Rudy Giuliani just received the most astonishing news from a Washington, D.C. court that flipped his world upside down

Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani has definitely seen better days.

Giuliani has been the subject of a number of recent investigations surrounding Ukraine and the 2020 election.

And Rudy Giuliani just received the most astonishing news from a Washington, D.C. court that flipped his world upside down.

Last month, a New York appellate court ruled that Giuliani’s license to practice law would be suspended in the state.

The court claimed there was “uncontroverted evidence” that Giuliani “communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts . . . in connection with Trump’s failed effort at reelection in 2020.”

Of course, Giuliani is still appealing the ruling from the New York court.

But now, according to reports, Giuliani’s license to practice in the nation’s capital is being suspended as well.

NBC reports:

A local appeals court in Washington, D.C., suspended Rudy Giuliani’s authority to practice law in the city Wednesday.

A New York appellate court suspended Giuliani’s law license last month, saying he made “demonstrably false and misleading” statements about last year’s election while serving as former President Donald Trump’s attorney.

The action from the D.C. appellate court is required under the city’s bar rules whenever a lawyer faces disciplinary action in another jurisdiction.

Giuliani, a former U.S. attorney and mayor of New York, can appeal that decision, but he cannot practice law in the state. His attorneys have expressed disappointment with the ruling and their inability to present a case.

Trump’s team has recently distanced themselves from Rudy Giuliani saying he doesn’t represent Trump at all anymore, likely as a result from the incredibly overwhelmingly negative press he’s been receiving in the past few months.

Of course, this is all just a part of the establishment’s plans to make anyone related to the former Trump administration pay for Trump being in office in the first place.

The establishment’s government goons want payback and whoever they can catch will do.

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Members of the “Squad” could derail Kamala Harris’ political aspirations

Kamala Harris hasn’t had a very smooth ride the first few months of her tenure as Vice President.

She has been blasted for her handling of the border crisis from both sides of the aisle, and her inability to navigate the political sphere is becoming glaringly obvious.

But now it looks like members of the “Squad” could derail Kamala Harris’s political aspirations.

Independence Day weekend was filled with radical leftists bashing America and trying to convince the world what a horrible and unfree country it is.

One such person was Missouri Democrat Congresswoman and “Squad” member Cori Bush.

Bush tweeted, “When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people.  This land is stolen land, and Black people still aren’t free.”

Seems people like Bush forget that they were elected to office in a nation that allows her to speak out against it and the very freedoms she is afforded.

In response to the ridiculous statement, Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds told Fox News that it was high time the media asked Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to weigh in on whether or not they agree with Bush’s statement.

“I agree with you. I think that they should ask her about what Cori said. They should ask President Biden about what Cori said. I find it interesting that Republicans are always having to answer questions about what one of our members said. They should be having to answer questions about what Cori said yesterday,” the Congressman stated.

Harris is turning a blind eye to the situation because the last thing she wants to do is answer that question.

She is smart enough to know that it is a lose-lose situation.

If Harris were to agree with Bush, she’d be attacked from one side, and if she disagreed with Bush, you can be darn sure the “Squad” and all its brainwashed followers would work tirelessly to end her career in politics.

The Left’s sheer hatred of the country is no longer a secret.

People like Cori Bush and the rest of her radical leftist gang will stop at nothing to destroy the very country that made them who they are today.

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A major Democrat candidate confused millions of Americans with just a single tweet

Twitter is bound to get every politician in trouble at some point or another.

But some just don’t learn.

And this major Democrat candidate confused millions of Americans with just a single tweet.

Virginia certainly has no shortage of politicians who don’t seem to have their heads screwed on all the way.

Whether it’s current Democrat Governor Ralph Northam in pictures appearing in blackface plastered all over the Internet or former Governor Bob McDonell being indicted for taking $100,000 in gifts and loans to turn state employees into test subjects for a diet pill . . .

. . . something attracts weirdos to the Old Dominion’s highest Executive Office.

And with Ralph Northam out the door this fall, the upcoming Democrat and Republican candidates are no exception this time around.

Just about everyone from Virginia – or even remotely interested in politics – knows that the Democrat candidate for Virginia’s Governor’s office, Terry McAuliffe, is certainly not the brightest bulb of the bunch.

He certainly didn’t do himself any favors to change that narrative when he recently tweeted out saying “Call me crazy, but I think it should be easier to vote than it should be to buy a gun.”

Of course, immediately Twitter took to the thread to remind him that it is in fact easier to vote than it is to buy a gun.

What do you have to do to purchase a gun in the United States?

Find a licensed gun shop, pay for and submit yourself to an unnecessary “background check” that can take hours to see if the government is okay with you having ownership over that gun.

And the next time you purchase another gun, you have to go through that same background check process all over again.

With a number of guns you even have to submit yourself to a year’s worth of bureaucracy, paperwork, and a $200 tax stamp to purchase.

In 2020, millions upon millions of Americans received and submitted voter ballots without even asking for one in the first place.

In fact, there were a number of instances of people receiving ballots under the name of a former homeowner.

What did those people have to do to submit a ballot? Well, walk to their mailbox.

Someone from McAuliffe’s team should probably just go ahead and take his Twitter privileges away.

Seriously . . . does anyone know why on earth he tweeted this picture back in 2019? Anyone?

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“Creepy Joe” is at it again in this latest video of his inappropriate behavior around young women

Being one of Joe Biden’s handlers is not a desirable job.

Keeping him hidden away and stopping him from making awkward remarks can’t be easy.

And “Creepy Joe” is at it again in this latest video of his inappropriate behavior around young women.

Rumors of Biden’s penchant for women have swirled for decades, and his inappropriate behavior has made headlines for as long as he’s held office, but as his mental faculties decline, these instances seem to be happening more often.

His inappropriate remarks to a young girl in the audience during a speech at Joint Base Langley-Eustis made headlines worldwide.

And who can forget the incredibly awkward interview he had with a nurse from Arizona where he told her she looked “like a freshman.”

Biden’s behavior isn’t new, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

Most recently, “Creepy Joe” made inappropriate comments about the daughters of an ice cream shop owner.

While being introduced to the girl’s father, who Biden largely ignored, he quipped, “You have guard dogs, I assume,” a clear reference to the attractiveness of the owner’s daughters.

The father tried to laugh the weird exchange off by stating that both girls were, in fact, engaged.

Joe Biden is incapable of controlling himself around women regardless of their age.

Of course, it’s radio silence from the Left because to them, Biden can do no wrong.

If this was Donald Trump, they’d probably try to have the man behind bars by now, but not Biden.

The hypocrisy is deafening.

In a 2014 book by Ronald Kessler, it was revealed that Biden would often skinny dip at his Delaware home and at the Vice President’s home during Obama’s time in office.

So there is no doubt this behavior is not unusual for Biden, but why he isn’t held accountable for it is anyone’s guess.

Supposedly his behavior went so far that female Secret Service agents were offended by being put in such an awkward position.

Again, though, if you’re a Democrat, these things are acceptable.

Joe Biden’s handlers can try all they want to hide the man from the public, but his outrageous behavior isn’t a secret.

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BLM radicals were grinning ear-to-ear when they saw this one report

Black Lives Matter extremists are pushing Critical Race Theory everywhere you look.

They won’t stop until the entire nation bows down to their lies.

And BLM radicals were grinning ear-to-ear when they saw this one report.

America hasn’t been the same since the death of George Floyd.

The radical Marxists who lead the BLM movement seized on the opportunity in the wake of his death.

They burned down cities, killed innocent people, and led the charge in the fight to defund police.

Their tactics didn’t sit well with the American people, so they’re playing the long game.

Instead of pushing their radical agenda now, they’ve decided to indoctrinate everyone they can to make that much easier in the coming years. 

One of the biggest schemes is brainwashing K-12 schoolchildren with the Marxist Critical Race Theory. 

Critical Race Theory professes that America is fundamentally a racist nation designed for the prosperity of white people at the expense of racial minorities.

And the largest teacher’s union in the country just gave it a stamp of approval.

“The National Education Association voted during its annual assembly over the weekend to support teaching critical race theory in K-12 schools, approving a “New Business Item” that, among other things, established a task force for developing a curriculum focusing more deeply on race,” reports the Washington Examiner

This decision by the NEA is a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, it is despicable that they are endorsing a racist and Marxist ideology to be taught to children.

But on the other hand, they finally admitted that this is their plan, rather than gaslighting conservatives by saying nothing of the sort is being taught.

And thankfully, parents across the nation are standing up to the “educrats” running their schools and taking back control of what their children learn. 

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What this Republican Governor did left Joe Biden with nowhere to hide

Joe Biden’s world is crumbling down around him.

His constant failures and gaffes are catching up to him whether he realizes it or not.

And what this Republican Governor did left Joe Biden with nowhere to hide. 

Joe Biden has been fumbling the ball ever since he was inaugurated.

And one of the biggest Biden blunders is at the border.

Under his “leadership,” the number of border crossings and people held in detention facilities for crossing the border has skyrocketed.

Instead of denying entry or deporting the illegal immigrants, he has been bussing them to red states across the nation or forcing them to stay in crowded facilities during the pandemic.

The reason is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. 

Biden is banking on the hope that he will pick up more seats during the midterms and ram through amnesty for all illegal immigrants who are here.

This would all but ensure Democrat control of the federal government for years.

But one Republican Governor has had enough of Joe Biden’s antics.

Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota announced this past Tuesday that he will be sending National Guardsmen to the border to bolster America’s defense against unwanted trespassers.

In a tweet, he said “We have monitored the ongoing crisis at the southern border and will send 125 @NDNationalGuard soldiers from the 957th Engineer Company at the Army’s request to help secure our border. Grateful for our courageous Guard members’ readiness to protect our great state and nation.”

Border states like Texas and Arizona have already spent billions of dollars to quell the crisis at the border with no help from the Executive branch. 

But unfortunately for Biden, red states aren’t going to quit on making sure America is a nation with borders, law, and order. 

North Dakota is the seventh state to send personnel to the border, and they certainly won’t be the last. 

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Amy Coney Barrett continues to prove she may not be the conservative pick Donald Trump was told she was

Donald Trump made the reshaping of the Supreme Court his mission during his time in the White House.

His pick of Amy Coney Barrett to replace the ultra-liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared solid on paper.

But Amy Coney Barrett continues to prove she may not be the conservative pick Donald Trump was told she was.

Lately, Virginia has been all over the news, with parents battling a school district in Loudon County over Critical Race Theory in the curriculum.

