.

The legislation specifies procedures schools must follow in relation to parents.

Once it becomes law, schools will have to notify parents of changes to their child’s emotional or physical health or well-being – and parents will have the right to refuse consent for any health care services offered by the school.

Schools will also be required to obtain parental permission for any health screening or wellness questionnaire.

It also will prohibit schools from encouraging students to keep information from parents.

And it allows parents access to their child’s school records.

The results from the Daily Wire poll run directly opposite to a recent survey from ABC/Ipsos.

However, a breakdown of the crosstabs of the ABC poll illustrates the survey vastly oversampled gay respondents – something Ipsos has already admitted to.

Governor DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law soon.

He recently thanked the legislature for their action on this important issue.

“I can just say, as the parent of three kids that are age five and under, thank you for letting me and my wife be able to send our kids to kindergarten without them being sexualized,” DeSantis said.

Members of Congress are slamming the Biden administration for one idiotic COVID policy decision

The COVID regime has made the past two years unbearable.

Politicians and public health officials made pandemic suffering worse than it needed to be.

Now, members of Congress are slamming the Biden administration for one idiotic COVID policy decision.

Many of the COVID policies of the last two years have made little sense.

One insane policy is mandating masks on commercial flights.

COVID transmission on planes has been virtually nonexistent because the cabins have HEPA filters that constantly circulate the air.

Plus, passengers are allowed to remove their masks when eating or drinking, so the entire rigmarole is COVID theater.

And Congressman Thomas Massie wants to put a stop to it.

Massie, who unlike many of the COVID tyrants enacting mindless policy has a scientific background (he has two engineering degrees from MIT), has been one of the crusaders against Dr. Anthony Fauci and the other pandemic fearmongers.

Massie and 16 other members of Congress are suing the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to end the mask mandate.

Massie’s office released in a statement:

“The lawsuit, Massie et al v. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seeks to end the CDC’s illegal mask mandate for individuals traveling on commercial airlines. Massie’s lawsuit takes on additional significance in the face of news reports indicating the Biden Administration is extending the CDC’s mask mandate until April 18.”

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate was struck down by the Supreme Court, but remnants of the draconian COVID regime persist.

Massie explained, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not have the legal authority to force people traveling on commercial airlines to wear masks…Congress never passed a law requiring masks on commercial flights. This lawsuit targets the faceless bureaucrats who are behind the CDC’s unscientific regulation so that this illegal mask mandate can be brought to a permanent end.”

As Massie explained, the regulation is unscientific.

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly appeared before the Senate and was asked by Senator Roger Wicker, “Will we ever be able, do you think, to get on an airplane without masks? … The statistics I recall is that 99.97% of airborne pathogens are captured by the [high efficiency particulate air] filtering system, and it’s turned over every two or three minutes.”

Kelly replied, “I think the case is very strong that masks don’t add much, if anything, in the air cabin environment…It’s very safe, and very high quality compared to any other indoor setting.”

Other “approved” public health officials have also explained that cloth masks are nothing more than facial decorations.

The regulations need to end.

It’s going to take action like this from Massie for the COVID regime to fully throw in the towel.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for developments to this ongoing story.

One shocking poll could mean the Democrats are in total collapse

Joe Biden’s presidency has gone far worse than even moderates expected.

His first year in office has been historically bad.

And one shocking poll could mean the Democrats are in total collapse.

The Republicans currently enjoy their biggest lead ever in the generic Congressional ballot.

That means the Democrats are likely to get wiped out in the midterm elections.

But the problem could be much worse than that.

Democrats could be losing their stranglehold on key voting blocs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that its survey “found Republicans [are] making gains among minority groups. By 9 percentage points, Hispanic voters in the new poll said they would back a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat. The two parties had been tied among Hispanic voters in the Journal’s survey in November.”

That is devastating news for the Democrats.

They normally enjoy a two-to-one edge among Hispanic voters so a tie would be bad news, and a 9-point deficit would be catastrophic.

The news got even worse for the Left.

The Journal added that “Democratic margins also eroded among Black voters, who favored a Democrat for Congress by 35 percentage points in the new survey, down from 56 points in November. Support for a Republican candidate rose to 27% among Black voters, up from 12% in November.”

