What this Republican just did left Nancy Pelosi fuming

Nancy Pelosi wants nothing more than to pin the Capitol Hill riot on everyone who voted for Trump.

She will lie and distort the truth to make sure that’s the only narrative Americans hear.

But what this Republican just did left Nancy Pelosi fuming.

Since January 6, Democrats have been trying to make out anyone who supported Donald Trump as a racist insurrectionist.

Calls for a committee to investigate the events of January 6 rang from the Left, while Republicans only asked that it be bipartisan.

But when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) selected Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN) to serve on the committee, Pelosi rejected them for obviously partisan reasons.

And one Republican has had enough of her games.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) called out Pelosi for putting “partisan politics over what’s best for the American people.”

“She’s an authoritarian who has broken the people’s house. She is a lame-duck speaker, and everyone knows it. The reason why Nancy Pelosi is refusing to seek accomplished and well-respected, hardworking Republicans like Jim Jordan and Jim Banks is because she doesn’t want the American people to know the truth or learn the facts. She doesn’t want a fair or bipartisan investigation. She wants a political one,” said Stefanik.

To support her claim that Pelosi doesn’t care about the facts of the case, she points to concerns raised by U.S. Capitol Police before January 6.

“It is a fact that the U.S. Capitol Police raised concerns, and rather than providing them with the support and resources they needed and they deserved, she prioritized her partisan political optics over their safety,” Stefanik said.

Of course, Pelosi and her media lapdogs are pulling out all the stops to paint the special committee, solely staffed by Democrats, as a pure crusade against those who would destroy our democracy.

After Russiagate, both impeachment trials, the confirmation hearings of conservative Supreme Court nominees, and now the January 6 commission, it’s clear that the Democrats are willing to stoop to any low to keep power and silence the opposition.

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Democrats won’t leave Brett Kavanaugh alone and this latest move could spell disaster for the Supreme Court Justice

Democrats are so blinded by the power they currently have in Washington, D.C. that they completely ignore what is really happening in the country.

They continue to harp on anything Donald Trump or anyone connected to him has ever done and will stop at nothing to take them all down.

Now the Democrats just won’t leave Brett Kavanaugh alone – and this latest move could spell disaster for the Supreme Court Justice.

Rhode Island Senator and well-known conspiracy theorist Sheldon Whitehouse, along with seven Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats, sent a letter claiming the FBI did not do its job correctly in the Christine Blasey Ford case.

These Democrats say that the FBI neglected to properly investigate 4,500 tips that poured into the tip line the Bureau had set up after the Senate paused the Kavanaugh confirmation process to further investigate Ford’s unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault against the Justice.

“The admissions in your letter corroborate and explain numerous credible accounts by individuals and firms that they had contacted the FBI with information ‘highly relevant to . . . allegations’ of sexual misconduct by Justice Kavanaugh, only to be ignored,” the letter read.

In the letter, the Democrats alluded to the Trump administration blocking the FBI.

“If the FBI was not authorized to or did not follow up on any of the tips that it received from the tip line, it is difficult to understand the point of having a tip line at all,” the letter continued.

America knows that Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh were false.

Ford could never produce a single witness to corroborate her story and confirm that she and Kavanaugh ever even attended a party together.

Democrats conjured up these so-called “encounters” in a last-ditch effort to get Trump’s nominee voted down, but it didn’t work.

Julie Swetnick, another supposed Kavanaugh accuser, completely lied and said the Justice attended a party where a bunch of drunk, high school boys allegedly gang-raped her.

These false allegations were abhorrent and only served to downplay the accounts of real victims of sexual assault.

Democrats can’t let it go that Trump’s nominees were legitimately confirmed, and now they’re trying to perpetuate lies to pressure Kavanaugh into voting their way.

It’s disgusting the lengths the Democrat Party is willing to go to in order to gain complete control.

Unfortunately, the Democrats have figured out that Kavanaugh will bend to pressure as the Justice has shown signs of being easily swayed by Chief Justice John Roberts.

In the end, this is just another indication of how the Democrats intend to “lead” the country, and it’s truly despicable.

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Joe Biden’s radical tax increases just hit a major roadblock

Joe Biden is trying to ram his socialist spending plan down America’s throat.

And he wants to fund it by wringing the taxpayer dry.

But Joe Biden’s radical tax increases just hit a major roadblock.

Joe Biden ran on “building back better” from the COVID-19 panic and uniting the country.

Unfortunately, he has done the exact opposite since taking the oath of office.

Crime is rampant, political and racial divisions dominate classrooms and corporate trainings, and most importantly, the economy is sluggishly stagnant with record levels of inflation.

Biden’s panacea for the millions struggling to make ends meet because of the damage caused by government-mandated lockdowns is to raise their taxes and blow it all on liberal pet projects.

After spending $1.9 trillion a few months ago, Biden and his political pals want to spend $3.5 trillion on another reconciliation bill and $1.2 trillion on an “infrastructure” bill.

But their plan seems to be falling apart as Americans voice their anger.

In a poll conducted on behalf of the S Corporation Association, Americans made clear that they do not want taxes raised on any income level or business.

Whether it’s taxes on the dead, businesses, the wealthy, or investments, the vast majority of Americans oppose any increases in the wake of the pandemic.

As the Washington Examiner reports:

Another theme that resonated with voters is that now is not the time to be raising taxes on businesses. More than 60% of all respondents believed ‘we need to do everything we can to help businesses get back on their feet so they can get Americans back to work,’ including a healthy majority of Democrats.

Joe Biden can’t even convince his own base that we ought to spend ourselves into oblivion.

With such rabid opposition breathing down his neck, this could be the final nail in the coffin for Biden’s socialist spending spree.

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You won’t believe what this Congressman had to say about Jill Biden and her role as a wife

Joe Biden’s handlers continue to try their best to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible.

Unfortunately, they’ve clearly lost control recently, and he has been answering unscripted questions from the press, which has only led to more questions about his cognitive abilities.

And you won’t believe what this Congressman had to say about Jill Biden and her role as a wife.

In a recent interview with Newsmax, Congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina slammed Joe Biden as mentally incompetent.

There is no doubt that Biden’s cognitive abilities are decreasing at a rapid rate.

Cawthorn’s scathing rebuke of the President was in response to Biden opening the southern border to illegals infected with coronavirus, but the Congressman didn’t just fire at Joe – he took aim at Jill Biden too.

Cawthorn said Jill is partly to blame for the problems, too, and said she should be indicted.

The Congressman, though, didn’t mean indicted in the criminal sense of the word, but rather as a wife that is clearly not taking care of her husband and his deteriorating mental health.

“You know, I would love to have a congressional inquiry to understand exactly what Joe Biden’s reasoning is, but unfortunately I don’t think he could find his way to Congress. I’m talking from a very objective standpoint here. I think we should indict Jill Biden – I’m not saying indict in terms of criminal – but I’m saying that we should call her out for being so cruel to her husband. The man is clearly mentally unstable. He’s having some form of degradation of his mind,” Cawthron stated.

Many women are watching as Joe Biden continues to slip further and further from reality and are appalled that Jill hasn’t stepped in, and appears in fact, to be encouraging him to keep going.

A wife’s job is to support her husband, and one has to argue that she isn’t helping him by forcing him to continue on in a role he is not capable of fulfilling.

Like many other Americans, Cawthorn is curious as to who is really making all the decisions in the White House.

“You know as much as I’d love to question Joe Biden,” Cawthorn added. “I really want to question whoever is really calling the shots right now, because I don’t think Congress or the American people truly know who’s behind the scenes pulling the strings of Joe Biden.”

Most Americans do not believe that Joe Biden is actually calling the shots.

It’s unacceptable that the leader of the United States of America is not actually in charge of his own administration and is instead being used as a puppet while others make decisions that affect everyday Americans’ lives.

One can only hope that in the 2022 midterm elections, Americans show the Democrats how they really feel about being duped.

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Video just leaked of Joe Biden’s ATF nominee David Chipman mocking Americans in one disgusting way

Former ATF agent and now nominee to become the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, David Chipman, has had a rough past few weeks.

But it just got ten times worse.

That’s because a video just leaked of Chipman mocking Americans in one disgusting way.

The White House and Senate Democrats have been trying to push David Chipman into the seat of the ATF director for the past four months.

Everytime they think they have the votes to confirm him, something bad comes up.

He probably won’t recover this time around, however.

That’s because a video of David Chipman has resurfaced where he condescendingly mocks first time gun owners and emergency preppers, calling them “Tiger Kings” who are putting everyone in danger.

Chipman’s confirmation has been in limbo as Democrats try to hold off as long as they can to make sure they get a party-line vote so Kamala Harris could be the plus one they need.

But everyday that is looking less and less likely.