However, one issue in Gloucester County remained somewhat quiet until the Supreme Court got involved, or rather, didn’t get involved in this case.

A biological female who claims to be a “man” has been fighting in the courts to be allowed to use the boy’s bathroom at her school.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that this girl who believes she’s a man can use the boy’s bathroom.

The Gloucester County School board appealed the decision, and it made its way up to the Supreme Court, where the Justices chose to let the ruling stand.

Gavin Grimm, the girl, pretending to be a boy, proudly exclaimed that “he” is now allowed to use the bathroom despite being a biological woman.

“I am glad that my years-long fight to have my school see me for who I am is over.  Being forced to use the nurse’s room, a private bathroom, and the girl’s room was humiliating for me, and having to go to out-of-the-way bathrooms severely interfered with my education. Trans youth deserve to use the bathroom in peace without being humiliated and stigmatized by their own school boards and elected officials,” Grimm said.

In the case, the only two dissenting votes were real conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, who stated they would have heard the Gloucester County School Board’s appeal.

But it wasn’t just Amy Coney Barrett who voted with the liberal judges – it was all three of Donald Trump’s court appointees.

This ruling sets a precedent that will make it almost impossible for states to pass laws keeping biological males out of women’s bathrooms.

Trump did issue a statement saying he is greatly disappointed with Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett for continually ruling with the High Court’s more liberal Justices.

Looks like a number of legal minds led Trump astray when they promised Kavanaugh and Barrett were rock-solid conservative judges.

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The first weekend of July brought violence in our cities that you’ll never believe

Since Black Lives Matter started rioting in American cities left and right in the summer of 2020, the radical Left has been trying to sweep it all under the rug.

But that’s not going to happen this time.

That’s because the first weekend of July brought violence in our cities that you’ll never believe.

George Floyd’s death set off a firestorm unlike anything America has seen in the past decade.

Race relations were down the toilet and the Black Lives Matter organization grew more radicalized than ever – targeting dozens of cities with destruction unlike anything Americans had seen in a long time.

No one knew that was just the beginning, however.

According to reports, July 4th weekend brought obscene levels of violence in Chicago, Illinois, with the latest numbers showing 100 people shot, 18 fatally killed, and hundreds destroying police vehicles.

Multiple officers were even injured during the night of violence and unrest.

If you thought 2021 would bring any sort of “improvement” over 2020’s insanity, you’d be wrong.

ABC Chicago reports:

From Friday at 6 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Monday, at least 100 people have been shot, including two CPD officers and five children 13 and younger.

There were at least 18 killed.

During the same time period over the holiday last year, 87 were shot and 17 were killed.

The ABC report adds that 12,000 officers had days off outright canceled as officers had to work 12 hour shifts during the night to focus on 15 “violence-prone areas in Chicago.”

Chicago’s Police Superintendent, David O. Brown, noted “No one else would do the brave and courageous work the men and women of the Chicago Police Department do every day . . . There are too many violent offenders and too little consequences in our courts. There are too many illegal guns in our city.”

All of this comes as Biden’s administration seeks to crack down on guns with unprecedented gun control efforts to turn law-abiding Americans into felons overnight – all via executive order and without an ounce of Congress’ approval.

Those executive orders would do nothing to curtail the majority of violence in our nation that’s coming out of Deep Blue cities like Chicago.

The truth is that the violence that the Left says they want to prevent isn’t from so-called “white supremacists” or law-abiding, gun-owning Americans.

It’s from godless BLM radicals who are being left unchecked by local Democrats in Deep Blue cities all across America.

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Joe Biden just got some bad news about the deficit that will leave you fuming

Since being inaugurated, Biden has been digging the American people deeper and deeper into debt.

There just isn’t enough money for him to fund his socialist fantasy plans.

But Joe Biden just got some bad news about the deficit that will leave you fuming.

Joe Biden’s spending spree is only getting worse as his Presidency continues.

Just about a month ago, he came out with a record breaking $6 trillion budget that would “rebuild infrastructure.”

Of course, they don’t want you to look into what they mean by infrastructure. 

That’s because everything from paid maternity leave to child care is now infrastructure to them.

Not roads and bridges, just redistributive social programs meant to buy votes while impoverishing the American taxpayer.

But it looks like Joe Biden’s plans are starting to catch up with him.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just came out recently saying they expect the federal deficit to balloon to $3 trillion this year.

An historically large increase to the total amount of debt.

The CBO does predict that the deficit will decrease to about $1.15 trillion in 2022, still an enormous amount the American people will be bleeding every year.

The report also noted that inflation will be well beyond the 2% the Federal Reserve aims for. 

“The CBO foresees the consumer price index jumping 3.4% in 2021 before hovering at 2.3% for 2022 and 2023 and then slightly edging up to a 2.4% annual average for the rest of the coming decade,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Americans across the nation are already feeling the sting of inflating prices, especially at the pumps, while supply chains are still disrupted from the government mandated economic lockdowns.

But Biden doesn’t seem to be bothered by this. 

He still plans on crafting at least two more spending proposals that will each cost over $1 trillion. 

It’s almost as if he doesn’t care about the common taxpayer and just wants to chain America down with debt to make his socialist wet dream a reality. 

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You won’t believe the anti-American propaganda your taxes pay for

Joe Biden and his political cronies are using any means possible to use tax dollars to fund America hating beliefs.

They have no shame when it comes to denigrating this great country.

And you won’t believe the anti-American propaganda your taxes pay for. 

Nothing irks leftists more than a proud American.

They want everyone in the United States to despise their country and anyone who disagrees with the notion that America is an evil, racist, and genocidal killing machine.

The blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors who tamed this continent are spat on and mockingly laughed at.

The war waged for independence to ensure that America was a land of freedom and opportunity is reduced to “a bunch of old white guys who owned slaves trying to preserve their plantations.”

And now radical leftists just came after the Declaration of Independence.

On Independence Day, NPR tweeted out the entirety of the Declaration with the caption “In this thread of the Declaration of Independence, you can see a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies.”

They also lamented the fact that the Declaration labels Native Americans as “savages,” even though almost everyone alive back then referred to them as such – though, of course, historical context means nothing to them.

Soon after the tweet, thousands called for NPR to be defunded. 

NPR receives taxpayer funding through grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

This backlash is just another instance where the American people are showing that they are done with having our country bashed and being made to feel bad for being born here. 

Unfortunately, with radical leftists controlling all of the government right now, the odds of putting the brake down on America-hating ideologies we’re forced to pay for being shoved down our throats is slim.

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Joe Biden was caught off-guard by this Supreme Court ruling that is sure to tie the Democrats’ hands in 2022

The Supreme Court has handed down some shocking rulings over the last few weeks.

In several instances, the justices banded together on issues that surprised everyone.

Even Joe Biden was caught off-guard by this Supreme Court ruling that is sure to tie the Democrats’ hands in 2022.

No sooner did Biden sit down in the oval office than talk of the 2022 midterm elections began.

Many are predicting Republicans will mop the floor with the Democrats in the coming midterms.

So it’s no surprise that Biden and the rest of the Democrat party are holding their breath over some of the election integrity cases that are in front of judges all over the country, including the Supreme Court.

Brnovich v. The Democratic National Committee was one of the most anticipated cases of this Supreme Court term.

In the case, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) sued the State of Arizona and Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s Attorney General.

The DNC argued that the tossing of ballots from voters who vote in the wrong precinct and the banning of third-party ballot harvesting schemes violated section two of the Voting Rights Act.

The Supreme Court handed down a six-to-three majority decision that put the kibosh on the Democrats being able to challenge state election integrity laws.

“Having to identify one’s own polling place and then travel there to vote does not exceed the ‘usual burdens of voting.’ On the contrary, these tasks are quintessential examples of the usual burdens of voting,” Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito stated.

And in what can only be described as one of the more shocking moves, even turncoat John Roberts had something to say about the Democrats trying to argue these state laws.

Roberts cited a 2005 report commissioned by the federal government on mail-in voting, opening the possibility of fraud as to why laws banning ballot harvesting passed the smell test.

The majority stated that the DNC lawyers needed to prove widespread harm to minority groups and prove that Arizona had no interest in preventing voter fraud.

They proved neither.

There is no doubt this is a real blow to Biden’s lawsuit against Georgia’s new election integrity law.

It’s likely that this ruling will cause Pelosi and her liberal cronies to bring back the supposed “For the People Act” in hopes of taking complete control of all election processes, ensuring a total Democrat takeover.

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A Hollywood director just spilled the beans on their big sex crime secret

Hollywood has a lot of disturbing secrets.

Few in the industry will speak out about the sick things that go on.

That could change after a Hollywood director spilled the beans on their big sex crime secret.

Hollywood has for decades had a massive problem with sex crimes.

But because the big names in the movie industry have so much money and power, they have been able to get away with their crimes.

Even when action was taken to try to put a stop to the disgusting crimes occurring, Hollywood power players found ways around any measures put in place.

When California passed a law designed to protect child actors from the rampant sex abuse in the industry, virtually nobody complied with the regulation, which requires those working with children to obtain a permit from the state, which forces them to pass a background check.

The state’s Labor Secretary, Julie Su, failed to enforce the law, allowing un-screened adults to work in close proximity with children.

For five years, under Su’s watch, not a single publicist who worked with child actors had received a permit, while dozens in other positions failed to comply.

After leaving office in 2018, one would imagine Su would be a pariah, and perhaps face criminal charges for her negligence.

But instead, Joe Biden nominated her for Deputy Secretary of Labor.

This is evidence of just how corrupt Hollywood is.

But there is perhaps no better example of a Hollywood power-player using his influence to avoid being charged with sex crimes than disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

For decades, Weinstein preyed on young women hoping to make it in the movie industry.

For his many crimes, including rape and sexual assault, he is currently spending 23 years in prison, and is being extradited to California to face trial for a number of other rape and sexual assault cases.

It has long been believed that everybody in Hollywood knew about Weinstein’s sick actions.

But nobody has outright admitted it.

That changed when Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino revealed that “everybody” knew about his disgusting behavior during a newly released interview.

“It’s sad. He wasn’t just this guy who financed my movies. He was kind of like a father figure. I mean, he was kind of a f***ed up father figure, but that’s most people’s f***ing fathers,” said Tarantino.

“I wish I had talked to the guy,” Tarantino continued. “I wish I had sat him down and had the uncomfortable conversation.”

“I didn’t know about any rapes or anything like that,” he claimed. “But I knew he was — you know — I chalked it up to the boss chasing the secretary around the desk. As if that’s okay. But I mean, that’s how I kind of looked at it. He was making unwanted advances.”