Democrats normally pull around 90% of the black vote; if Republicans are polling at 27% among black voters, the Democrats would be dead in the water.

They don’t have enough college-educated white progressives to make up for the loss of black and Hispanic voters.

These numbers are optimistic for Republicans, but polls don’t always reflect actual election results.

That said, the trends are moving in the wrong direction for Democrats.

Hispanic voters in South Texas have swung Republican since 2020.

It turns out that they do not favor mass unfettered immigration into the country as well as regulations against the oil industry that employs so many people in the area.

Black and Hispanic voters are also not too keen on the radical nonsense spouted by the Left.

A Gallup poll showed that 80% of black residents want the same level of police engagement or more in their communities, which does not jive with the progressive “defund the police” rhetoric.

Hispanic voters are also put off by cultural manipulations like the term “latinx,” which is not popular at all among the demographic.

If the Democrats continue their hard pivot to the fringes, they run the risk of alienating important constituencies.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more on this developing story.

Rand Paul recently unveiled his master plan that will end Fauci’s tyrannical reign forever

Americans have had to deal with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s smug face on our television screens for years.

But now that towns, cities, states, and other countries are ending their COVID restrictions, Fauci’s days as a medical menace may, hopefully, be coming to an end.

Thankfully, Senator Rand Paul isn’t leaving things to chance and recently unveiled his plan to neuter Fauci’s powers for good.

If you may recall, Dr. Fauci and the good senator from Kentucky have had a series of well-publicized arguments during Senate hearings.

From the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, Sen. Paul questioned Fauci’s actions every step of the way.

Senator Paul was one of the first Members of Congress to (rightly) question Dr. Fauci’s decision to fund controversial gain of function experiments at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which many believe sparked the Coronavirus pandemic.

Given the fact that Dr. Fauci has been wrong about the Coronavirus pandemic every step of the way and the devastating economic consequences of Fauci’s decisions, Senator recently introduced an amendment that would eliminate Fauci’s position as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and replace it with three separate national research institutes.

In a press release announcing the amendment, Rand Paul said, “We’ve learned a lot over the past two years, but one lesson in particular is that no one person should be deemed “dictator-in-chief.” No one person should have unilateral authority to make decisions for millions of Americans.”

But Senator Paul wasn’t finished knocking Dr. Fauci down a peg.

Rand continued by saying, “To ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again, I’ve introduced this amendment to eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s position as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and divide his power into three separate new institutes. This will create accountability and oversight into a taxpayer funded position that has largely abused its power, and has been responsible for many failures and misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

And when Paul was asked about his motivations for introducing this amendment, he responded by saying, ​​”I’ve been a physician for over 33 years. In all my years studying and practicing medicine, I had never encountered someone with the gall to proclaim himself ​’​the science​’​ and portray anyone opposing him as ​’​attacking science.​’​ That is, until Dr. Fauci became the COVID dictator-in-chief​.”

Usually, there would be enough reasons to doubt the viability of such an amendment, especially given the current composition of Congress.

However, Fauci’s popularity has waned in recent months and COVID is no longer dominating the headlines, as all eyes have become fixed on Ukraine.

And with Democrats’ poll numbers in the dumps, some vulnerable Democrats could end up supporting Paul’s plan to avoid being called Lockdown Leftists in future campaign ads.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

Beto O’Rourke’s run for governor went up in flames with this ridiculous gun control proposal

Beto O’Rourke refuses to go away.

The far-left Democrat is running again for major office.

And O’Rourke’s run for governor went up in flames with this ridiculous gun control proposal.

Beto O’Rourke failed in his bid to unseat Senator Ted Cruz in Texas.

He then failed to get any traction in the Democratic presidential primary.

Now, O’Rourke is running for governor of Texas, and his campaign against incumbent Greg Abbott is already in trouble.

During a recent interview at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, O’Rourke was pressed about his stance on rifle ownership.

O’Rourke finally admitted, “I don’t think anyone should have one…And if I can find the consensus within the Legislature to have a law in the state of Texas that allows us to buy those AK-47s and AR-15s back, we will.”

The notorious gun grabber is going to have a difficult time unseating Governor Abbott with that stance on guns.

During the gubernatorial primary, O’Rourke tried to pivot away from his radical gun control stance.