All fifty Republican Senators have made it abundantly clear they would vote against Chipman’s confirmation.

So with Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Jon Tester (D-MT) facing mounting pressure from grassroots gun owners in West Virginia and Montana and pro-Second Amendment organizations, it’s getting harder and harder to see either of them sticking their neck out for a guy as toxic as Chipman.

The latest reports indicate that the White House is still trying to pursue Chipman’s nomination, but that they know the vote isn’t where they want it.

Should Chipman’s nomination eventually be withdrawn – as all signs indicate – this would be yet another loss the anti-gun Democrats have taken.

The issue over guns has long been a hot one for decades. But as of late, it’s been a losing issue for the Left and for good reason.

There’s more registered guns than there are Americans in this nation and that’s a large part of what makes us the freest nation in the world.

So whether you look like Joe Exotic – the “Tiger King” – or you like to look all tacticool, continue to be a proud gun owner.

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You won’t believe what this city did because of the coronavirus

Democrats have been the only voices clamoring for more lockdowns and mask mandates.

They won’t stop until the entire country is cowering in their houses again.

And you won’t believe what this city did because of the coronavirus.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since radical bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci exclaimed that we needed to shut down the country for “15 days to flatten the curve.”

Under President Trump’s leadership, vaccines were created in record time and cases slowed down.

Naturally, states opened up and tried to restart their economies after the destruction wrought by government-imposed lockdowns.

But now Democrats are screaming that we need to lockdown again because of the “delta variant” of COVID-19.

Though more transmissible, the delta variant has not proven to be any more deadly than the first strain of the virus.

That hasn’t stopped one city from trying to impose more draconian measures on its citizens.

Just recently, the mayor of Philadelphia’s office released a statement encouraging everyone to wear masks in public indoors.

The statement includes fully vaccinated members of the city – of which 61% are already fully vaccinated.

This comes on the heels of Democrats across the nation calling for stringent restrictions being put back into place.

“Though it may have seemed we were approaching the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear now that we rushed to a return to normalcy,” said Nevada Democratic Party Chairwoman Judith Whitmer as she called for a “full public mask mandate.”

Los Angeles County, unsurprisingly, reinstituted their indoor mask mandate without regard for vaccination status as well.

Democrats got a taste for the overarching power they got during the pandemic, and now they don’t want to let it go.

And if you read the writing on the wall, it looks like a push for a national lockdown or mask mandate could be on the horizon.

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Donald Trump could be slapped with a subpoena that would flip his life upside down

The political establishment is still not over the fact that Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016.

For the past 5 years, they’ve been on a mission to make everyone remotely related to his administration and campaigns pay for thinking about draining the Washington, D.C. “Swamp.”

And now Donald Trump himself could be slapped with a subpoena that would flip his life upside down.

The special committee to “investigate” the events of the January 6 riot on the U.S. Capitol is simply a sham.

Despite what the fear-mongering Democrats and leftist Fake News Media members would have you believe, there isn’t some syndicate of white “domestic” terrorists who need to be locked up for trying to take over the entire nation that day.

And Donald Trump certainly wasn’t their “leader.”

However, the lead chair of the Jan. 6 committee – Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) – seems to think otherwise.

According to the latest reports, he’s “open” to the possibility of slapping Donald Trump with a subpoena to force him to appear before Congress regarding what took place leading up to and what took place on Jan. 6.

Independent Journal Review reports:

The chair of the select committee investigating the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), says “nothing is off limits” when it comes to his inquiry.

Thompson told the Guardian he is prepared to depose lawmakers and senior officials from the Trump administration who may have been involved with the attack.

On whether he intends to pursue a wide-ranging inquiry against Trump and some of his most prominent Capitol Hill allies, Thompson said, “Absolutely.”

The idea that Donald Trump had anything to do with the Capitol riot and therefore needs to be questioned and investigated by Congress is ludicrous and laughable.

Donald Trump did not instigate any violence against anyone and only asked Members of Congress to question the validity of the overall election process from November 2020.

These members of Congress can disagree with him all they want about whether the election exhibited integrity and was valid.

But the notion that he is then therefore responsible for any violence that took place that day is insane.

The people responsible for the Capitol riot are the rioters. Just like those responsible for burning down city after city in the summer of 2020 in the wake of George Floyd’s death are the criminals who committed the crimes.

Of course, the Committee members know this.

They just want to make an example out of Donald Trump and anyone else who dares try to drain the Washington, D.C. “Swamp” or challenge the political establishment at all.

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A U.S. House Committee just handed down three rulings that stunned all of Congress

Ever since the Democrats took control of both chambers of Congress, they’ve grown fat with power and authority.

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight either.

And now a U.S. House Committee just handed down two rulings that stunned all of Congress.

It’s no surprise that Democrats and the Lockdown Left would do everything in their power to force anyone they could to fall in line with their draconian mask mandates.

So when the CDC announced that vaccinated individuals wouldn’t need to wear masks indoors anymore, the pro-mask lobby of course had to throw a fit.

That included slapping three Republican Congress Members – Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Thomas Massie (KY), and Ralph Norman (S.C.) – with $500 fines for simply not wearing a mask on the House floor.

The Republican representatives would later appeal, but the House Ethics Committee ruled in favor of upholding the $500 fines.

The Hill reports:

The House Ethics Committee announced Tuesday that it is upholding $500 fines against three additional GOP lawmakers for refusing to wear masks on the House floor while it was still required during the pandemic.

GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Thomas Massie (Ky.) and Ralph Norman (S.C.) all filed appeals against the fines that were issued in May. But they failed to persuade a majority of the panel, which is evenly split between the two parties.

These make up now the fourth, fifth, and sixth Republicans who have been fined for simply not wearing a mask on the House floor.

Four of the Representatives have even made it clear that they were in fact vaccinated when they appeared on the House floor without a mask.

Which, according to the CDC, shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Especially considering they were also giving ample social distancing space to their colleagues.

Marjorie Taylor Greene also pointed out that the Ethics Committee is obviously biased considering all but one of the committee members cosponsored the failed attempt to kick her out of Congress.

The irony in all of this is that few Congress Members or their staff are wearing masks on the floor today.

The Lockdown Left and the RINOs who played along just couldn’t stand that there were conservative Representatives who would go against the grain and think for themselves.

So they slapped them with fines while they could as the panic from the pandemic subsided.

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Ron DeSantis just proved Joe Biden can’t bully him around

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to win the applause of conservatives across the country.

He also continues to be a significant thorn in the Democrats’ side.

And Ron DeSantis just proved Joe Biden can’t bully him around.

There is no doubt Ron DeSantis has aspirations far beyond the Florida Governor’s mansion.

Many believe he is a very real contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

DeSantis’s no-nonsense approach and clear desire to make America better is winning him fans from all walks of life.

He’s taken on the Biden administration, CDC, and cruise industry all in the name of freedom, and he doesn’t seem to be stopping.

In April of this year, DeSantis sued the Biden administration over the CDC’s guidelines not allowing cruise ships to operate unless they met a series of arbitrary mandates, including proof of vaccination for 98 percent of the crew and 95 percent of passengers.

DeSantis was fighting for the freedom of the American people to choose whether or not they wanted to be vaccinated and for the United States economy, that has taken a substantial hit as a result of the government imposed pandemic lockdowns.

Of course, freedom and a strong economy are not things the Democrats like because they can’t gain total control if the people are free to make decisions and the economy is booming.

Just last month, a federal judge ruled in Florida’s favor.

The judge blasted Biden and his team for ignoring the economic harm these rules would cause and for flat out ignoring a Florida law that banned vaccine passports at all businesses and events.

But DeSantis’s victory was short-lived.

A panel of three judges on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals stopped the ruling from ever going into effect.

Not one to back down, DeSantis charged forward.

The Governor has announced that Florida will appeal to the entire 11th Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court.

“We are absolutely going to get the stay removed, either at the full 11th Circuit or at the U.S. Supreme Court,” DeSantis stated.

DeSantis is confident Florida will prevail in court.

“I’m confident that we’d win on the merits, at the 11th Circuit and, honestly, I’m confident we’d win at the U.S. Supreme Court,” DeSantis concluded.

Governor DeSantis is viewed as a hero given his no-fear attitude in standing up to the Biden administration and its constant government overreach.

This latest setback will only cause DeSantis to fight even harder.

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Leftists in California have just realized what happens when you put a trans “woman” in a women’s prison

The radical transgender lobby has been pulling out all the stops to give guys who think they are girls the same rights as women.

But these radical leftists weren’t ready for what would happen if their dreams became reality.

And now leftists in California have just realized what happens when you put a trans “woman” in a women’s prison.

Simple biology has been a thorn in the side of the Left for years.