That’s when Tarantino revealed that everybody in Hollywood knew about Weinstein’s crimes.

“There’s nobody who said they didn’t know that didn’t know,” Tarantino said. “If you were in his orbit — and that includes all the big actors who he palled around with — they all knew.”

“They all knew,” the director reiterated.

What this Democrat said about Supreme Court packing will leave you fuming.

Democrats can’t stand that Donald Trump was able to replace three Supreme Court Justices.

That’s why they want to rig the rules.

And what this Democrat said about Supreme Court packing will leave you fuming.

Liberals were furious that Trump was able to get Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court after their character assassination of him.

But the final straw was when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and was replaced by Amy Coney Barrett.

They decried President Trump filling vacancies in the court, as-is his Constitutional responsibility, as “court packing.”

Their answer was to call for the expansion of the Supreme Court – otherwise known as actual court packing.

Calls for this radical plan seemingly died down for much of Biden’s first few months in office.

But now they are back with a vengeance.

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that Arizona’s practice of throwing out ballots cast in the incorrect district was legal.

Liberals everywhere erupted in anger, claiming the Arizona law somehow restricts a person’s right to vote.

“We have no time to waste to protect the right to vote. We must abolish the filibuster and pass the For the People Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act. And we must expand the Supreme Court,” said Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA).

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) was even more blatant, saying “Congress must act. Abolish the Jim Crow filibuster. Pass the For The People Act. Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Expand the court. Save our democracy.”

You would have to be blind to not see the sinister intentions behind their words.

If you look past their crocodile tears lamenting the death of democracy, you’ll see what leftists always have been – power-hungry opportunists who have to change the rules when anything gets in the way of their socialist agenda.

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This poll just shattered the Left’s America-hating narrative

The radical left-wing of the Democrat Party wants nothing more than the destruction of America and its founding principles.

They’re willing to do anything to ensure their socialist utopia becomes a reality.

But this poll just shattered the Left’s America-hating narrative.

Leftists have long tried to bring America to its knees.

Unfortunately for them, they haven’t been able to pass the most radical parts of their schemes through Congress.

Now they’re playing the long game by infecting government bureaus, corporate offices, and public schools with their divisive anti-American Critical Race Theory.

This Marxist ideology teaches that America is irredeemably racist.

Our country was founded, so they say, entirely for the benefit of white people at the expense of racial minorities.

And the only proper response to such news is to dole out trillions of dollars in reparations and recognize that America is a completely evil country.

The indoctrination has gotten particularly bad in K-12 schools, where many school districts are now requiring even 1st graders to be asked what “whiteness” means to them.

Leftists are hoping they can brainwash enough people necessary to get their socialist plans pushed into law.

Unfortunately, they have made some progress with the younger demographic.

A poll out of Fox News finds that 53% of people under the age of 45 believe America is the best country to live in – a notable drop from 75% in 2015.

But when all voters are tallied, a whopping 7 out of 10 believe America is the greatest country to live in.

And that’s why leftists are so quick to silence any opposition to their ideology.

They know the majority of Americans disagree, so they will get you fired, attack your character, and even physically assault you to make sure you don’t speak up against their radical ideas.

Thankfully, there is hope.

Parents across the nation are standing up to the school districts that teach Critical Race Theory, and some states have even banned the teaching of it.

There’s nothing leftists fear more than freedom-loving Americans standing up to fight for their country.

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A couple who appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show just got nailed for scamming the black community out of millions

As talks of reparations and putting critical race theory curriculum in classrooms get more heated, the racial divide feels like it’s growing.

However, as those things happen, organizations like Black Lives Matter seem to be imploding as allegations of mismanagement of donor funds surface.

And now, a couple who appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show just got nailed for scamming the black community out of millions.

Marlon and Lashonda Moore, a “socially conscious” reality star couple highlighted on Oprah Winfrey’s network, are being sued for what amounts to a pyramid scheme.

The couple gained their fame after being featured on the OWN reality show Family or Fiancé.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed the federal lawsuit earlier this week.

Lawsuits were also filed by the Federal Trade Commission and the state of Arkansas.

According to prosecutors, the Moore’s advertised their investment scheme as all-black, socially conscious, and faith-based.

It was known as B.I.N.T., which stands for Blessing In No Time, and it promised enormous returns on a small initial investment of $1,400 by each member.

“In general, these schemes falsely promise a big return — or as BINT termed it, being ‘blessed out’ — following a modest initial payment. In reality, however, very few consumers that do make money sometimes lose their profits by reinvesting in the scheme,” read the F.T.C. and Arkansas complaint.

One victim of the alleged scheme, Coretta Vanterpool, told The Washington Post that she personally lost about $13,000 to the couple and that in total her family lost upwards of $30,000.

Vanterpool said the Moore’s made it “sound so real, so nice.”

Other victims of the scam say they were told it would build black wealth.

“They were talking about building a black community and building generational wealth. Those are the catchphrases now. They were just kind of selling people a dream,” said another victim of the scam.

In a time where racial tension is higher than it has been in decades, to see a black couple prey on people in their own community is despicable.

Many hard working Americans are suffering from job loss and financial hardship as a result of the tyrannical COVID lockdowns, so to try and hurt people even more for your own benefit is pure evil.

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Wisconsin is well on its way to becoming a hellhole as parents are now allowed to write one outrageous thing on their child’s birth certificates

You know things are getting bad when the idea that only a man and a woman can make a child is considered extreme.

But the Left continues to push its narrative that dudes can give birth.

And now Wisconsin is well on its way to becoming a hellhole as parents are now allowed to write one outrageous thing on their child’s birth certificates.

Can you imagine waking up from a five year coma and learning that dudes can give birth?

You would probably ask for them to put you back under.

Well, that’s where we are in our society.

It is now “extreme” to think that only women can give birth to a baby.

We can thank leftists across the nation for this devolution.

And not just the extreme ones but also those who claim to be moderates since they are complacent in this madness.

Leftists just want to keep on breaking apart the idea of a father-mother household.

And now Wisconsin’s Governor is taking the next steps to push the Left’s radical idea that dudes can have a baby.

Starting this month new parents in Wisconsin can now list their sex as “gender neutral” options on their child’s birth certificate.

Options include “parent-parent” and “father-mother.”

Lefitst Governor Tony Evers went to Twitter to claim that the new options “reflects my and my administration’s commitment to gender-neutral terminology and to recognizing that Wisconsin families are diverse and should be valued and respected. I am glad to see this change being made as we continue to update our state policies and procedures to better reflect the Wisconsinites we serve.”

Who would have ever thought that Wisconsin would be leading the charge for the Left’s radical agenda?

Maybe there is just an over-abundance of pansexual, nonbinary, transvestites roaming the great plains of Wisconsin.

But no one should feel sorry for those in Wisconsin because you get what you vote for.

And this is what happens when you vote a radical leftist into office.

Joe Biden is feeling the heat after what Donald Trump just said

Joe Biden is proving every day that he has no clue what is going on.

It’s clear from his inability to string a sentence together that he has lost his mind.

And now Joe Biden is feeling the heat after what Donald Trump just said.

Anyone with half a brain cell can see Joe Biden’s rapid mental decline.

Where he used to get in trouble for hot mic gaffes, he now just prattles on about complete nonsense while his handlers try to shut down any questions directed to him.

And this is nothing new.

Close to the 2020 presidential election in 2020, Joe Biden introduced his granddaughter Finnegan as Beau Biden, his son who had been dead for five years at the time.

“This is my son Beau Biden who a lot of you helped elect to the Senate in Delaware,” Biden said.

Forget the fact that Beau never served in the Senate, this alone should have been enough for people to question his mental ability.

The so-called “mainstream” media would have you think he’s an intellectual titan, all while he stares blankly and silently for ten seconds in response to a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G7 summit.

That’s why calls for him to have his cognitive function medically tested have only increased over the past months.

And now former President Donald Trump is offering his two cents.

In an appearance on the “Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” Donald Trump ripped into Biden saying “a lot of people” were suggesting President Biden needs to take a cognitive test, and that he believed Biden ought to for the good of the country.

“[Biden] would not pass it. He would not do well on it,” he added.

Of course, this isn’t a shock to those who’ve paid attention to the free-fall decline in Biden’s mental state.

But Biden’s babysitters will fight tooth and nail to stop any attempts to expose his failing health to keep themselves in power. 

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

Peter Doocy just exposed Jen Psaki for pushing this big lie

Jen Psaki is the chief-of-propaganda in the Biden administration.

Her manipulation of information comes straight out of 1984.

But Peter Doocy just exposed Jen Psaki for pushing this big lie.

Jen Psaki is a master at dodging any hardball question thrown at her.

Her endless “circling back” ensures American’s will never hear the truth about Biden’s constant failures and socialist agenda.

But Peter Doocy just threw her for a whirl with what he just said to her.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Doocy pushed back against Psaki’s claim that Republicans refuse to support the America Rescue Plan because they want to defund the police.

“Which Republican ever said that they did not like the American Rescue Plan because they wanted to defund the police?” Doocy asked. 

Psaki responded in the most laughable way, claiming Joe Biden ran on boosting funding for police and Republicans have been trying to cut law enforcement budgets for years. 

“Well first let me just note that the President ran and won the most votes of any candidate in history on a platform of boosting funding for law enforcement. After Republicans spent decades trying to cut the cops program,” Psaki responded.

Doocy pushed back saying “There are lots of examples of Democrats explicitly saying that they want to defund the police . . . Are there any examples of Republican members of Congress saying they want to defund the police?”

Psaki dodged the question saying “actions speak louder than words.”

I guess she hasn’t been paying attention to the massive cutbacks to police forces in Democrat-controlled cities across the nation. 

She would have you believe that Democrats have not been screaming to defund police for the past year and have succeeded in their moronic scheme in more than a few instances.

Unfortunately for Psaki, actions do speak louder than words, and the American people know that Democrats are to blame for the destruction of policing budgets nationwide and the surge in crime that followed.

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You won’t believe what this Fox News host just said about Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory has been sticking its claws into every institution across the nation. 

Its proponents won’t be satisfied until the country is completely destroyed.

And you won’t believe what this Fox News host just said about Critical Race Theory.

With the death of George Floyd and the explosion of Black Lives Matter riots across the nation last year, Critical Race Theory began to weasel its way into government bureaus, corporate offices, and public schools.

The main tenet of the Marxist theory is that the United States was founded by racists for racists.

Racial minorities are doomed to eternal squalor and strife unless the government forcibly diverts money into reparations and indoctrinates every man, woman, and child to associate white skin color with imperialism, racism, and evil. 