O’Rourke said in late February:

“I’m not interested in taking anything from anyone. What I want to make sure that we do is defend the Second Amendment…I want to make sure that we protect our fellow Texans far better than we’re doing right now. And that we listen to law enforcement, which Greg Abbott refused to do. He turned his back on them when he signed that permitless carry bill that endangers the lives of law enforcement in a state that’s seen more cops and sheriff’s deputies gunned down than in any other.”

That was a departure from O’Rourke’s radical position during his presidential run when he said, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.”

At heart, O’Rourke is an anti-Second Amendment crusader.

He’s made it clear on multiple occasions that he wants to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

The people of Texas are not going to put up with that.

O’Rourke has also proven to be a leftist on other issues.

In his Senate race against Cruz, he commended former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for kneeling for the national anthem and the American flag.

O’Rourke also said he wanted to tear down existing border barriers in El Paso, which would only invite more illegal immigration into the country.

Abbott currently holds a 9-point lead on his Democratic challenger, so Texans are likely going to end O’Rourke’s political career once and for all.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more on this ongoing story.

Joe Biden’s border crisis just crossed another dangerous milestone

Lost in the media coverage of the conflict in Eastern Europe and Joe Biden’s disastrous economy is the on-going crisis on the U.S. southern border.

It’s one of many Biden failings in his first full year as President of the United States.

And as the crisis crosses another dangerous milestone, Americans are reminded there is no end in sight for this failing.

Former President Donald Trump took illegal immigration seriously.

In fact, it’s one of the main things that put him in the Presidency back in 2016.

And his tactics and policies were working, leading to sharp declines in illegal aliens crossing the U.S. Border.

However, one of the first things Biden did following his controversial 2020 Presidential victory was reverse course on Trump’s immigration policies.

That signaled the green light for illegal immigrants to make their way across several South American countries and through Mexico to come into the United States illegally.

In Biden’s first year in office, U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions reached a 20-year high.

Agents encountered 2,033,863 migrants at the border in 2021.

Comparatively, there were only 341,519 Southwest border apprehensions in 2017, Trump’s first year in office.

Unfortunately, there is no end in sight to the surge in illegal border crossings.

In January of this year, Border agents encountered 153,941 illegals – more than any January figure since the year 2000.

And the just released February records are even worse.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in February, the Border Patrol caught 164,973 illegal aliens at the southern border.

That is more than a 60% surge from February 2021, which saw 101,099 encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Meanwhile, incidents of unaccompanied children spiked 37%, with 12,011 encounters in February compared with 8,760 in January.

That’s an average of 520 unaccompanied children in CBP custody per day.

But as hard as it is to imagine, the southern border crisis could be about to get much worse.

National Review is reporting Department of Homeland Security officials are planning to tell Mexican officials Title 42 protections, enacted under Donald Trump, may expire in April.

DHS officials are now warning that ending Title 42 could cause historic rises in attempted border crossings from the critical points they’re already at.

Title 42 allows border agents to expel migrants and asylum-seekers without a court hearing.

Under the Biden Administration’s reported plan, decision-making abilities about if migrants are granted asylum status or have to leave would switch from an immigration judge to an asylum officer.

A crucial difference, to be sure.

Senate Democrats and immigrant advocates have fought against Title 42 since Donald Trump first implemented the policies.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is expected to meet with Mexican officials next week.

America’s southern border could be bombarded with illegals the week after.

Joe Biden’s economy is making it impossible for families to do this one essential thing

The 12-month rolling average for inflation, entirely under President Joe Biden is nearly 8%.

That’s the highest inflation Americans have suffered through since the recovery from Jimmy Carter’s economic policies 40 years ago.

In fact, the Biden economy is so bad, families aren’t able to do this basic and essential thing.

Currently, gas prices are a major focus around the family dinner table.

Rightfully so, as from coast-to-coast, American workers are going broke just filling up their gas tanks.

However, the biggest price tag in the monthly budget of most families isn’t trips to the gas stations, but housing costs.

And the Biden administration now has Americans caught between a rock and a hard place.

Since Joe Biden took the oath of office, rent prices have been constantly climbing.

Meanwhile, purchasing a home is less of an option for more and more Americans with every passing day.

Biden’s inflation and supply chain issues under Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, are leading to fewer homes being built and more competition between home buyers.