They keep pushing the radical idea that a dude who claims he is a woman actually is a woman.

As a result they want men in girls bathrooms, taxpayer funded regendering surgery, and want to have guys in prison with women.

Most people can see how well this will all end.

But the Left is blind to common sense and reality so they couldn’t even think about the possible consequences for such a world.

Well, now they are finding out the hard way.

At the beginning of the year, California started a new law that would allow “transgenders” the right to relocate to a prison population of their choosing.

So far, around 300 requests have been made with nearly all being of guys wanting to go to women’s prisons.

And none of the requests have been denied.

As a result, feminist groups who try to help get supplies to woman in prison are now faced with requests they never concieved could be possible.

They are now getting requests from women for condoms and birth control.

According to one of these feminist groups called WoLF:

New posters recently appeared in medical rooms outlining the options available to “pregnant people” in prison, including prenatal care, abortion, and adoption. The poster also declares that women have the right to “contraceptive counseling and your choice of birth control methods by a licensed health care provider within 60-180 days prior to scheduled release date.” However, the only methods available to incarcerated women to prevent pregnancy are condoms, which appeared shortly after the men, and Plan B emergency contraceptives.

And now they are getting terrifying reports out of the prison from fearful women.

They claim that one inmate told them, “How do we feel safe in our community? When we reach out for help we get nothing. There has been an assault on a woman and we still are silenced.”

But in all reality, the Left could care less.

They don’t care who is hurt and who pays the price for their idiotic thinking and policies.

You won’t believe the justification Nancy Pelosi just gave for supporting taxpayer funded abortion in America

The Hyde Amendment prevents federal funds from being used to fund most abortions.

But Democrats want to eliminate the Hyde Amendment.

And you won’t believe the justification Nancy Pelosi just gave for supporting taxpayer funded abortion in America.

Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment, which simply prohibits federal funds from being used to fund most abortions, has been included in annual appropriations bills on a bipartisan basis.

Not only has it been passed through both Republican and Democrat-controlled Congresses, but the Hyde Amendment was also upheld by the Supreme Court in 1980.

But if Nancy Pelosi gets her way, 40 years of precedent could be overturned, allowing federal funds to once again flow into abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood.

And you won’t believe Nancy Pelosi’s justification for wanting to overturn the Hyde Amendment.

Even though the Catholic Church adamantly opposes abortion, according to Nancy Pelosi, her Catholic faith is the reason why she believes taxpayers should be forced to fund abortions.

“As a devout Catholic and mother of five in six years, I feel that God blessed my husband and me with our beautiful family – five children in six years almost to the day,” began Pelosi.

“But that may not be what we should – and it’s not up to me to dictate that that’s what other people should do, and it’s an issue of fairness and justice for poorer women in our country,” she added.

Of course, even though Joe Biden supported the Hyde Amendment during his time in the U.S. Senate, facing pressure from the radical Left, Biden reversed his position during the 2020 campaign.

However, not all Democrats are going along with Pelosi’s push to abolish the Hyde Amendment.

Democrat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Republican Roger Wicker (R-MS) just sent a bipartisan letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee urging them to protect the Hyde Amendment and maintain the “long-standing provision” in the Fiscal Year 2022 bill.

With Democrats already struggling to reach a bipartisan compromise on Biden’s multi-trillion “infrastructure” spending bill, Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to do away with the Hyde Amendment could cause even more headaches for Democrats in Congress.

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Rand Paul just wrecked Dr. Fauci again and this time it involves criminal behavior

Fireworks between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci exploded again this week during a Senate Health, Education, and Labor Committee hearing.

Americans just can’t get enough of Senator Paul mopping the floor with the disgraced doctor.

And Rand Paul just wrecked Dr. Fauci again, this time involving his criminal behavior.

People are sick of the lies Dr. Fauci continues to tell.

He has gone from a revered doctor to a total joke, and now if it’s up to Rand Paul, Fauci can add “criminal” to his resume.

During a Senate hearing, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky confronted Dr. Fauci with allegations that the doctor lied to Congress back in May when he claimed that the National Institute of Health (NIH) never funded gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Since that time, it has been proven that, in fact, NIH funneled money through EcoHealth System to the Wuhan Institute in order to study making coronaviruses more easily transmissible from animals to humans.

The showdown between Paul and Fauci started with the Senator stating, “Dr. Fauci, as you are aware, it is a crime to lie to Congress.”

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind where the Senator was going after that statement.

“On your last trip to our committee on May 11, you stated that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Senator Paul continued.

Citing research conducted in the Wuhan lab and asking that a copy of the WSJ article be given to Fauci, Paul then asked, “Knowing it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement?”

Rand Paul barely finished his statement before Dr. Fauci began shouting that he most certainly would not retract his statement.

Remaining composed, Paul pressed on, demanding that Fauci answer how NIH funded the gain of function research.

At this point, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s anger and clear disgust with Paul could no longer be contained.

Fauci began lecturing Senator Paul, yelling that Paul didn’t know what he was talking about.

“That is correct. Senator Paul, you do not know what you’re talking about, quite frankly, and I want to say that officially. You do not know what you’re talking about,” Fauci shouted.

At this point, Fauci finally revealed what so many already know – this gain of function research could be responsible for millions of deaths.

“You are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals,” Fauci whined.

Paul very calmly pointed out that this could, in fact, be the case, and Fauci went berserk.

“I totally resent that. If anybody is lying here, Senator, it is you,” the doctor yelled.

After the exchange, Senator Paul began seeking a criminal investigation into Dr. Fauci by the Department of Justice.

Only time will tell if the Biden administration will ever actually investigate their golden boy Fauci.

The American people have been lied to long enough.

It’s high time the truth comes out, and Dr. Fauci is held accountable for his egregious actions.

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Twitter went full-on Orwellian with this shocking ruling concerning a major Republican

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear acknowledges that Big Tech has it out for Republicans and conservatives.

They are regularly censored, shadowbanned, or even expelled from social media platforms every single day – far, far more than their left-wing counterparts.

But Twitter just went full-on Orwellian with this shocking ruling concerning a major Republican.

The radical Left wants 100% solidarity on the messaging surrounding COVID-19 and the vaccine.

So naturally, conservatives who express their concern with aspects of the vaccine – like over its experimental nature and how fast it was developed – are targets for the Big Tech leftists in the Silicon Valley who are just puppets for the Fake News Media.

And Members of Congress are no exception either.

Recently, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to Twitter to simply point out that COVID-19 is not life threatening and shouldn’t be too much of a concern for anyone who isn’t over the age of 65 or obese.

But those facts don’t play nice with the fear-mongering propaganda the Left has been peddling regarding COVID-19, so Twitter suspended her account.

CNN reports:

The social media platform had labeled two tweets from Greene as “misleading” in recent days. If she continues to share misinformation about Covid-19 through her Twitter account, Greene could be suspended from the platform permanently.

The temporary suspension comes as the White House has struck a confrontational posture with social media platforms over the prevalence of misleading claims about coronavirus vaccines as cases tick up nationwide.

There’s many cases of Big Tech bending their own rules to get away with censorship of anyone remotely conservative.

However, this case of censorship stands out as there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Representative Greene tweeted.

According to the CDC – the pride of our nation for the past 18 months if you listen to the radical Left – everyone under the age of 65 makes up just 20% of all COVID-19 deaths in the United States.

Let’s put that into perspective. The virus already has a survival rate of 99.8%. But of that 0.2% of people, anyone under the age of 65 are upwards of 4 times safer from experiencing life-threatening complications due to COVID-19 than those over 65.

That doesn’t even take into account the fact that the age bracket 50-64 accounts for more than 75% of all deaths involving the coronavirus under the age of 65.

Simply put, anyone under the age of 65 effectively has a survival rate so high it may as well be virtually 100% and the younger you are, the safer you are from experiencing dangerous side effects from the virus.

That’s all Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed out. There was not one iota of falsity in her tweet.

But because that truth can’t be twisted to support more lockdowns that will force more Americans to become dependent on the government to feed their families, Twitter didn’t just take down the Tweet, they suspended Representative Greene and told her never to speak the truth again.

Despite Twitter and Facebook’s best efforts, the truth is out on the coronavirus.

More and more people are waking up to the reality that the virus has been used to put Americans in fear so the Left could ram through their radical agendas under the guise of “COVID response.”

And if they try to lockdown the nation again because of some “variants” of this likely lab-made virus, Americans aren’t going to take it this time around.

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Washington, D.C. is in shambles after Democrats did this one thing

Democrats have had control of America’s cities for decades.

Their “leadership” has led to nothing but destruction.

And Washington, D.C. is in shambles after Democrats did this one thing.

The nation’s capital has been run by Democrat Mayors since the office was created in the mid ‘70s.