And this Fox News host just unleashed on the divisive ideology.

During his Sunday Fox News show, Mark Levin exposed the Marxist roots of the theory, saying “Critical race theory is not about learning the history of America. It is not about learning slavery and segregation. It’s not about learning about neo-Nazis and the klan. It is about a Marxist movement, invented by the Marxists, Herbert Marcuse, Derrick Bell, and many, many others. And it attracts Marxists like Black Lives Matter founders, two or three of them already said they were Marxists. And that’s not a coincidence.”

He then asked where Marxism has ever worked:

“Where on the face of the Earth has Marxism not ended up in the slaughtering of tens of millions of people? The imprisonment of tens of millions of people? The silencing of hundreds of millions of people?”

Thankfully, more and more Americans are waking up to this reality and protesting it being taught to their children in schools. 

But with socialist Joe Biden at the helm, we’re in for a long fight.

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This former Trump official just dropped a bombshell about the COVID lab leak theory

Donald Trump and officials in his administration were some of the first to suggest that COVID-19 originated from a lab.

But the media quickly silenced any talk of the lab leak theory.

Now this former Trump official just dropped a bombshell about the COVID lab leak theory.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, mainstream media elites have been pushing the narrative that COVID-19 came from a “wet market” in Wuhan.

They were all too happy to absolve the Chinese Communist Party of any wrongdoing. 

And they vilified President Trump for suggesting otherwise – so much so that scientists have even admitted they didn’t want to give credence to the lab leak theory for fear of being associated with Trump.

This happened all while it was common knowledge that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is located a stone’s throw away from the “wet market,” routinely manipulated bat coronaviruses and conducted secret experiments for the Chinese military.

And one former Trump official is setting the record straight.

Brett Giroir, a former four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and former member of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, made it clear that the theory that COVID escaped from a lab was the most likely case.

“I assess that the most likely origin was an accidental infection of laboratory personnel from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with secondary transmission to the local population and subsequent spread to hundreds of millions of people around the world,” Giroir said to House Republicans.

“There is now an increasing body of circumstantial evidence pointing to a lab leak origin of the virus,” Giroir said. “The bottom line is: I believe it’s just too much of a coincidence that a worldwide pandemic caused by a novel bat coronavirus that cannot be found in nature started just a few miles away from a secretive laboratory doing potentially dangerous research on bat coronaviruses. Sometimes, the most obvious explanation is indeed the correct one.”

Of course, the media will never be brought to justice for their slander, libel, and lies so long as radical leftist Joe Biden is in office. 

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You won’t believe what the ultra-conservative Clarence Thomas just said about this divisive issue

The Supreme Court has been making headlines on almost a daily basis.

Given demands by the Left to pack the court, people worldwide are watching and waiting to see how the Court rules on many different issues.

And you won’t believe what the ultra-conservative Clarence Thomas just said about this divisive issue.

Recently the Supreme Court chose not to hear a case that dealt with a Colorado marijuana dealer’s tax dispute.

In a shocking move, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a dissent to the Court’s decision not to hear the case.

Thomas argued that federal drug laws, which ban the possession of marijuana, no longer make any sense.

What has so many people shocked by Thomas’s opinion?

Clarence Thomas is a conservative and a large group of people who consider themselves conservative do not support any type of legalization of marijuana.

Clearly, we all know what happens when one assumes – but in this case, most assumed that Thomas would line up with the majority of conservatives who are against marijuana legalization.

Instead, Thomas wrote, “A prohibition on interstate use or cultivation of marijuana may no longer be necessary or proper to support the federal government’s piecemeal approach.”

The Justice continued on pointing out that while there is still a federal ban on marijuana in place, the United States government allows 36 states to have some type of legalization of marijuana.

Thomas called the federal government’s current approach a “half-in, half-out regime.”

“This contradictory and unstable state of affairs strains basic principles of federalism and conceals traps for the unwary,” Thomas continued.

He went on to point out that federal law prevents marijuana business owners from deducting business expenses, leaving them at a very real financial disadvantage.

It’s relatively common knowledge that many marijuana businesses work in cash because federal law prohibits some banks from accepting deposits because it violates federal law.

There is no doubt the entire system is a mess and unfair to those trying to run these businesses above board in states that allow them to.

Justice Thomas went even further in addressing the very real issue that “cash-based operations are understandably enticing to burglars and robbers,” but these businesses are unable to hire armed guards for protection because they “might run afoul of a federal law that imposes harsh penalties for using a firearm in furtherance of a ‘drug trafficking crime.’

While his opinion may have shocked many, Clarence Thomas hit the nail on the head.

It is high time the federal government gets its act together and helps these law-abiding business owners out.

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This report could be the end of Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Presidency is an absolute disaster.

Everything he has done is destroying the United States at its very foundation.

But this report could be the end of Joe Biden.

Ever since being inaugurated, Joe Biden has been doing all he can to make sure America is unrecognizable.

Whether it’s infecting the military with Critical Race Theory or negotiating with terrorists on the international stage, Biden is slowly morphing America into his socialist “utopia.”

But one of his biggest blunders comes from the border.

While Donald Trump was President, he oversaw a massive enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is so rabidly against Trump that he reversed course when he became president.

The result has been an enormous border crisis where tens of thousands are held in cramped conditions.

And Americans have had enough of Biden fumbling the ball.

A new Harvard/Harris poll just came out that showed 80% of Americans believe illegal immigration is a serious issue that needs more attention from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Not only that, but “68% said that signals from Biden’s White House are encouraging illegal immigration, and 55% believe that former President Donald Trump’s border closing policies should have been left in place” according to the Washington Examiner.

“Overall, 74% of voters view the current surge in illegal immigrants as a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately, and 56% do not view climate change, racism, and sexism as root causes of migration from South and Central America,” said pollster Mark Penn.

And the poll didn’t stop at illegal immigration, voters also dismissed Biden’s push for Critical Race Theory to be taught in schools.

“On schooling and education, another sleeper issue, 61% do not believe students should be taught that America is structurally racist and is dominated by white supremacy,” Penn continued.

These numbers show undeniably that Americans are not buying into Biden’s schemes, and that could spell doom for him in 2024 – assuming he makes it there. 

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What Biden just said about election integrity stunned everyone

The radical Left shuts down anyone who has the courage to question the integrity of our elections.

They want nothing more than rampant voter fraud.

And what Joe Biden just said about election integrity stunned everyone.

It can’t be denied that the 2020 presidential election was the most poorly executed election in American history.

The courts tried to sort through the wreckage to see which laws and ballots were legal or valid.

Of course, this was all by design. 

Radical leftists seized on the opportunity to use the COVID-19 panic as a means to massively expand mail-in voting and extend election day from a single day to weeks in certain states.

In the wake of the chaos, Republican politicians are calling for the expansion of voter ID laws and a return to the traditional, in-person voting to bolster the confidence of Americans.

Instead of applauding Republicans for supporting common-sense voting regulations, Joe Biden has lashed out.

At a DNC fundraiser, he made the outrageous claim that Republicans are trying to invalidate legal votes in states like Georgia.

“We have a system that does both with integrity and independence, but Republicans want to do what no political party has ever tried to do: get to decide if your vote counts,” Biden told donors. “It’s outrageous. We’re going to fight like hell to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

This comment comes in the wake of the Department of Justice announcing last week that it would challenge Georgia’s new election law in court, claiming the changes limit ballot access, especially among minority voters.

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, 80% of Americans support requiring photo identification when voting, according to a recent poll from Monmouth University.

But nothing, not even the decisive opinion of the American people, will stop Joe Biden from trying to rig the election system.

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You won’t believe who just blasted Kamala Harris over her trip to the border

The world has been watching Kamala Harris and waiting for her to address the crisis at the southern border.

Since being tapped as Biden’s point person for the immigration issue, Harris has been largely quiet. But after months of waiting, the VP finally made her way down to the southern border.

And you won’t believe who just blasted Kamala Harris over her trip to the border.

Democrats cheered when Kamala finally announced she would be visiting the southern border.

Many in her party breathed a sigh of relief, believing this might finally tamp down the raucous cries for the administration to do something about the crisis unfolding in the southern portion of the U.S.

Republicans have been blasting Harris for months over her lack of action in resolving the massive influx of illegal immigrants.

But it’s never a surprise when the opposing party attacks.

However, it is a surprise when your own party attacks, and that is just what’s happening to Kamala Harris over this recent border visit.

Texas Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar appeared on Fox News and blasted Harris for traveling to El Paso, which is nowhere near the center of the current crisis.

Cuellar called Harris’ trip a “box-checking” exercise, which, many argue, is precisely what it was, especially given she turned around quickly and flew home to LA instead of staying at the border and observing the actual crisis firsthand.

The border problem was created by the Democrats when, in their infinite wisdom, they immediately overturned every Trump-era immigration policy solely because it was put in place by Donald Trump.

Well, now the Dems are being forced to sleep in the bed they made.

Experts predict that up to 2,000,000 illegal aliens will try to enter the United States in 2021, all because Biden was so desperate to be the “anti-Trump” that he flung the doors open on the border.

Democrats are desperately trying to make this issue go away, but it appears to be far too late.

There is no doubt that this one issue will hurt Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, and they can only blame themselves and their bumbling leader, Joe Biden.

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A CNN host’s anti-Sean Hannity rant backfired in a hilarious way

The Left has tried to take down Sean Hannity for decades. 

He is one of the few in the media who challenges their agenda.

But a CNN host’s anti-Sean Hannity rant backfired in a hilarious way.

Sean Hannity is one of the biggest names in television news today.

He has the second most viewed show on Fox News, only being topped by Tucker Carlson’s show. 

And he has consistently been neck-and-neck in average viewership with the Left’s top news host, Rachel Maddow. 

One network that doesn’t come close to Sean Hannity in viewership ever is CNN. 

While Hannity currently has an average viewership of around 3 million, none of CNN’s programming has been able to average even one million viewers over the past month. 

So the fake news peddlers at CNN have good reason to hate Sean Hannity.

And CNN’s resident hall monitor Brian Stelter let that hatred boil over in an unhinged rant during Sunday’s edition of his hilariously misnamed show, “Reliable Sources.” 

Stelter blasted Hanity’s show as “poisonous propaganda” full of “nasty little words.”

Stelter prefaced his rant, “To understand why so many Republicans have abandoned democracy, to see why so many believe the Big Lie, to get why so many are trying to rewrite voting rules, you have to hear the poisonous propaganda that the GOP’s activist base is listening to.” 