And that competition is pricing many families seeking a new or even first home priced out of the market.

According to CBS News, rent prices have increased 20% since Biden stepped back into the White House.

That equated to a $1,000 rent, all of a sudden costing a family $1,200 – or a $2,000 monthly rent out of nowhere rising $400 per month.

That’s making it impossible for husbands and wives to budget – especially since they don’t know when the next rent hike is coming.

Single mother, Jamie Wolfe had her rent jacked $1,000 – a 30% increase, and she doesn’t know what to expect anymore.

“It’s impossible to prepare for,” Wolf said.

Families can’t look to buying a home to stabilize their monthly budgets either.

According to the Atlanta Federal Reserve, at the end of Joe Biden’s first year as President, housing affordability dropped to the lowest levels since November of 2008.

Of course, at that time, Barack Obama was President, and Joe Biden was Vice President.

According to a survey by Fannie Mae, only 29% of Americans believe now is a good time to buy a home.

That’s nearly a record low in the 12-year history of the survey.

And it’s getting almost impossible to be a first-time home owner in Biden’s economy.

And unfortunately, experts agree, there is no end in sight, as rent and home sale prices are expected to keep climbing throughout 2022.

One survey just destroyed Joe Biden’s entire energy agenda

Gas prices have spiraled out of control on Joe Biden’s watch.

The Democrats and their media allies are doing all they can to deflect blame.

But one survey just destroyed Biden’s entire energy agenda.

Bidenflation is crippling everyday Americans, and the Democrats are attempting to blame the war in Ukraine.

In reality, inflation was a problem long before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

Gas prices have steadily increased ever since Biden took office.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that investment in green energy was America’s solution out of its current quagmire, but the American people do not agree.

According to a Rasmussen poll, the overwhelming majority of Americans want the U.S. to ramp up oil production at home.

Pollsters asked: “Should the U.S. government encourage increased oil and gas production to reduce America’s dependence on foreign sources of oil and gas?”

Among all respondents, 70% said yes; even 55% of Democrats favored increasing energy production.

A big driver of the war in Ukraine is foolish dependence on green technology.

Europe hemmed itself in by dramatically reducing energy production and relying on Russian oil.

It’s not surprising that Russia was actually funding radical environmentalist groups in order to shame European nations into going “green.”

America has followed the same idiotic path, but the U.S. isn’t as far down the road as is Europe.

Under Donald Trump, America became a net exporter of oil and natural gas, but that was reversed by Biden.

The United States and Europe are in the uncomfortable position of importing Russian oil while fighting a proxy war against Russia when instead they could’ve been producing their own energy.

Now, the Biden administration is desperately turning to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela for oil.

It turns out that depending on windmills and solar panels to power a world economy was a foolish strategy.

The international Left are also against nuclear power, which is the cleanest form of energy.

Biden has lashed out at oil companies, arguing that “the oil and gas industry has millions of acres leased. They have 9,000 permits to drill now, they could be drilling right now, yesterday, last week, last year. They have 9,000 to drill onshore that are already approved.”

But Biden is not being honest.

His administration is slow-walking licenses for oil companies, which is no surprise considering he said he wanted to transition away from fossil fuels.

The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner, and the American people are beginning to see why.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Joe Biden insulted every American with one infuriating lie about his failing economy

Joe Biden and the Democrats are desperate to resuscitate his dying approval numbers.

Americans are being hit hard by inflation, and they’re blaming Biden.

Now, Biden insulted every American with one infuriating lie about his failing economy.

Americans are experiencing the worst inflation since 1982, and Joe Biden is largely responsible.

But the Democrats and their media allies are attempting to gaslight the American people.

They want Americans to believe that inflation is solely the fault of Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine, which is a false narrative.

The bigger cause of inflation is reckless government spending, but Biden doesn’t want people focused on that.

During a recent speech, Biden said it’s “simply not true” that spending leads to inflation.

Biden is flat-out lying.

Spending directly leads to inflation.

The government gets funded through tax receipts, and when there is a budget shortfall, the government gets the Federal Reserve to print more dollars in order to make up the difference.

That means there are more dollars chasing fewer goods, which is the textbook definition of inflation.