Since then, the citizens continue to suffer with poverty remaining far higher than the national average.

But it is getting much worse for the largely black population of D.C.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the violent Black Lives Matter riots that rocked the country last year, Washington, D.C. set out to defund their police department.

The city council cut $15 million from the Metropolitan Police Department last year to appease progressive politicians.

Unfortunately, Washington, D.C. is now experiencing a 16-year high in homicides – all while the police department is staffed at the lowest level in 20 years, according to MPD Chief Robert Contee.

With recent shootings taking the life of 6-year-old Nyiah Courtney and threatening a stadium full of baseball fans at Nationals Park, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was forced to walk back her anti-police rhetoric.

In a letter authorizing the expansion of police overtime, she said:

“Expanding and maintaining these increased police deployments in our communities during a year of no police hiring requires a corresponding increase in overtime. But while the use of overtime is a necessary tool, it is not an ideal solution as it results in the burnout of officers. The better solution is to fully staff our police force.”

What she won’t tell you, though, is that her budget for 2022 calls for hiring over a hundred more officers BUT includes even more cuts in funding to the force.

Bowser will have to pick.

Either she can have a strong, well-funded police department that enforces the laws, or she can keep steadfast with police budget cuts – dooming her constituents to more robberies, rapes, and murders.

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The White House called Kamala Harris’s visit to the hospital “routine” but Americans know exactly why she went

On Sunday, Kamala Harris was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center.

It just so happened that this hospital visit came a few days after Harris had close contact with the group of irresponsible Democrat lawmakers from Texas – some of whom had just tested positive for COVID.

The White House called Kamala Harris’s visit to the hospital “routine,” but Americans know exactly why she went.

Last Tuesday, Kamala Harris met with the group of Texas Democrats who fled the state to block an election integrity vote.

Not long after her meeting with the group, news broke that six of the lawmakers from Texas had tested positive for the coronavirus – all six were fully vaccinated.

When it was reported that Harris had been taken to Walter Reed Medical for a “routine” doctor’s appointment, many were left scratching their heads and asking why on a Sunday.

This led to speculation that Harris was actually being tested for COVID because she had spent time in close proximity to the lawbreaking group of Texans.

Symone Sanders, spokeswoman for Harris, claimed that the Vice President was not in close contact with those who did test positive for coronavirus, but no one was buying it.

On Monday, it was released that Harris tested negative for COVID.

If she didn’t go to be tested for it, why was it necessary to announce she had a negative result?

During the Monday press briefing, Jen Psaki stated that Harris’s office released specific details about the proximity of the Vice President to the individuals from Texas that tested positive.

When pressed about whether or not the White House was upset that these Democrat lawmakers had not worn masks on their flight to DC, Psaki declined to directly respond.

“I don’t think I’m going to be in a position here to assess what safety precautions they may or may not have taken,” Psaki said.

Of course, everyone knows that masks are for nothing more than virtue signaling by the Left, and if that was a plane full of Republicans, Psaki would be losing her mind over the pictures of maskless lawmakers, but it’s a bunch of Democrats so no action will be taken.

If, by chance, Harris was actually taken to the hospital for something other than a COVID test, her team needs to let Americans know what is going on.

Given the cagey nature of the administration and the rush to announce in the press that Harris was negative, most people can easily deduce that the White House was concerned the VP had contracted coronavirus from the Texas Democrats.

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Jen Psaki tried to distract from a big Democrat scandal

The Democrat Party is falling apart.

Their blatant hypocrisy is on display for everyone to see.

And Jen Psaki tried to distract from a big Democrat scandal.

In the wake of the 2020 Presidential Election, voters’ confidence in our election system has taken a nosedive.

States across the nation have been passing election integrity measures in an effort to stop the bleeding.

As Right News Wire recently reported, Texas brought a bill to the floor that would expand mail-in voting but introduced stronger voter fraud protections.

In response, Texas Democrats flew to Washington D.C. to prevent Texas House Republicans from calling a quorum.

After they sang a laughably tone-deaf rendition of We Shall Overcome at a crowded publicity stunt, six of the Texas Democrats came down with COVID-19.

And now their outbreak is spreading through the White House and Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Instead of condemning the group for their spread of the virus to other offices and their unwillingness to fulfill their elected duties, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki lauded them.

“Our message continues to be thanks for standing up for voting rights and the rights of Americans to have their voices heard at the voting booth, and we appreciate their efforts in that regard,” Psaki said Tuesday.

This is in stark contrast to how Democrats treated Donald Trump and Republicans all of last year.

When Trump held an event in the Rose Garden to announce Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court nominee, Fascist Fauci and his political pals slammed him for hosting a “superspreader event.”

And who can forget when leftist doctors claimed Black Lives Matter riots last year didn’t contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

All of this just goes to show that Democrats are political hacks who will exploit every opportunity to increase their power and crush everyone who disagrees with them.

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The military continues its march toward ultimate wokeness and what this general said about Donald Trump proves it

Americans are becoming frightened that the United States military isn’t prepared to protect them in the face of an attack.

Unfortunately, they have every right to be scared as the military has begun focusing on things like Critical Race Theory and LGBT rights.

The military continues its march toward ultimate wokeness and what this General said about Donald Trump proves it.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley has been front-page news over the last few weeks for his defense of the Marxist-based Critical Race Theory.

Many were shocked at the General’s support of such radical ideas and questioned why the military is even taking a stance on such issues.

This, coupled with a recruitment ad done by the United States Army that portrays a lesbian couple getting married, has many concerned about what the military is really doing.

Milley is back in the headlines for a claim he made in the new book by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker entitled .

The book says General Milley claimed former President Donald Trump was Hitler and his supporters were all Nazis.

The General also stated that the military would use force against Trump and his supporters if they protested Joe Biden’s inauguration.

In the book, it is said that Milley predicted attacks staged by Trump would be much like the ones Nazis carried out in 1933 and that Trump was doing it in an attempt to retain power.

“This is a Reichstag moment,” Milley said and added that Trump spoke, “the gospel of the Führer.”

Leonnig and Rucker claim in the book that Milley told underlings that any Trump supporter who planned to protest Biden’s inauguration was the equivalent of a Nazi, and the military must put them down.

“Here’s the deal, guys: These guys are Nazis, they’re boogaloo boys, they’re Proud Boys. These are the same people we fought in World War II. We’re going to put a ring of steel around this city and the Nazis aren’t getting in,” Milley reportedly said.

If true, Milley should be punished for his statements.

These statements are flat-out unacceptable from anyone in military brass.

But the Left loves it and continues to praise Milley and support his radical viewpoints.

Many are calling for Milley’s resignation, and everyone knows that if he had said those same things about Biden, there would be a mob at his door calling for his head.

Once again, the Left is pushing its radical agenda through any avenue possible.

It’s hard to believe they’ve infiltrated the military, but then again, they seem to be storming their way into every facet of American life.

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This group issued a dire warning to socialists and Marxists in America

Socialism and Marxism has been tried over and over, and failed over and over like clockwork.

It seems there’s always people ignorant of history who want to keep giving it another try, insisting that the next time somehow they will get it right.

But this group issued a dire warning to socialists and Marxists in America.

Cuba has been showing life as of late in hope of overthrowing their Marxist dictatorship with protests popping up demanding freedom and liberty like that found in America.

But of course, because this doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative on what socialism and Marxism is like to live under, they’ve been entirely too silent.

True freedom-loving Americans have been voicing their support for the Cuban freedom fighters, including none other than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis himself.

According to reports, protesters have been rallying in front of the White House in support of the Cuban protests.

And the protesters have a critical warning for the radical leftists in America who think giving Cuban Marxism or socialism from the likes of Che Guevara a shot is a good idea.

Breitbart reports:

A man identifying himself as Gianni, a Cuban protester at the White House, waved a Cuban flag emblazoned with an image rejecting Guevara. He told Breitbart News that those who admire Guevara have “the wrong information” and urged them to become better acquainted with his true legacy.

“People think he was great and a revolutionary. What no one tells you is that he used to kill gays in Cuba. His great idea was concentration camps for gays,” Gianni explained. “He used to kill Christians. He used to kill people that didn’t agree with him just because they wanted freedom and they didn’t want to be communist.”

The protesters are right. Che Guevara was a psychotic guerrilla terrorist who would kill everyone who dissented with him and his “vision” for Cuba.

There is a lesson for young so-called “socialists” in America to learn.

And the Cuban freedom fighters are teaching it.

Socialism, Marxism, and any other far-left extreme economic and cultural system is bound to be doomed sooner or later.

And when it fails, the oligarchs and dictators are the only beneficiaries.

The people are left in shambles and extreme poverty, especially compared to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, the “elites” of those socialist and Marxist societies suck the life out of their people for their own wealth and benefit.