He then went on to name Hannity specifically: “You have to really hear it. It’s coming more from Sean Hannity than Trump right now. So, that’s what we did this week. We watched every episode of Sean Hannity’s show and we color-coded it as you can see. We focused on his language, the insults and phrases that he repeats every night. Nasty little words like these.”

Those “nastly little words” were then displayed in a clip from Hannity’s show, where the Fox News host said: “Socialist, stalker, weak, failure, shameless, psychotic, indoctrination, hellholes.”

The fake news CNN host went on to whine about Hannity’s statements being “fundamentally authoritarian.” 

“Here’s my point: don’t get numb to this abusive language, because it is through these insults, it is through these attacks that Hannity yields power,” Stelter said. “This dark, dire language is fundamentally authoritarian. It softens the ground for movements like ‘Stop the Steal,’ you know, Trump’s ploy to actually steal the election. It portrays anyone who disagrees as not legitimate, as not American.”

It is ironic that Stelter is angry at a few mean words from Hannity.

On a recent airing of his CNN show, he had an “expert” on who claimed that President Donald Trump was going to cause “many more million deaths” than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined. 

Everyone is losing their minds after Biden signed this Executive Order

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a complete disaster so far.

He’s destroyed the border and made the United States a laughing stock on the world stage.

And now everyone is losing their minds after Biden signed this Executive Order.

Joe Biden has been bowing down to the enemies of America both foreign and domestic since being inaugurated back in January.

On the world stage, he has done everything in his power to negotiate with Iranian terrorists for the United States to reenter the failed Iranian Nuclear Deal. 

But that’s nothing compared to what he is doing right here at home.

Under his “leadership,” Antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals run rampant through the streets while the police have their hands tied behind their backs.

And his infection of the U.S. Armed Forces with Critical Race Theory is morphing the fighting force of this country into just another arm of the Democrat Party.

But Joe Biden just signed an Executive Order that made it so much worse.

On Friday, Biden signed the order that “establishes an ambitious, whole-of-government initiative that will take a systematic approach to embedding DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility] in Federal hiring and employment practices.”

The Daily Caller reports that “within the order, there is a requirement for “diversity trainings” like those offered by Sandia National Laboratories.”

“During a three-day ‘White Men’s Caucus,’ male employees were required to recite ‘white privilege’ and ‘male privilege’ statements, according to leaked documents reported on by Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo. Trainers at the caucus told the participants that ‘white supremacists,’ ‘KKK,’ ‘Aryan Nation,’ ‘MAGA hat,’ ‘privileged’ and ‘mass killings’ were all associated with ‘white male culture,’” the report continued.

Biden doesn’t care that there is no evidence diversity trainings do any good – in fact, there is evidence it does harm.

But Biden isn’t doing this for “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility” – he’s doing it to make sure anyone who supports Donald Trump and America First conservatives is labelled and treated as a terrorist and a menace to society.

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What Donald Trump said about wokeness in the military will leave you grinning ear to ear

As President, Donald Trump cracked down on the woke leftist infection spreading through the military.

Joe Biden has been racing to undo all of Trump’s progress.

And what Donald Trump said about wokeness in the military will leave you grinning ear to ear.

Since his inauguration, Joe Biden has been pushing for Critical Race Theory to be taught in schools and the U.S. military.

Critical Race Theory is the idea that America was founded and shaped for the sole purpose of holding down racial minorities for the benefits of white people.

Disciples of this cult claim that all of the institutions of America today are inherently racist and that trillions of dollars in reparations and the silencing of anyone with white skin is the only solution to the problem.

Just recently, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, came out in defense of CRT’s use in military teaching. 

But Donald Trump was having none of it.

At a rally in Ohio, he ripped into the woke generals pushing racially divisive ideologies.

He pointed out that military leaders are more worried about social justice than defending the nation.

“The Biden administration issued new rules pushing twisted critical race theory . . . into our military,” Trump told several thousand supporters. “Our generals and our admirals are now focused more on this nonsense than they are on our enemies.”

“The military brass have become weak and ineffective leaders,” Trump continued. “And our enemies are watching and they’re laughing.”

He went on to say that we have lost much of the hard-earned respect we gained from the past. 

But Joe Biden isn’t interested in having the most elite fighting force in the world, he cares about brainwashing anyone and everyone with his socialist agenda whenever he gets the chance.

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Kamala Harris recently made a move that clearly shows Donald Trump was right all along

Democrats have spent the last few years blasting Donald Trump at every turn.

They are so “triggered” by the mere mention of the former President’s name that they often make totally illogical moves, all in the name of taking down Donald Trump.

But Kamala Harris recently made a move that clearly shows Donald Trump was right all along.

Joe Biden appointed Kamala Harris point person for the border crisis over three months ago.

In that time, Harris has done quite literally nothing about the catastrophic mess at the southern border.

A mess created by her and Joe Biden by reversing every immigration policy Donald Trump had put in place.

In May alone, the Border patrol stopped 180,000 illegal border crossings, the largest number recorded in 20 years.

Harris has continued to act as if nothing is wrong, but that approach seems to be blowing up in not just her face but also Joe Biden’s.

Joe Biden may go down as the worst President in U.S. history.

Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting, and it doesn’t look as if there is much he can do to save face at this point.

Recently, a report showed that Biden’s numbers have dipped in Iowa, and everyone knows no politician wants low approval ratings in Iowa.

Iowa often makes or breaks many presidential hopefuls.

Harris has clear aspirations of holding the title of President one day, and she knows, as Biden’s VP, that she is ultimately tied to his abysmal approval ratings.

In a recent announcement, Donald Trump stated he has a border visit scheduled for June 30, which sent Harris scrambling to get there before the former President.

This one single move on Harris’ part shows that it’s not about the people or unity or the nation’s security to her – it’s about not letting Donald Trump beat her.

Of course, Donald Trump knows this too, and he was quick to point out that Harris was admitting he was right through her actions.

“After months of ignoring the crisis at the Southern Border, it is great that we got Kamala Harris to finally go and see the tremendous destruction and death that they’ve created—a direct result of Biden ending my very tough but fair Border policies,” Trump stated.

Even Senator Ted Cruz, a rumored hopeful for the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination, pointed out the irony in Harris’ quick decision to head to the border after months of ignoring the crisis.

“Suddenly, President Trump is going to the border, and they realized ‘Oh crap’ we got to do something,” the Senator stated in an interview with Fox News.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that the Biden administration will actually do anything about the surge in illegal immigration, but it at least opens some people’s eyes to their true motives.

It’s not about America for the Democrats – it never has been.  

It’s about ultimate power regardless of the cost.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

What this rabid leftist just said about Critical Race Theory will leave you seeing red

Black Lives Matter radicals have been trying to brainwash everyone to hate America.

They want you to believe that America is irredeemably racist and evil.

And what this rabid leftist just said about Critical Race Theory will leave you seeing red.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been making its rounds in government bureaucracies and employee training programs across the nation for the last few years.

And recently, school districts have decided to indoctrinate children in K-12 schools with the racist ideology.

Rather than teach children math, science, or real history, they are happy to tell children that the United States is the worst thing to happen to the world.

Kids should learn, they say, that America was founded by racists for the sole purpose of oppressing minorities to serve the interests of all white people in the country.

To them, if you are born white, you ought to empty your wallet whilst apologizing profusely for existing. 

And if you are born as a racial minority, you have no chance of leading a successful life without massive reparations from your fellow white Americans. 

This is the ideology socialists like Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib are shoving down the throats of Americans nationwide.

Just recently, Tlaib tweeted out that any opposition to Critical Race Theory is “rooted in racism” and it “has just become the newest dog whistle for racists.”

Luckily, there is hope. 

As the Daily Caller reports: 

At least 165 local and national groups have formed to combat CRT instruction in schools across the U.S., an NBC analysis found. Many of these groups were founded by parents appalled to discover what was being taught to their children. Their advocacy has launched small town CRT debates onto the national stage, spurring far-left activists and establishment media outlets to accuse conservatives of ignorance and in some cases, racism.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

What this Biden official just said about Critical Race Theory will leave you red with rage

Critical Race Theory is hooking its claws into every institution across the nation.

Joe Biden has been one of its biggest proponents and enablers.

And what this Biden official just said about Critical Race Theory will leave you red with rage.

Since the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter has been hard at work trying to destroy America.

And the scope of their havoc goes beyond the billions of dollars in damage they doled out over the past year and the countless lives they cut short through their riots.

The founders of the organization are ardent Marxists, and their biggest push since Joe Biden was inaugurated has been to brainwash every American into accepting their radical agenda.

As a result, Critical Race Theory is making headlines as school districts everywhere decide whether to include it in their curriculum.

At the heart of it is the idea that the United States has always been a racist state designed to keep minorities oppressed and white people in luxury.

Students are taught that being white makes you an implicit supporter of this system that must pay and be silenced, while being a racial minority makes you a victim deserving of reparations.

And Republican representatives have spoken out about this grave injustice. 

But White House Deputy Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre says that Republicans who oppose critical race theory (CRT) are “trying to score political points” with voters.

She even claims that CRT is just teaching the fullness of history saying, “Our children should learn all of our history. We don’t think politicians trying to score political points by banning parts of our history in the classroom is a good thing.”

To Biden and his political lackeys, the notion that America is irredeemably racist and our founding principles are flawed is “the truth” that must be taught. 

Unfortunately for them, parents are fighting back against this divisive, racist scheme. 

It seems their entire plan may be crumbling down as Americans stand up to their lies.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

Portland continues its streak of being a leftist-controlled hellhole after crippling their police officers with these new measures

Portland is the last place in America you want to live.

It is a place where criminals run rampant and the leftist focus on attacking police officers is the predominant viewpoint.

And Portland continues its streak of being a leftist-controlled hellhole after crippling their police officers with these new measures.

You can’t deny the fact that the West Coast is going to hell real quick.

The states of Washington, California, and Oregon are controlled by extreme leftists and you can see the results in real time.

And Portland is the perfect example.

Portland used to be a decent city to live in.

But over the past couple years, the city has turned into an attraction for Antifa as left-wing city leaders openly champion their radical policies.

And when crap hit the fan across the nation with the Black Lives Matter riots, Portland got hit harder than nearly anyone could have imagined. 

They terrorized residents of Portland for months as they ransacked the city in the name of George Floyd.

Most noticeably they vandalized and tried to burn down the federal courthouse in Portland numerous times to the point that Trump had to send federal agents there to protect federal buildings. 

But the rioting and looting has never stopped.

And now the leftists in Portland have a new target:  Their own police officers. 