The Left have bought into the zany concept of Modern Monetary Theory, which argues that debt doesn’t matter; the U.S. can keep printing money without any concerns over debt because countries will continue to buy American debt.

Not only is that insane in the long run—the U.S. will be forced to default if hyperinflation destroys the dollar and countries lose confidence—but the inflation kneecaps Americans in the short run.

With an inflation rate at an eye-popping 7.9%, that means Americans who didn’t get an 8% raise or didn’t invest in something that yields 8% are losing money.

The problem is made worse by artificially low interest rates, which means savings accounts don’t even come close to beating the rate of inflation, and cheap money encourages irresponsible borrowing.

That’s what caused the subprime mortgage scandal that torpedoed the economy, and the establishment is doing the same thing yet again.

Biden also explained that “Democrats didn’t cause this problem. Vladimir Putin did…From the moment he put his over 150,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, the price of gasoline in January went up 75 cents…Make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of Putin.”

Gas prices have been going up ever since Biden took office, and inflation was a problem throughout 2021.

Biden and the Democrats are lying about why Americans are feeling the crunch, but so far the lies are not working.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Leftist terrorists committed one sickening crime to frame Trump supporters

Democrats and their media comrades excused and encouraged left-wing extremism.

The result was a reign of terror that lasted more than half of 2020.

And leftist terrorists committed one sickening crime to frame Trump supporters.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists have been allowed to operate with impunity for years.

Antifa members were first described as a group of “antifascists” akin to American soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy, then the Left denied their existence.

New York Congressman Jerry Nadler had the audacity to call them a “myth.”

And BLM extremists were described as “mostly peaceful” throughout the constant 2020 riots.

But now, three BLM radicals were convicted of arson in Atlanta.

They had been attempting to frame Donald Trump supporters for their crimes.

The Post Millennial reported that “[a] group of Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were convicted on federal charges after attempting to frame the Proud Boys for a series of vandalism and arson attacks the far-left extremists carried out on Atlanta police vehicles and United States Postal Service property during the lead up to the 2020 presidential election…The suspects tried to frame the Proud Boys by leaving notes near the sites of vandalism that read ‘Stand By,’ a reference to when former President Donald Trump told the right-wing group to ‘stand back and stand by’ after he was asked to condemn white supremacist militias during the first 2020 presidential debate.”

Atlanta was one of the cities hit hardest by militant leftists.

BLM radicals established an “autonomous zone” in a commercial parking lot, and when a woman pulled into the lot in order to turn her car around, they opened fire, killing eight-year-old Secoreia Turner in the passenger seat.

Turner’s father condemned the group and said, “You killed your own.”

The Left have been attempting to portray the Right as the source of extremist violence, but their demand for right-wing violence far outpaces supply.

That’s why these BLM extremists attempted to frame the Right.

BLM as an organization is finally coming under intense scrutiny.

A BLM activist attempted to assassinate the Democratic mayoral frontrunner in Louisville Kentucky, and the organization has been accused of gross financial malfeasance.

California and other states have ceased working with BLM until they get their books in order.

In 2020, the murder rate jumped a jaw-dropping 30%, the highest one-year increase in American history.

A big reason for that was the mayhem caused by far-left activists across the country.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Ron DeSantis went toe to toe with Disney and the outcome will shock you

“Woke” capitalism has been a dangerous development for the country.

Leftists in corporate America are imposing social controls that not even the government can do.

Now, Ron DeSantis is standing up to Disney and its “woke” agenda, and the outcome is shocking.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has paved the way for other Republicans in state and local positions to use their office in order to fight back against the Left.

For too long, Republicans have been reluctant to engage in the culture, allowing the Left to advance with little pushback.

Because the radicals have taken over the Left, and there isn’t much more territory to surrender.

DeSantis recently announced that he would sign into law the Parental Rights in Education bill, which could prohibit classroom discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in K-3 public education.

The law would also preclude schools from hiding such discussions from parents.

For example, if a child assumes a transgender identity at school, the school must notify the parents unless there is a reasonable belief that the child would be subjected to abuse at home.

The Left predictably went berserk and called it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which is a gross mischaracterization.

Celebrities banded together in order to pressure Disney to use its influence to get DeSantis to back down.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek initially said the company would stay out of the matter, but he eventually caved to his employees and said he was open to having a dialogue with DeSantis.