Cubans fighting for liberty in Cuba right now and Cuban-Americans who’ve fled from the Marxist hell hole are pleading for everyone to listen to that lesson.

Only time will tell if anyone is.

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Trump was vindicated when this news leaked out of the Biden administration

Donald Trump was sounding alarms about the origin of COVID-19 from the very beginning.

And Democrats have done everything they can to cover up the truth.

But Trump was vindicated when this news leaked out of the Biden administration.

Donald Trump was one step ahead of leftists throughout all of the COVID panic during his Presidency.

He was the first to say we needed to lockdown travel from China, all while Democrats decried the commonsense move as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

His administration pumped out multiple vaccines in record time to combat the spread.

But one of his most prescient claims was that COVID-19 likely escaped – inadvertently or otherwise – from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Last year, media elites immediately shut down the idea that COVID came from anywhere other than a bat soup allegedly sold in the wet markets of Wuhan – towing the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda.

Unfortunately for them, the evidence continues to pile up against the Chinese government.

The most damning piece of evidence is the presence of the “CGG-CGG” sequence in the virus.

The entire class of coronaviruses that include COVID-19 have never been found to contain the double CGG sequence, but it is extremely common in laboratory manipulation of viruses.

And it looks like even Biden’s own administration is starting to abandon the narrative that the virus occurred naturally.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Top officials in President Joe Biden’s administration overseeing an intelligence review of the novel coronavirus origins view the Wuhan lab leak theory to be as credible as the one about natural emergence, according to a new report.

This flies in the face of the months of mockery and derision leftists have hurled at Republicans for suggesting the lab leak theory is plausible.

And now they’re eating those words as Republicans are once again proven right.

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Democrats just suffered another legal setback, and you can thank Donald Trump for this one

The Democrat Party is determined to strip Americans of their constitutional rights.

They don’t care if it’s legal or not – they just want control.

But the Democrats just suffered another legal setback, and you can thank Donald Trump for this one.

In their most recent attempt at a power grab, the Democrats tried to ban the sale of handguns to Americans under the age of 21.

Why the liberals decided a 21-year-old is more responsible than an 18-year-old is anyone’s guess, but that is the arbitrary age they picked.

Judge Julius Richardson, a Trump appointee, delivered the majority opinion for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Much to no one’s surprise, the court struck down the ban on selling handguns to Americans under the age of 21.

Richardson stated that the ability of Americans to exercise self-defense is the “central component” of the Second Amendment.

“So while the individual right of self-defense was ‘the central component’ of the Second Amendment, the civic purpose ‘was codified’ based on the fear that a tyrannical government would eliminate the civically minded militia. Both reflected the pre-existing right of self-defense that the Founders valued as the core purpose of the state. In the Founders’ world, individual self-protection and community defense were not wholly separate spheres,” Judge Richardson stated.

Let’s also not forget that American citizens can serve in the military at the age of 18, so to ban anyone under 21 from buying a gun while allowing them to hold one as they stand on the front lines is absolutely absurd.

And Judge Richardson said as much in the opinion from the Fourth Circuit.

“Around the time the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791, Congress began debating invoking its power under the Militia Clauses to better organize the militias for federal use in emergencies. The effort was pushed by Secretary of War Henry Knox, who argued to Congress that while the ‘military age has generally commenced at sixteen,’ the age for the federal select militia should be set at 18 because ‘the youth of sixteen do not commonly attain such a degree of robust strength as to enable them to sustain without injury the hardships incident to the field,’” Judge Richardson wrote.

Justice Richardson confirmed, what most Americans understand already, that the historical record is clear and the Founders fully intended for citizens ages 18 to 20 to have access to firearms.

At this point, the Democrats seem to be just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks, and in this case, it was a totally asinine attempt to take away legal adults’ freedom to own a gun.

There is no telling what these radical leftists will try next, but they aren’t done yet, and clearly will stop at nothing to make sure every American is stripped of their constitutional rights.

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This Republican Representative just destroyed Black Lives Matter for praising communism

Black Lives Matter is unashamed of their support for communism.

Their founders are self-avowed Marxists.

But this Republican Representative just destroyed Black Lives Matter for praising communism.

Since the summer of last year, BLM has been waging a war against everything America stands for.

They want to teach children that their race will determine how successful they are, fund trillions of dollars in reparations, and denigrate all of the good things this nation has done.

And just recently, they made their push for communism and their disdain for America crystal clear.

In a statement released Wednesday, BLM argued that the massive protests happening in Cuba are due to American influence and not the communist dictatorship oppressing the Cuban people.

“Black Lives Matter condemns the U.S. federal government’s inhumane treatment of Cubans, and urges it to immediately lift the economic embargo. This cruel and inhumane policy, instituted with the explicit intention of destabilizing the country and undermining Cubans’ right to choose their own government, is at the heart of Cuba’s current crisis. Since 1962, the United States has forced pain and suffering on the people of Cuba by cutting off food, medicine and supplies, costing the tiny island nation an estimated $130 billion,” the statement read.

Of course, this is a blatant lie. The U.S. embargo does not restrict humanitarian aid in the form of food and medicine – in fact, America constantly sends millions of dollars in aid to Cuba.

The statement went on to praise Cuba for, “historically demonstrated solidarity with oppressed peoples of African descent, from protecting Black revolutionaries . . . [and] supporting Black liberation struggles.”

Republican Florida Representative Byron Donalds responded by calling the statement “ridiculous” and “asinine.”

“The Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro was a murderous takeover of that country,” Donalds continued.

“They should be on the right side of this and supporting the Cuban people who want freedom and liberty on their island,” Donalds advised BLM.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new.

BLM and their radical Marxist militia want nothing more than for America to become a communist dictatorship like Cuba, and they’ll use any means necessary to accomplish it.

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Another lockdown could be on the horizon after this county made a jaw-dropping decision

Americans have been looking forward to returning to normalcy in 2021.

But that may still be a while off.

That’s because another lockdown could be on the horizon after this county made a jaw-dropping decision.

The coronavirus panic has been all but over for the past couple months.

Small businesses have been opening back up, concert venues have been resurrected, and local recreation has been back on the rise.

All across the country, Americans have had the pandemic in their rearview mirror.

Of course, this isn’t what the Lockdown Left wants for the public.

They want to hold on to their power over Americans for as long as they can blame it on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

And that’s exactly what happened recently as Los Angeles county reportedly rolled back their loosening restrictions and imposed yet another mask mandate on their citizens.

US News & World Report writes:

The rapid and sustained increase in cases in Los Angeles County requires restoring an indoor mask mandate, said Dr. Muntu Davis, public health officer for the county’s 10 million people. The public health order will go into effect just before midnight Saturday.

‘This is an all-hands-on-deck moment,’ Davis said during a virtual news conference.

Davis said officials will focus on education rather than enforcement. Handing out citations to people who don’t comply is “not something we really want to have to do,” he said.

Los Angeles County has been recording more than 1,000 new cases each day for a week, and there is now “substantial community transmission,” Davis said. On Thursday, there were 1,537 new cases, and hospitalizations have now topped 400.

Proponents of more lockdowns parrott from the rooftops that the majority of new cases are from unvaccinated individuals.

However, that’s largely due to the fact that half of the United States population is simply unwilling to subject themselves to an experimental vaccination that was largely untested before being administered en masse.

On top of that, if half of the population is unwilling to receive the vaccination, why should Americans be forced to rewind the clock to being under lockdown like they were in 2020?

Combine that with Joe Biden’s “door-to-door” canvassing plan to propagandize the vaccine like it’s a 1950s vacuum cleaner, and you have yourself a classic case of government overreach.

Ultimately it’s not the government’s decision to make regarding an individual’s vaccination status as it relates to COVID-19 – or any vaccination for anything else for that matter.

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An announcement came out of the U.S. Supreme Court that has Joe Biden sweating bullets

Democrats know that the Supreme Court is one of the last roadblocks preventing them from imposing their far-left vision on America.

That’s why one of their highest priorities is to change the entirety of the High Court as we know it.

But an announcement came out of the U.S. Supreme Court that has Joe Biden sweating bullets.

Easily one of Donald Trump’s most important accomplishments during his tenure in office was nominating three Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court and seeing all of them confirmed to the bench.

When Kavanaugh was confirmed and gave conservatives a 5-4 majority on the bench, Democrats were already prepared to wage war.

So when Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed months before Trump left office, Democrats and the entire radical Left made it their mission to pack the Supreme Court and drown out Trump’s confirmed Justices.

Unsuccessful in their attempts so far to arbitrarily add more seats to the Supreme Court bench simply because they’ve lost hope, the Left has now changed their focus.