The leadership in Portland has put handicaps on the officers and has continually put them in bad situations.

Just recently a crowd control officer was indicted for unlawful force when he tried to subdue a violent rioter.

So rioters can attack the officers and hurl explosive devices at them but the officers can’t defend themselves.

This action prompted the 50 man crowd control unit to resign en masse from their positions. 

And in another slap in the face to them Portland’s leadership has decided to force the police department to stop carrying out traffic stops and searches within the city with the exception of a few extraordinary circumstances.

Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler and Police Chief Chuck Lovell just announced that the officers in Portland must only do a traffic stop only when drivers are speeding, under the influence, or in some way endangering others on the road.

And for searches of vehicles, the officer must now record all consents to searches.

Lovell claimed “[t]his is a time where officers are, I think most of them know, we’re in a time of change. Reform is upon us, and we’re really looking at ways that we can meld what the community is asking for with public safety at the same time.”

So as Portland becomes hell on earth, the leadership of Portland decided to continue to handicap police officers who are just trying to protect city residents. 

Give the Democrats control of anything and it turns to crap.

Mike Pence’s shot at the White House may have just been grounded before it even got off the tarmac

All signs point to former Vice President Mike Pence making a run for the White House in 2024.

While the mild-mannered Pence was quiet for a bit after leaving his post as VP, in recent months, he has clearly been doing all the “right” things to gear up for a run.

But Mike Pence’s shot at the White House may have just been grounded before it even got off the tarmac.

At the recent Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit, the reception of former VP Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was so starkly different that even MSNBC’s liberal, Joe Scarborough, pointed it out during his show Morning Joe.

“I asked, I said, how was Pence received? And they said, ‘Well, here’s the deal. It was respectful. They know Mike Pence. They’ve loved him for 20 years. He got three standing ovations.’ But it was muted. He would have had 15 standing ovations last year. He’s had a long way to go, right? But then, this one person said, ‘But my God, you should have seen the response for Ron DeSantis. He was like a conquering king.’ And this person who’s been in Republican politics for 40, 45 years said, ‘I haven’t seen anything since Reagan in ‘80. He was unbelievable,” Scarborough stated.

Ron DeSantis’s star continues to rise in the GOP.

Conservatives just can’t get enough of the no-nonsense Governor.

Joe Scarborough went on to say what many have been thinking, Ron DeSantis looks like the new leader of the Republican Party.

“Ron DeSantis.  And I keep hearing this. Just Rockstar status. This guy is taking over the Republican Party,” Scarborough noted.

And it isn’t all smoke and mirrors by the GOP to try and find a new face of the party.

At the recent Western Conservative Summit, DeSantis scored a higher approval rating in the summit’s straw poll than Donald Trump.

Given Trump’s overwhelming popularity with most conservatives, that is a pretty big accomplishment for a relatively “new face” to the Republican Party, at least in terms of publicity.

There is no doubt DeSantis owes much of his popularity right now to his unapologetic handling of the tyrannical COVID lockdowns.

The Governor not only resisted the lockdowns but also never imposed a mask mandate like so many other states did in the early days of the pandemic.

But that’s not all.

DeSantis continues to impress with his fight against Critical Race Theory and banning of biological boys in girls’ sports.

Of course, the left-wing media has tried to beat him down at every turn with lies, but he continues to fight back and win.

Many on the Right realize that any candidate that takes on the corporate-controlled, liberal media is sure to be popular.

No doubt 2024 is a long way away, but right now, it looks like DeSantis is poised to take the Republican Presidential nomination pretty easily.

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Prominent Republicans are seeking to formally censure Biden over this epic failure

The Biden administration is constantly having to put out political fires.

It seems like they’re overseeing one disaster after another.

And now these prominent Republicans are seeking to formally censure Biden over this epic failure.

The crisis at the southern border is arguably the biggest stain on Biden’s Presidency so far.

When Trump left office, the Border Wall was making progress each day and Trump enacted a strict immigration policy that put the safety of American citizens first.

But since Biden took over promising amnesty for illegal immigrants, the situation at the border is a total disaster.

More and more migrants have been showing up daily, with many of these migrants being unaccompanied minors, which has exacerbated the crisis.

The holding facilities are dangerously overcrowded, which is creating environments that enable violent criminals and sexual predators.

Biden dispatched Kamala Harris to deal with the unpopular flashpoint, but she’s only made it worse.

Rather than meeting the problem head on at the border, she avoided it by visiting Mexico City and Guatemala to work with officials there to alleviate the “root causes of the immigration crisis.”

Republicans have had enough, with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) leading a group of 23 Republicans in an effort to censure the Biden administration for their handling of the border crisis.

She released a statement that argued Biden has been “implementing policies that incentivize illegal immigration like amnesty, catch and release, and abolishing the remain in Mexico policy.”

“Biden’s failure to live up to his oath must be punished,” Boebert concluded.

Other prominent Republicans signing on are Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Barry Moore (R-AL), and Bob Good (R-VA).

This censure resolution is just one way Republicans are looking to remind the American people to hold President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris accountable for the mishandling of the situation at the border.

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What this Biden nominee said about population control will have your head spinning

Joe Biden is hard at work trying to destroy the founding principles that make this nation great.

He wants nothing more than for America to emulate the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party.

And what this Biden nominee said about population control will have your head spinning.

Tracy Stone-Manning is Biden’s pick to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and she may even be more radical than Joe Biden.

In her graduate thesis, Stone-Manning argued for population control, saying “the origin of our abuses is us. If there were fewer of us, we would have less impact. We must consume less, and more importantly, we must breed fewer consuming humans.”

Included in her thesis were eight advertisements she created, one of which pictured a smiling child.

“That’s right, it’s the cute baby,” her advertisement read under the picture. “Americans believe that overpopulation is only a problem somewhere else in the world. But it’s a problem here too.”

“The earth is only so big, and we can tap into it only so often. In America, we tap in often and hard,” she continued. “When we overpopulate, the earth notices it more. Stop at two. It could be the best thing you do for the planet.”

She also argued that the grazing of livestock on public land is “destroying the West.” 

And now Biden wants to put her in charge of the BLM, which manages around 155 million acres of public grazing land.

This would be bad enough, but she was also investigated by the FBI in the ‘90s in connection with “eco-terrorism” attacks, and falsely denied there was even an investigation in response to Congressional questions on the subject.

Even former Obama BLM Director Bob Abbey thinks she should be disqualified from the position saying, “to put someone in that position that has this type of resume will just bring needless controversy that is not good for the agency or for the public lands.” 

The Biden White house, however, is still singing her praises. 

She’s the perfect cross between Chinese population controller and Green New Deal socialist to them. 

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What this Mayor did to the Pledge of Allegiance left everyone fuming

The culture war has been raging for years.

But the radical Left is more emboldened than ever with Biden at the helm.

And what this Mayor did to the Pledge of Allegiance left everyone fuming.

The Mayor of Silverton, Colorado, Shane Fuhrman just announced that the Pledge of Allegiance will be banned at trustee meetings.

He blamed the division in his community for the decision. 

“Due to direct and indirect threats, inappropriate comments in and out of public meetings and general divisiveness and issues created in our community, we will not be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance during Town of Silverton trustee meetings,” he announced.

According to Mayor Fuhrman, the way to heal division is not by uniting as one nation in our pledge, but by banning patriotism.

Unsurprisingly, Fuhrman has faced a tidal wave of backlash from the community.

“To tell members of the public they are not allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance during public comment and threaten to have them removed that it was one strike and your policy violates every single one of their first amendment rights,” said trustee Molly Barela.

Even Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert spoke out, saying “Mayor Fuhrman should resign and purchase a one-way ticket to China where he won’t have to worry about hearing the pledge!”

These kinds of anti-American attacks are becoming all too common.

And the radical far-left wing of the Democrat Party won’t stop until they tear down the United States.

It isn’t just the Pledge of Allegiance that’s under attack though.

School systems across the country are being infected with Marxist Critical Race Theory.

Students are routinely taught that America is a systemically and irredeemably racist country, and that they ought to be ashamed of it.

These are just the first few dominoes that have to fall for their socialist hellscape to become a reality. 

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Joe Biden is losing on every front and even his own party is against him

From the border crisis to a failed vaccine rollout, Joe Biden is getting hit at every turn.

His dreams of ramming through radical, left-wing legislation don’t appear to be coming true.

Now Joe Biden is losing on every front and even his own party is against him.

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema has been making the Democrats, her own party, squirm for a few months.

Sinema has repeatedly stated that she will not support eliminating the filibuster.

The other day she made it official by once again stating not only will she not vote to eliminate the filibuster, she won’t even vote to weaken the 60 vote threshold to end debate and break a filibuster.

Senate Democrats are not too happy with Senator Sinema.

The Arizona Senator announced her opposition to doing away with the filibuster in an op-ed for The Washington Post, which was published the day before Democrats were set to hold a key vote on legislation that would enact a federal takeover of elections.

In the piece, Sinema stated, “The best way to achieve durable, lasting results? Bipartisan cooperation. […] It’s no secret that I oppose eliminating the Senate’s 60-vote threshold. I held the same view during three terms in the U.S. House, and said the same after I was elected to the Senate in 2018. If anyone expected me to reverse my position because my party now controls the Senate, they should know that my approach to legislating in Congress is the same whether in the minority or majority.”

Sinema stopped short of naming those in the Democrat Party who support the filibuster but aren’t saying so because, rightfully so, she feared blowback from the radical left-wing base.

Biden and his cohorts know that many of the key pieces of legislation they promised their base would get through, like gun control, amnesty for illegals, and D.C. statehood, will face a fiery death if they can’t get members of their own party like Sinema onboard.

Of course, Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi always seem to have some trickery up their sleeve, so there is no telling what they may do next.

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One Virginia city made a shocking decision about their schools that left parents and students outraged

The Left’s anti-police stance just took a dangerous turn.

But no one saw this coming.

One Virginia city made a shocking decision about their schools that left parents and students outraged.

The “Defund the Police” movement has officially gone way too far.

Black Lives Matter and their radical allies have been pushing for decreased funding for police departments and less presence in local communities.

This notion has unfortunately made its way into school systems and it’s putting children in an unnecessarily dangerous situation.

Recently, the Alexandria City Council voted to “stop the funding [of the] School Resource Officer (SRO) program.”

The Student Resource Officer program funds police officers and security guards in schools to protect against mass shooters and gang activity in schools.

Two officers at T.C. Williams High School (from Remember the Titans fame), Johnny Larios and Gary Argueta, have forged relationships with a lot of the students, and have contributed to their success as students.