But DeSantis has held firm.

In a recent speech, DeSantis said:

“[T]he chance that I am going to back down from my commitment to students and back down from my commitment to parents’ rights simply because of fraudulent media narratives or pressure from woke corporations, the chances of that are zero.”

DeSantis went on to call out the hypocrisy of Disney for working with China, one of the biggest human rights abusers on the planet.

He continued:

“I also think that you have companies like a Disney that are gonna say and criticize parents’ rights, they’re gonna criticize the fact that we don’t want transgenderism in kindergarten and first grade classrooms. If that’s the hill that they’re gonna die on, then how do they possibly explain lining their pockets with their relationship from the Communist Party of China? Because that’s what they do, and they make a fortune and they don’t say a word about the really brutal practices that you see over there at the hands of the CCP.”

During the credit sequence for the live-action version of Mulan, the film thanked security forces in Xinjiang Province where Uyghurs Muslims are being interned in work camps.

Disney scrambled and apologized amid backlash.

DeSantis concluded:

“And so in Florida, our policy is gonna be based on the best interest of Florida citizens, not on the musing of woke corporations.”

That is precisely what the response should be to these companies, which are being dragged around by the nose by a small contingent of far-left employees who are belligerent enough to get their way because executives allow it.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for updates to this ongoing story.

Donald Trump just destroyed this RINO congresswoman with one shocking word

Two years ago, she came on her knees begging for Donald Trump’s endorsement.

But then she decided she’d rather party with Liz Cheney and RINOs than keep her word.

So now, Donald Trump just destroyed this RINO congresswoman with one shocking word.

There’s an old saying in politics, and in life, “dance with the one that brung ya’.”

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC 1) forgot that advice in both parts of her life.

Maybe her ex-husband has forgiven her, but now it looks like the voters who elected her aren’t as forgiving.

And certainly, President Donald Trump hasn’t forgotten her betrayal.

The former President, and leading candidate to be the GOP nominee in 2024 took to the stage in Mace’s backyard during his rally in South Carolina where he launched a blistering attack on Nancy Mace and her good friend and ally Liz Cheney (WY).

Trump said, “In the first congressional district, you have another horrendous RINO known as crazy Nancy Mace,” prompting loud and raucous boos from the crowd. “Two years ago, she begged for my endorsement and then she pledged to be America First.”

“Instead, the first thing Nancy Mace did when she got to Washington was start attacking Republicans and hold a fundraiser for wacky Liz Cheney,” he added.

Speaking over the loudly booing crowd, Trump hit Liz Cheney next for her participation on the January 6 committee, which he denounced as a “witch hunt.”

“Cheney joined the phony narrative about January 6, she voted to hold Steve Bannon in contempt, which was terrible, she’s totally manipulated by raging Never Trumpers and the radical left – Democrats that are poisoning our country. She’s a terrible person and she has no idea what she’s doing.”

President Trump endorsed one of Nancy Mace’s primary challengers, Katie Arrington, back in February, denouncing Nancy Mace at that time as an “absolutely terrible candidate.”

“Katie Arrington is running against an absolutely terrible candidate, Congresswoman Nancy Mace, whose remarks and attitude have been devastating for her community, and not at all representative of the Republican Party to which she has been very disloyal. Katie Arrington, on the other hand, is liked and respected and a true Republican,” Trump stated in February.

After Trump endorsed Arrington, Mace made a complete fool of herself by making a video in front of Trump tower in New York, touting herself as one of the president’s early supporters.

“I remember in 2015 when President Trump announced his run, I was one of his earliest supporters. I actually worked for the campaign in 2016. I worked at seven different states across the country to help get him elected,” Mace whined.

“I supported him again in 2020 because of policies I believed in,” she claimed.

Mace later, in trying to explain why she made the video, said the video was not to be seen as her “groveling” for the former president’s approval, although anyone who saw it noted it was in fact Mace groveling to try and get Trump’s support.

“If you call it groveling, I would say you didn’t watch the video,” she added. “I think it’s important to know what I said, but also what I didn’t say — present tense versus past tense.”

During the South Carolina rally, the former president called out Mace for the Trump Tower video and called her a liar and a loser in classic Trump fashion.

Both Mace and Cheney are facing tough primaries.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for developments to this ongoing story.