The leftist controlled Fake News Media, so-called “progressive” political organizations, and even elected Democrat Congressmembers have called for Stephen Breyer to retire.

Not concerned for Stephen Breyer himself at all, they admittedly just want his seat to fall to a young liberal justice rather than yet another conservative should Republicans take back the White House in 2024. 

However, in a bombshell interview with CNN, Stephen Breyer made himself very clear that he has no intentions to retire and that health will be his primary reason to retire when he chooses to do so.

CNN reports:

Justice Stephen Breyer has not decided when he will retire and is especially gratified with his new role as the senior liberal on the bench, he told CNN in an exclusive interview — his first public comments amid the incessant speculation of a Supreme Court vacancy.

Far from Washington and the pressures of the recently completed session and chatter over his possible retirement, Breyer, a 27-year veteran of the high court, said Wednesday that two factors will be overriding in his decision.

“Primarily, of course, health,” said Breyer, who will turn 83 in August. “Second, the court.”

Liberal advocates, law professors and some Democratic members of Congress have tried in public statements to persuade Breyer to leave the bench. They want Democratic President Joe Biden to be able to name a younger liberal while the Senate, which has the constitutional “advice and consent” power, holds a thin Democratic majority.

Breyer’s non-announcement puts the Left in a tough position.

They’ve come to find that arbitrarily packing the U.S. Supreme Court is – unsurprisingly – wildly unpopular with the vast majority of Americans.

But now they’ve found they can’t bully an 83-year-old man to retire to replace him.

It’s almost like there’s consequences for losing the 2016 election. Wow, who could’ve suspected that?

Of course, nothing will stop the radical Left from trying to do everything in their power to overturn the consequences of losing an election.

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What Donald Trump had to say about Brett Kavanaugh will likely shock you

Donald Trump reshaped the United States Supreme Court during his time in the White House.

However, the former President seems to be rethinking some of the decisions he made during that time.

And what Donald Trump had to say about Brett Kavanaugh will likely shock you.

When Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it looked like the advantage would go to the conservatives.

Kavanaugh faced a vicious nominating process but ultimately prevailed, and many looked on in excitement as the court started to tip in the Republicans’ favor.

Or so it appeared.

Trump, and quite frankly many on the Right, are not happy with some of Justice Kavanaugh’s decisions since taking his spot on the bench.

In an interview with Michael Wolff for his book Landslide, the former President didn’t hold back when it came to how he feels about Kavanaugh and his rulings.

“Where would he be without me? I saved his life. He wouldn’t even be in a law firm. Who would have had him? Nobody. Totally disgraced. Only I saved him,” Trump stated.

According to Trump, several Republican Senators wanted him to cut Kavanaugh free after allegations of sexual assault and gang rape arose during the Senate confirmation hearings.

Trump stuck to his guns and fought to keep Kavanaugh.

“Practically every Senator called me . . . and said ‘Cut him loose, sir, cut him loose. He’s killing, Kavanaugh’ . . . I said, ‘I can’t do that,'” Trump told Wolff.

Trump wasn’t happy with Kavanaugh’s ruling to dismiss challenges to the 2020 election, but the former President says it goes deeper than that, and he feels Kavanaugh is cozying up to the Left.

“I can’t even believe what’s happening. I’m very disappointed in Kavanaugh. I just told you something I haven’t told a lot of people. In retrospect, he just hasn’t had the courage you need to be a great justice. I’m basing this on more than just the election,” Trump said.

To many conservatives’ shock, Kavanaugh voted with the liberal justices to uphold Obamacare for a third time.

Donald Trump, and many others, thought they were getting a conservative bulldog when Kavanaugh was placed on the court, but now it appears that Brett Kavanaugh snowed them.

One thing is for sure, though, no one crosses Donald Trump twice.

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Joe Biden is about to go completely insane after CNN gave him one order

Joe Biden has been the most extreme-left President in history.

But some think he hasn’t gone far enough.

And Joe Biden is about to go completely insane after CNN gave him one order. 

Since entering the White House in January, Joe Biden and his handlers have gone all-out to reverse the accomplishments of President Donald Trump. 

They have an agenda so extreme to the Left that it makes Barack Obama look moderate in comparison. 

Now, Biden and his allies in the Democrat Party are laying the groundwork for even more extreme measures to be forced into law. 

The biggest obstacle in their way is the filibuster, which gives a minority voice in the U.S. Senate the ability to block legislation, requiring 60 votes to pass most bills. 

This has stopped Democrats from passing many of their most extreme measures into law. 

Currently, Democrats are trying to end the filibuster to allow bills like their so-called “For the People” Act to federalize elections to pass. 

To his credit, Joe Biden has yet to outright support such a radical move.

But that could change, especially with Vice President Kamala Harris expressly supporting the action. 

Recently, Biden gave a speech about voting where he claimed that the fight against voter security laws is the most important battle since the Civil War. 

“We are facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War,” Biden said. “That’s not hyperbole . . . The Confederates back then never breached the Capitol as insurrectionists did.”

Any sane American realizes just how ridiculous a statement like that is. 

But according to CNN, it wasn’t extreme enough.

On Wednesday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom, co-host Alisyn Camerota began the segment by gushing over Biden’s “very passionate speech about what he calls ‘the most serious test to our democracy since the Civil War’” in the form of “restrictive voting laws.”

But not everybody was as happy with his speech. 

CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash criticized Biden for not calling for an end to the filibuster, stating that he brought “a butter knife to a fight against a nuclear bomb.”

Bash said:

“Unless the President is going to go another step and going to say we need to actually change rules in the United States Senate to get this done so the federal government can have more of an impact, what he basically was doing was taking kind of a butter knife to a fight against a nuclear bomb and that is what the pressure is going to continue to be on the President to convince some of those moderate Democrats . . . that this is the one issue that is important to work around the filibuster on.”

If Biden takes their advice, things are about to become really crazy, really fast. 

These Democrats may end up in jail after pulling one stunt to waste taxpayer dollars

Democrats love to pay public homage to the idea of “bipartisanship.”

But they rarely ever actually reach across the aisle to get anything done.

And now these Democrats may end up in jail after pulling one stunt to waste taxpayer dollars.

Earlier this month, Texas Republicans were all but totally prepared to pass an election integrity bill to help curb fraud and increase security of our election systems.

But there was one thing they couldn’t have predicted.

When Texas House Democrats saw the writing on the wall that the Republicans had the votes in the legislature to send the bill to Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s desk, they pulled an unthinkable stunt.

More than 50 Texas House Democrats fled the state, flying to Washington, D.C., knowing that the Republicans would no longer have the numbers required to call a quorum. 

And now, ironically, it is Texas Democrats who are suppressing votes. 

In the meantime, the Lone Star State’s Senate voted 18-4 to pass the bill, but with the House vote in limbo, it’s unsure when the bill will end up making its way to Governor Abbott.

Needless to say, Abbott isn’t happy.

In fact, Greg Abbott has even said that as soon as the Democrat House members inevitably return to the state, they will be arrested.

The Guardian reports:

In response Abbott told an Austin television station he would simply keep calling special sessions of the legislature through next year if necessary, and raised the possibility of Democrats facing arrest upon returning home.

“As soon as they come back in the state of Texas, they will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas capitol until they get their job done,” Abbott said.

The cross-country exodus was the second time that Democratic lawmakers have staged a walkout on the voting overhaul, a measure of their fierce opposition to proposals they say will make it harder for young people, people of color and people with disabilities to vote.

But like last month’s effort, there remains no clear path for Democrats to permanently block the voting measures, or a list of other contentious GOP-backed proposals up for debate.

The stunt is a peculiar one from the Texas Democrats.

The average American is reading this story plastered all over the news and seeing it for what it really is: politicians throwing a fit for not getting their way and disrupting Democracy.

This is what the Texas Democrats are getting paid taxpayer dollars to do. They’re refusing to do their jobs so they flee the state because they’ve all but lost and are in a corner they can’t get out of.

The weirdest part of this whole situation has to be the Texas Democrats horribly singing “We Shall Overcome” after arriving in Washington, D.C.



Maybe these Democrats have another trick up their sleeve that actually sticks.

Because if they don’t, Texans aren’t going to take too kindly to these antics.

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Biden’s ATF nominee just got stalled by the last person you’d expect

Joe Biden is trying to ram through as many radical leftist nominees through Congress as he can.

He wants to make sure nothing is safe from his radical socialist agenda.

But Biden’s ATF nominee just got stalled by the last person you’d expect. 

Joe Biden’s pick for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, David Chipman, is one of the most anti-gun people in the country.

And it’s no secret that Biden is pushing him so he can restrict the right to bear arms for law-abiding gun owners. 

During Congressional hearings, Chipman expressed his support for expanded background checks – the first step to registration and confiscation.