One student, 16-year-old Oscar Cortez, plays on a soccer team that the two police officers started for their students, and was visibly upset at the idea of them leaving the school.

Apparently, the two officers are so popular that students often line up during class time with fake hall passes to visit their office “just to talk.”

Obviously, these two SROs are an integral part of the school, and are incredibly positive influences on the students.

Beyond protecting them from deranged lunatics and gangs, these officers are really making a difference in the personal lives of students most in need.

Despite the wishes of the Alexandria School Board, the City Council in a tight 4-3 vote decided to allocate the $800,000 budget for SROs to “mental health resources.”

Too bad the city can’t realize that SROs like Larios and Argueta are doing more for students’ mental health than most average student counselors who are swamped with hundreds of individual cases.

Having role models serve as police and resource officers shines a positive light on a profession that is constantly attacked by the Left and Fake News Media.

Let’s hope Alexandria figures out how to continue to include these two heroes in students’ lives moving forward.

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What happened to these parents who opposed Critical Race Theory will leave your head spinning

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been taking over schools nationwide over the last year.

Parents are starting to stand up against the Marxist ideology.

But what happened to these parents who opposed Critical Race Theory will leave your head spinning.

At the heart of Critical Race Theory is the idea that the United States was founded on racism and every institution in the nation was designed to ensure the discrimination and subjugation of racial minorities. 

White people, according to CRT, are inherently racist and must give their time and money to organizations that “fight racial oppression.”

Schools across the country are beginning to adopt CRT into their curriculum to brainwash children into either hating themselves or hating others based on the color of their skin.

The most notable case has been Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia. 

At the most recent school board meeting, more than 200 parents signed up to speak during the public comment section of the meeting, which was supposed to be focused on their new policy regarding “restroom accommodations and the use of pronouns for transgender students.”

As the Washington Examiner reports:

“Despite not being on the official agenda, CRT became a hot button issue during the meeting, which included former Republican Virginia state Sen. Dick Black speaking out against the teaching of it in Loudoun schools.

Parents also began singing the Star-Spangled Banner when the board abruptly ended public comment due to the eruptions from the crowd in the room.”

What’s worse, two of the parents who attended the meeting in protest of their children being taught CRT were arrested for “trespassing.”

Not only will the radical Left do everything in their power to silence any opposition to their radical agenda, they will have you arrested if you refuse to fall in line. 

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This Republican Governor just called out Communism in this big way

The radical Left won’t be happy until every American bows down to their Marxist dreams.

They constantly make excuses for communist dictators, but denigrate our country.

But this Republican Governor just called out Communism in this big way.

America is under assault by socialists and Communists who want to see the destruction of the nation as we know it.

Squad members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and self-avowed socialists like Bernie Sanders are trying to infect every institution with their radical ideology.

And the most heated battleground right now is in K-12 education.

Leftists are trying to indoctrinate children into the belief that America is a racist, evil country that has done no good for the world, all while excusing totalitarian regimes like Cuba, China, and Iran.

But one Republican Governor has had enough of their lies.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just signed a bill into law requiring students to learn about the evil of Communist ideologies.

“We have a number of people in Florida, particularly southern Florida, who’ve escaped totalitarian regimes, who’ve escaped communist dictatorships to be able to come to America,” DeSantis said.

“We want all students to understand the difference, why would somebody flee across shark-infested waters, say leaving from Cuba to come to southern Florida. Why would somebody leave a place like Vietnam? Why would people leave these countries and risk their life to be able to come here. It’s important students understand that,” he continued.

This comes on the heels of his signing into law a requirement that schools hold a daily moment of silence for prayer or reflection and HB 233, which requires colleges and universities to conduct annual assessments on the “intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity” at their institutions.

Leftists, of course, are losing their mind over DeSantis’ defense of our founding principles.

Which just goes to show how much they aren’t concerned with unifying the country, they want its downfall. 

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Rumors of Biden’s temper are coming to light especially after he snapped at this Fox News reporter

Since taking office, Joe Biden has quipped on more than one occasion that his handlers tell him which reporters to take questions from and which to avoid.

He’s also been reported to have suffered some serious temper tantrums behind closed doors.

Well, rumors of Biden’s temper are now coming to light, especially after he snapped at this Fox News reporter.

Joe Biden’s first trip overseas as President was a complete disaster.

Even the Democrat-controlled media had difficulty painting a pretty picture after his abysmal performance at the G-7 summit.

At one point Biden was wrapping up a press conference after what can only be described as a failed summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, when the reporters who didn’t make the “cut” for the pre-approved list started loudly hurling questions at Biden.

Peter Doocy, Fox News White House Correspondent and regular on the “not approved to ask an official question” list, was called on by Biden.

Evidently, Biden forgot his handlers’ continued orders to not take questions from unapproved reporters, especially not Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who has no problem backing politicians into a corner.

Doocy wanted to know if Biden would ask his “old friend” Chinese President Xi Jinping for access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology so the debate about where the coronavirus outbreak had originated could be settled once and for all.

“You keep saying there’s no substitute for face-to-face dialogue, and also with what you said at NATO, the biggest problems right now are Russia and China. You have spoken many times about how you have spent perhaps more time with President Xi than any other world leader.  So is there going to become a time where you might call him, old friend to old friend, and ask him to open up China to the World Health Organization investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of COVID-19?” Doocy asked Biden.

At this point, Biden’s temper was on full display when he quickly snapped at Doocy, stating that President Xi was not his “old friend.”

Unfortunately for Biden, he is the one that has previously claimed Xi was an “old friend,” but this time around, he stated that “we know each other well, we’re not old friends.”

Looks like another Biden flip-flop or a lapse in memory, which appears to be happening more and more for the President.

There is no question that Biden has no plans to investigate the Wuhan lab or find out if the coronavirus did originate there.

But he might want to be careful about that temper of his that seems to be appearing more and more.

It’s often stated that people with a hair-trigger have something to hide. 

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What the Biden administration just said about guns will leave you stunned

It’s no secret that Democrats want to abolish the Second Amendment.

Biden is trying his best to make sure law-abiding Americans are forced to give up their guns.

And what the Biden administration just said about guns will leave you stunned.

Joe Biden has made it clear that he has no respect for American citizens when it comes to them defending themselves. 

Just recently, Biden’s ATF leadership announced they will be making a ruling on gun kits that will make thousands, if not millions of Americans felons overnight. 

Of course, his entire administration is parroting the same old tired argument that controlling the firearms of those who follow the law will magically stop gun violence committed by criminals. 

And now, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is doing the exact same thing.

In the wake of skyrocketing crime across the nation, Jen Psaki was asked what Joe Biden’s “crime prevention strategy” is. 

Instead of answering the question, she pinned the blame on gun violence only and implied that it may actually be President Trump’s fault.

“I’m not going to get ahead of his comments or remarks later this week, but it is an area where the president feels a great deal of the crime we’re seeing as a result of gun violence,” Psaki said. She told reporters “there’s been actually a rise in crime over the last five years, but really the last 18 months.”

What Psaki fails to mention is that cities across the nation have dabbled in efforts to reduce the sizes of their police forces during massive Black Lives Matters riots and full-scale insurrection.

And when you consider that with the fact that Democrat-run cities (which already have extensive gun control regulations) are the ones spearheading the spike in crime, Psaki’s narrative falls apart.

The Democrats give a free pass to violent rioters and looters in major cities across the nation while trying to pin the blame on lawful gun owners in suburbia and rural America. 


Because it isn’t about solving problems for Joe Biden, it’s about making sure he can ram his socialist agenda down the throats of all Americans. 

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

Amy Coney Barrett’s recent rulings have many wondering just how conservative she really is

Donald Trump undoubtedly changed the make-up of the Supreme Court.

Conservatives cheered, and liberals cried as it appeared the court was swinging to the Right.

But Amy Coney Barrett’s recent rulings have many wondering just how conservative she really is.

The Supreme Court has been handing down rulings in rapid-fire fashion over the last few weeks, and many of those rulings have left some stunned.

One case that was sure to be front-page news was the Fulton v. the City of Philadelphia case.

The City of Philadelphia refused to contract foster care work to Catholic Social Services (CSS) because of the group’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

Most conservatives anticipated an across-the-board decision by the justices that would overturn a 1990 precedent that allowed the government to pass laws that discriminated against religious liberty as long as the law in question applied to everyone.

The court’s most conservative justices, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch, were fully prepared to move in that direction.

According to sources, the court’s other two conservative-leaning justices, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, were also ready to move in that direction with Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch.

Until Chief Justice John Roberts got a hold of them.

John Roberts, appointed by then-President George W. Bush has been nothing more than a conservative in name only since joining the court and has done nothing but trample the Constitution by voting like a liberal every chance he gets.

Roberts convinced both Barrett and Kavanaugh to switch their votes to win over the Supreme Court’s three liberal justices and, in turn, hand down a unanimous ruling.

All the narrow ruling said was that the City of Philadelphia violated the First Amendment in this specific case – it does not set any precedent for future rulings.

As expected, Justice Samuel Alito was furious with Barrett and Kavanaugh, and he made that abundantly clear in his opinion.

“This decision might as well be written on the dissolving paper sold in magic shops.  The City has been adamant about pressuring CSS to give in, and if the City wants to get around today’s decision, it can simply eliminate the never-used exemption power. If it does that, then, voila, today’s decision will vanish – and the parties will be back where they started . . . What is the point of going around in this circle?” Alito wrote.

While Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings seemed to be almost movie-like entertainment with her quick wit and unabashedly conservative responses, her short time on the bench has some concerned.

Both Barrett and fellow Trump appointee Brett Kavanaugh appear to be bending to John Roberts’ every demand.

John Roberts has done nothing but betray the conservative Right over the last decade and continues to prove he is nothing more than a liberal in disguise.

It’s not too late for Barrett and Kavanaugh to prove they aren’t the turncoats some are starting to believe they are, but they better hurry up because soon they’ll be nothing more than carbon copies of John Roberts.

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You won’t believe what the military just said about transgenders

The United States military should be focused on defending America from our nation’s enemies.

But Biden is doing everything he can to make that impossible.

And you won’t believe what the military just said about transgenders.

One of the first things Joe Biden did as President was scrap President Trump’s ban on transgender people from serving the military.

Of course, this isn’t the only politicization of our nation’s fighting force President Biden has pushed.

Under his administration, the Department of Defense has been promoting Critical Race Theory and hunting down any service member who disagrees with its Marxist propaganda.

And now it’s getting even worse.