He went further saying that he wants to see so-called “assault weapons” restricted, without defining what he means by the term.

Naturally, Republicans and gun rights activists are galvanized against Chipman’s appointment. 

“I can’t think of a single Republican at this point who I would expect to lose on that,” said Senate GOP Whip John Thune (R-SD).

But with the Senate split 50-50, the Republicans need at least one Democrat to jump ship to stop his confirmation. 

And it looks like they may not be in short supply.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO), and Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) have all expressed their concern about Chipman’s radical stances on gun issues, and none of them have indicated they have decided which way they will vote.

“I just want to get the right person for the job, that’s all,” Mr. Tester said. 

Chipman’s lukewarm reception by Senate Democrats doesn’t bode well for his chances of being confirmed, though he was able to pick up Sen. Maggie Hassan’s (D-NH) support.

Unfortunately for Biden, his hopes of ripping guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens is stuck in the mud and is looking like it’s bound to fail.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.  

Donald Trump may have just broken the Ashli Babbitt case wide open

Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed Air Force veteran, was the lone person to die as a direct result of the January 6 event.

Babbitt’s family and many Americans are still waiting to hear who shot the unarmed woman.

But it looks like Donald Trump may have just broken the Ashli Babbitt case wide open.

During a recent interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Donald Trump asked again who shot Ashli Babbitt on January 6.

“Why are they keeping that secret? Who is the person that shot an innocent, wonderful, incredible woman? A military woman right in the head, and there is no repercussions. If that were on the other side, it would be the biggest story in this country. Who shot Ashli Babbitt? People want to know, and why,” Trump questioned.

Bartiromo responded to Trump’s question with some questions of her own.

“Do you have any information [because] there is speculation that this was a security detail in a leading member of Congress’ security detail, a Democrat. What can you tell us in terms of who shot Ashli Babbitt? What do you know, Mr. President?” Bartiromo asked the former President.

Rumors have been circulating that Babbitt was shot by a member of a top-ranking Democrat’s security detail, but as of yet, no one can confirm the details.

Trump told Bartiromo that he has heard these rumors and that he believes the media and law enforcement are concealing the identity of the person responsible for Ashli Babbitt’s death.

Donald Trump is correct in his assessment that had this been an unarmed left-wing extremist who was shot, the calls for the shooter’s head would be deafening.

However, since it was a Trump supporter, no one on the Left seems to care, and if they do, they sure are hiding it well.

It’s incredible to think that someone who took an innocent life is still roaming free and not facing any consequences.

But that does appear to be the Democrats’ SOP lately.

The do as I say, not as I do mentality on the Left is nauseating, and the hypocrisy is unconscionable.

Americans can only hope that Ashli Babbitt’s murderer is brought to justice and soon.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer struck a deal that will leave you speechless

For months, Democrats in Congress have been spinning their wheels to get something substantial from their agenda on Joe Biden’s desk.

So far they’ve been left empty handed on every one of their major talking points.

But now Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer struck a deal that will leave you speechless.

It was all the way back in March when the Biden administration first announced “The American Jobs Plan,” the Democrats’ first iteration of a major “infrastructure” spending bill.

Since then, Democrats have been claiming everything from child care to free housing and even paid leave to be so-called “infrastructure” and that all of it should be included in their massive tax-and-spend boondoggle.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) even unabashedly proclaimed as much on Twitter.

And like we’ve seen several times already, Biden’s Democrat cronies failed to convince the more “moderate” members in the Senate to get on board with the massive spending bills and couldn’t get their socialist wishlist to Joe Biden’s Oval Office for a signature.

However, it appears that bipartisanship is a thing of the past for the Democrats in Congress.

The latest reports indicate that Chuck Schumer has “struck a deal” with the vast majority of Democrats in the Senate for a $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” proposal that won’t need a single vote from anyone on the other side of the aisle owing to their use of budget reconciliation to pass the bill and the fact that Kamala Harris maintains a tie-breaking vote.

It was all the way back in April when Senate officials ruled that the Democrats would be allowed to use budget reconciliation for the second time this fiscal year.

The New York Times reports:

Top Democrats announced on Tuesday evening that they had reached agreement on an expansive $3.5 trillion budget blueprint, including plans to pour money into addressing climate change and expanding Medicare among an array of other Democratic priorities, that they plan to advance alongside a bipartisan infrastructure deal.

Combined with nearly $600 billion in new spending on physical infrastructure contained in the bipartisan plan, which omits many of Democrats’ highest ambitions, the measure is intended to deliver on President Biden’s $4 trillion economic proposal. The budget blueprint, expected to be dominated by spending, tax increases and programs that Republicans oppose, would pave the way for a Democrats-only bill that leaders plan to push through Congress using a process known as reconciliation, which shields it from a filibuster.

The New York Times article goes on to note that it’s unclear if all 50 Democrat Senators voiced their explicit support for the bill.

So it’s still possible that the plan could still fail.

But for as much as the Democrats in Congress give lip service to “bipartisanship” and reaching across the aisle, they are doing everything they can to ram through their radical socialist agenda without a single vote from a Republican.

That’s made even more blatant by the fact that Democrat after Democrat has waged all-out war on the Senate filibuster, which normally prevents a political party with a slim one vote majority from imposing their will on all of America.

Ron DeSantis got news out of Dallas, Texas that sent shockwaves through the political establishment

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has been exploding in popularity in the last six months.

Many are wondering if he’s going to take a bigger role in the future of the GOP.

But Ron DeSantis just got news out of Dallas, Texas that sent shockwaves through the political establishment.

The moment Joe Biden took to the Oval Office, conservatives across the country started looking for a new leader in the GOP to take the America First mantle left by Donald Trump.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis (R) quickly started to shape up to be the best bet for the future of the Republican Party to lead the nation for conservatives.

But early polls are showing he’s still got a ton of ground to cover.

In fact, a recent straw poll out of CPAC in Dallas, Texas shows Donald Trump still commanding a lead in a potential 2024 GOP primary race.

Breitbart reports:

Pollsters at CPAC asked conference attendees two questions: who would they support in a 2024 bid for president if Donald Trump runs, and who is their top choice if he does not. The straw poll found 70 percent of voters would back Trump in 2024 if he runs for president. In second place was DeSantis with 21 percent of the vote.

When asked who they would support in 2024 if Trump does not run, 68 percent chose DeSantis, followed by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at 5 percent and Donald Trump Jr. at 4 percent.

Both Trump and DeSantis gained support compared to the last CPAC poll, which occurred in late February in Orlando, Florida. In previous straw poll results, Trump won 55 percent of the vote with DeSantis garnering 21 percent support. With Trump excluded as a potential candidate, DeSantis received 43 percent of the vote.

Almost certainly, if both decided to run, DeSantis and Trump would be the two dogs with a bone left in the ring.

However, should Donald Trump choose not to run, DeSantis has clearly passed Mike Pence as the next in line, taking a commanding 68 percent of the poll respondents in that situation.

It’s clear the future Republican nominee won’t end up being a Mitt Romney-style RINO who will only drive away grassroots conservative votes.

On the other hand, some conservatives are concerned that the GOP needs a new face like DeSantis to win in 2024 instead of Trump who will always be polarizing in the eyes of the suburban women who will be key to winning the Presidency in the general election.

Only time will tell who will end up on the ballot in November of 2024. 

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You won’t believe the aid Democrats just gave to this communist state

Democrats gave up trying to hide just how radical they are a long time ago.

They openly endorse socialism and Marxism daily.  

And you won’t believe the aid Democrats just gave to this communist state.

Since the late 1950’s, Cuba has been ruled under the iron fist of a communist regime founded by Fidel Castro.

The country’s citizens experience constant political repression, food shortages, and economic stagnation.

And it seems those grievances are coming to a head. 

There is currently a massive movement in Cuba pushing to end the socialist dictatorship that has plagued the nation for decades.

Their cries for freedom and democracy are echoing around the world. 

But Democrats here in the United States are now aiding the socialist regime by applauding them while pinning the maladies the Cuban people experience on America. 

Some Democrats, like Bernie Sanders, tacitly acknowledged the socialist regime has been committing violence against protestors saying, “I call on the Cuban government to respect opposition rights and refrain from violence,” while in the next breath condemning America saying, “It’s also long past time to end the unilateral U.S. embargo on Cuba, which has only hurt, not helped, the Cuban people.”

Others went even further, openly praising the blood thirsty socialist dictators and trashing on the United States. 

Shahid Buttar, a Democrat running for Congress tweeted, “Not only is the illegal U.S. embargo responsible for shortages in Cuba, but Cubans enjoy substantial rights (eg to healthcare, housing) that we Americans are denied. Might those two conditions be somehow related?”

The divide between Republican and Democrat is clearer than it ever has been. 