Joe Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Dennis McDonough just came out saying the VA would be expanding access to care for transgender veterans. 

You would hope that means treating their cancer, PTSD, or other ailments.

But you would be wrong. 

McDonough’s plan is to waste VA funds on sex reassignment surgeries for veterans, saying it helps overcome a “dark history” of discrimination. 

“This time [two years] will allow VA to develop capacity to meet the surgical needs that transgender veterans have called for and deserved for a long time, and I am proud to begin the process of delivering it,” McDonough said.

“We’re making these changes not only because they are the right thing to do but because they can save lives,” he continued.

If McDonough was so concerned with saving lives, maybe he’d use the millions that will be wasted mutilating mentally ill people for trying to prevent the thousands of veteran suicides that happen every year.

In fact, close to 20 veterans and active duty service members commit suicide each day, but Biden and his radical leftist puppets are more concerned with getting political brownie points from their base than actually helping the brave men and women who defend our nation. 

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

BLM radicals were grinning ear to ear after what this city just did for them

Black Lives Matter has destroyed billions of dollars in property and ended countless lives.

Democrats are all too happy to excuse their bloodlust.

And BLM radicals were grinning ear to ear after what this city just did for them.

Since the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter has been on a rampage in every major city across the nation. 

They have assaulted and killed police and civilians, destroyed large and small businesses, and even tried to separate from the country via “autonomous zones.”

Their wave of terror still rages in cities like Portland to this day, and political stunts like making “Juneteenth” a national holiday have only made it worse.

But if there’s one thing radical leftists like to do, it’s bail out their rabid followers and cronies when they get into sticky situations.

And New York City just gave a big free pass to BLM radicals.

According to NBC New York, New York City’s district attorneys’ have dropped hundreds of charges against rioters and looters who were arrested in 2020. 

The Daily Caller reports: 

Out of the 485 arrests in Manhattan connected to rioting and looting, 222 have allegedly been dropped and 73 are convicted of minor crimes that do not require jail time, NBC New York reported. Currently, 128 cases remain open and another 40 were sent to family court as it involves minors.

Over 60% of charges were reportedly dropped in the Bronx, with 73 of the 118 charges being dropped, with 19 getting convicted on lesser counts, The New York Post reported.

Jessica Betancourt, an eyeglass shop owner in the Bronx who had her business destroyed by looters responded, saying “Those numbers, to be honest with you, is disgusting. I was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side. They could do it again because they know they won’t get the right punishment.” 

It just goes to show that Democrats aren’t interested in helping solve violence and unrest, they are actively aiding and abetting it. 

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

CNN talking head Don Lemon leveled this shocking racist statement against Americans

Don Lemon has been propagating lies and race-baiting commentary since becoming a regular host at CNN.

The far-Left cable news host has a reputation for instigating racial controversies.

And now, Don Lemon leveled this shocking racist statement against Americans.

As CNN plummets in viewership and popularity, Don Lemon continues to make more extreme statements for attention.

He loves to target white Americans specifically, who he blames for being too ignorant to understand the “plight” black Americans still face today.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Lemon doubled-down on these racist sentiments.

“There’s this false reality that we’re living in a post-racial world after the election of Barack Obama. That was all bulls***,” said Lemon.

“I would love to see Black people, especially black gay men – and I hate this word – normal, and as human beings and as part of the culture.”

“I don’t know if America sees Black people especially Black gay men as fully human, and as deserving of the American dream,” Lemon concluded.

Lemon’s comments make it seem like we’re living in the 1950s.

Diversity, inclusion, and LGBT issues (especially during Pride Month) are at the forefront of “mainstream” American culture as we speak. 

Never in our country’s history have we seen so many media organizations, entertainment companies, and popular culture adopt the far-Left views Lemon claims are missing from society.

But what’s most hypocritical is that Lemon – as a Black gay man – earns $4 million a year for working at CNN and just sold a luxury New York apartment for $1.4 million. 

If America were as racist as Lemon claims it to be, I doubt he would afford such a lavish quality of life most Americans could never dream of.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

What the President of Iran just said left Joe Biden stunned

Joe Biden has been making the United States an international laughing stock.

His constant gaffes and policy failures are destroying our credibility.

And what the President of Iran just said left Joe Biden stunned.

As Vice President, Joe Biden was part of the administration that brought the American people the failed Iranian Nuclear Deal.

The Iranian government had no intention of following the restrictions, which is why Donald Trump scrapped it as part of his Presidency.

And Joe Biden did not like Trump swiping at his supposed “legacy.”

So, once he was inaugurated, President Biden restarted talks with the terrorist state of Iran. 

In spite of the fact that reports came flooding out that Iran had nearly ten times the amount of enriched uranium allowed under the deal and were creating uranium metal, which has no civilian applications, Biden pushed ahead.

But the newly elected President of Iran is throwing a wrench in the gears of Biden’s plans.

Ebrahim Raisi, the president-elect and former chief of Iran’s judiciary, said he’s not willing to negotiate the proliferation of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

“The U.S. is obliged to lift all oppressive sanctions against Iran,” said Raisi to the Associated Press.

And tweeting on April 2, he went further, saying “No Iran-US meeting. Unnecessary. Aim: Rapidly finalize sanction-lifting & nuclear measures for choreographed removal of all sanctions, followed by Iran ceasing remedial measures.”

Of course, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to make it seem like a good thing, saying “This is a welcome and potentially constructive early step, even if the diplomatic road ahead may be long, as it was during the first negotiations around the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action].”

The Biden administration would rather roll-over to the demands of a hostile nation than stand firm for America’s security.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

This one report just demolished Black Lives Matter’s plans

Black Lives Matter won’t be happy until they’ve brainwashed every American.

And they’re pushing their radical agenda into every institution across the nation.

But this one report just demolished Black Lives Matter’s plans.

At the core of the BLM movement is the idea that white people have caused all of the problems in America. 

From slavery to poverty, if it weren’t for white people, black people would all be millionaires.

That’s why they are pushing so hard for multi-trillion-dollar reparations bills. 

Unfortunately for them, those bills have stalled out every time they are introduced.

So now they’re playing the long game. 

Instead of rushing to get reparations, they are slowly infiltrating schools, government bureaus, and private businesses with the Marxist Critical Race Theory.

This theory holds that white people are the oppressor in all cases and ought to apologize for their skin color and fork over their wallet. 

They know if they can brainwash a generation of kids in the school system into either hating themselves or hating others because of race, then they can get their trillion-dollar payout.

But the cat is out of the bag.

And a new Rasmussen Reports survey just came out showing their losing the fight over Critical Race Theory.

The “survey said that 43% of voters polled said the teachings would make race relations worse. Just 24% said it would make relations better,” reports The Washington Examiner.

“President Joe Biden’s strongest supporters are most likely to support teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools. Among voters who ‘Strongly Approve’ of Biden’s job performance as president, 52% believe teaching CRT will make race relations better in America. By contrast, among voters who ‘Strongly Disapprove’ of Biden’s performance, 80% think teaching CRT in public schools will make race relations worse,” read the report.

It shouldn’t be a shock that Joe Biden and his socialist supporters are clamoring to divide America and skyrocket handout spending. 

Though Critical Race Theory has made some headway in uber-elite suburbs of major cities, it looks like the majority of Americans are happy to throw it on the trash heap of history.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

The Supreme Court granted a Philadelphia religious group a big win in this pivotal case

There has been a series of high-profile cases decided by the Supreme Court in recent weeks.

The Court also recently announced it will take on a challenge to Mississippi’s pro-life bill banning abortion after 15 weeks.

And now the Supreme Court just granted a Philadelphia religious group a big win in this pivotal case.

Philadelphia is now Ground Zero in the ongoing debate between LGBT activists and religious freedom.

In a unanimous decision, the Court sided with a Catholic foster care facility who does not facilitate adoptions for same-sex couples because it goes against its religious views.

According to USA Today, Catholic Social Services said its religious views keep it from screening same-sex couples as foster parents. The agency, with a long history of placing foster children, said it shouldn’t be blocked from its work because of those views. Philadelphia countered that all of its foster care agencies are required to not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.”

While Catholic Social Services is simply trying to provide help to children in need while honoring its religious values, the city of Philadelphia was trying to force the facility into blatantly ignore these values in the name of “equality.”

You can read an excerpt of Chief Justice John Roberts’ statement here:

“[The Catholic agency] seeks only an accommodation that will allow it to continue serving the children of Philadelphia in a manner consistent with its religious beliefs; it does not seek to impose those beliefs on anyone else . . . The refusal of Philadelphia to contract with CSS for the provision of foster care services unless it agrees to certify same-sex couples as foster parents . . . violates the First Amendment.”

Many leftists are outraged that the Court’s more liberal justices sided with the conservative majority, and treated the decision as a blow to the LGBT community, even though there are plenty of other adoption agencies in Philadelphia who are willing to provide services to same-sex couples.

Luckily, this decision by the Supreme Court proves religious freedom is not a partisan issue, much to the chagrin of the radical Left.

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Joe Biden got the worst news of his life when he looked at these poll numbers

Every day makes it clearer that Joe Biden has no idea what he is doing.

His constant gaffes and policy failures are piling up.

And Joe Biden got the worst news of his life when he looked at these poll numbers.

Joe Biden is making a mess of all the progress President Donald Trump made while in office.

At the border, Joe Biden has opened the floodgates of central America into the United States, even bussing illegal immigrants to Republican states in hopes of turning them Democrat if amnesty ever is passed.

And that’s not to mention Kamala Harris’ failed immigration tour through Mexico and Guatemala.

Things are even worse internationally.

Biden is trying to reinstate the failed Iranian Nuclear Deal by negotiating with Iranian terrorists in Switzerland.

And his constant gaffes and inability to answer basic questions embarrassed the entire nation at the G7 summit. 

More and more Americans are opening their eyes to Joe Biden’s ineffectual, socialist lunacy.

A new poll out of Monmouth University shows Joe Biden’s approval rating slipping below 50% for the first time since he was inaugurated as President. 

Over the month of May, Biden’s approval rating plummeted six points from 54% to 48%, while disapproval rose to 43%.

Biden’s Presidency has been plagued with low polling numbers from the start. 

As the Daily Caller reports, “The average approval ratings for the past 14 U.S. Presidents at the same stage as Biden’s presidency have polled around 66%.”

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to Joe Biden’s faux pas over the last few months.

For those who are counting, we’re still scheduled to have more than three years of Sleepy Joe’s antics to look forward to.

Years of the world laughing at us as we placate our enemies and leave the American taxpayer out to dry. 

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