Long gone are the days where Democrats and Republicans argued over what the tax rate ought to be or if Social Security should be expanded. 

Instead, Democrats are brazenly declaring their love for socialist killers and their contempt for the United States – a country they supposedly “serve.”

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Joe Biden continues to reverse Trump-era policies and this latest move is sure to hit every American hard

Joe Biden’s Presidency continues to spiral out of control.

From his apparent cognitive issues to his fumbling of relations with foreign allies, it’s almost certain he will go down as one of the worst Presidents in U.S. history.

And Joe Biden continues to reverse Trump-era policies, and this latest move is sure to hit every American hard.

The American economy is in trouble, and Joe Biden isn’t doing anything to help.

One of the most obvious signs is the astronomical spike in gas prices since Biden took office.

Some states are seeing $5 a gallon.

During Trump’s Presidency, the country was reaching energy independence, but in Biden’s never-ending quest to undo all the good Trump accomplished, he quickly destroyed the economy.

Joe Biden is not unifying the country or giving Americans more opportunities – as he promised – he’s hurting them, and he doesn’t appear to care.

Biden held a press conference recently to try to promote his trillion-dollar bailout plan, and during it, he announced he would raise taxes on gas companies.

Clearly, Biden missed economics class in college because most people know that his raising of taxes on gas companies will only result in it being passed on to the consumer.

Once again, the Democrats try to pull a fast one by raising taxes that will inevitably line the pockets of their allies but absolutely devastate the everyday American.

Biden said that this tax would “make polluters pay to clean up the messes they’ve made.”

No, Biden, it will not do that – it will make the American people pay more for fuel they desperately need.

In a last-ditch attempt to make it all sound lovely, Biden said it was about the “climate crisis.”

Ever since the Democrats realized no one was buying the coronavirus fight anymore, they switched gears and threatened that all things “climate” is what is hurting Americans and causing them to have to raise taxes.

Right, the climate is causing taxes to increase.

Sorry, Joe, no one believes you.

There is no doubt that part of Biden’s plan is to ensure that his far-left climate activist friends and electric car manufactures get rich, and what better way to do it than to tax one of the very things Americans need most.

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Jen Psaki just said one thing about election integrity that will leave you fuming

Democrats are fighting tooth-and-nail to make sure Republicans never win an election again.

They are doing everything in their power to block any bill aimed at securing our elections.

And Jen Psaki just said one thing about election integrity that will leave you fuming.

After the chaos of the 2020 Presidential election, Republicans and Democrats split into two completely different directions.

Republicans, understandably, want to secure our elections.

Voter ID laws and a strict one-day election are the most common measures proposed at the state level.

While Democrats are calling for the federalization of the election process, the abolition of voter ID laws, and the expansion of voting to weeks (if not months) of mail-in voting. 

The Left has decried any effort to verify who is voting as “voter suppression” and somehow racist.

And now Biden and his cronies are getting in on the fray.

In a press conference on Monday, Jen Psaki said Biden “will redouble his commitment to using every tool at his disposal to continue to fight to protect the fundamental right of Americans to vote against the onslaught of voter suppression laws based on a dangerous and discredited conspiracy theory that culminated in and assault on our Capitol.”

Republican efforts to secure elections are “the worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War,” Psaki continued. 

To Psaki and everyone on the Left, the right to vote is not the responsibility of law-abiding American citizens. 

They want to make it as easy as possible for illegals and felons to vote – more than once if they want. 

That’s because all they care about is power. 

Power over you, your family, and this great nation. 

And if making sure voters are legally allowed to vote is voter suppression, then Republicans ought to take the pejorative as a badge of honor. 

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Sean Hannity just asked this doctor the one question about Joe Biden every American wants answered

The idea that Joe Biden’s mental faculties were not up to snuff was floated around long before he was elected President, but they always seemed to be just rumors.

As Biden’s time in office continues on, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for his handlers to hide the glaring problems with his mental health.

And Sean Hannity just asked this doctor the one question about Joe Biden every American wants answered.

Many Americans are wondering just how bad things will get with Joe Biden and his clearly deteriorating mental health.

To know that a man with such obvious issues is running the United States of America has many scared.

However, new reports are showing that many don’t believe Biden actually is running the country.

Sean Hannity recently referred to these polls during an interview with Texas Congressman Dr. Ronny Jackson, who was the White House physician for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Jackson told Hannity that Biden’s cognitive decline is a significant threat to America and of grave concern.

“Well, Sean, we can’t — we can’t function.  I mean, we’re spending money like it’s going out of style right now. We at least need to know that our commander-in-chief, our head of state, and our President knows what’s going on in that regard. And then, on a world stage, we’re failing miserably. He’s not inspiring confidence in the American people. He’s not inspiring confidence in our allies, and he’s sending the absolute wrong message to our adversaries,” the doctor stated.

During the G-7 summit just last month, it was said that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could be heard telling people it wasn’t long before Kamala Harris took over the role of President.

Dr. Jackson went on in the interview to tell Hannity that Iran is pressing forward on their nuclear program, Russian hackers are continuously launching cyberattacks, and the Communist Chinese are making a mockery of the warnings Biden has issued about the country’s behavior.

“Our adversaries are taking advantage of us.  We draw a line in the sand. They crossed the line. He draws another line. They crossed the line. That did not happen in the Trump administration. When President Trump drew a line in the sand, our enemies, our adversaries knew — they knew — they knew exactly what would happen if they crossed that line, and we don’t have that anymore. And we’re going to — we’re going to pay a price for it,” Jackson concluded.

America is in danger, and the Democrats don’t care.

We are being led by a man who cannot lead, and our enemies are laughing at us.

The situation is dire, and if someone doesn’t do something to correct it soon, the U.S. could be headed straight for war, and, quite frankly, we’re not prepared.

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Hillary Clinton continues to grumble about her 2016 loss but her most recent statement is hypocrisy at its finest

Just when you think the Clintons have rode off into the sunset, never to be heard from again, a new scandal emerges, and they’re back on the front page.

Does the name Jeffrey Epstein ring a bell?

So while Hillary Clinton continues to grumble about her 2016 loss, her most recent statement is hypocrisy at its finest.

Recently in an op-ed for Democracy Dockett, Clinton blasted election integrity laws resulting from former President Donald Trump embracing conspiracy theories and championing white supremacy.

“The emboldening of white supremacists and conspiracy theorists during Trump’s campaign and time in the White House along with the international movement against liberal democracy have exacerbated this perfect storm,” Clinton wrote.

Clinton’s next statement proved just how hypocritical the Left is.

According to Hillary, Americans should just accept the election’s outcome now that the votes have all been counted.

“When the people make their voices heard in an election, we should respect the results. These aren’t partisan statements; they’re attributes of a functioning democracy,” Clinton said.

This is the same woman who claimed Russian interference in the 2016 election when she lost to Donald Trump.

In a new book entitled Shattered by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, the Clinton campaign conjured up the entire Russian collusion scam on Election Night in an attempt to explain Clinton’s loss.

Hillary Clinton and her leftist allies have spent almost five years claiming Russia stole the election from her and that she was the real winner.

That doesn’t sound like someone who respected the results of the election as she says the Right should now.

In September of 2019, Clinton called Trump an “illegitimate President” during an interview with CBS News.

“I believe he understands that the many varying tactics they used, from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false stories — he knows that — there were just a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out like it did,” Clinton stated in response to a question about the allegedly “rigged” 2016 election.

The media continues to beat the drum that the 2020 election was won fair and square by Joe Biden and that people on the Right just need to get over it and move on.

However, just a few years ago, they were crying foul when Donald Trump took office.

Once again, a Democrat is telling Americans to do as they say, not as they do.

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You won’t believe what this Democrat said about election integrity

The Left has been pulling out all the stops to make sure Republicans never win an election again. 

Their main push has been in the form of the so-called “For the People” Act.

And you won’t believe what this Democrat said about election integrity.

It’s no secret that Democrats want to keep Republicans from winning elections by expanding who can vote, for how long, and in what ways.

They want to allow mail-in voting for months before the election and the abolition of all voter ID laws – all but ensuring rampant voter fraud in future elections.

It’s no coincidence that they are pushing this radical scheme all while bussing illegal immigrants to red states across the country. 

But this Democrat Congressman just let the cat out of the bag.

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, a close ally to President Joe Biden, begged Biden to push harder on the progressive takeover of the election process.

“I don’t care whether he does it in a microphone or on the telephone — just do it,” Clyburn, the House Majority Whip said in an interview with POLITICO

And his reason will leave you fuming.

According to Rep. Clyburn, the election system must be nationalized and fraud allowed to run rampant or else the Democrat Party “can kiss the majority goodbye.”

Unfortunately for Clyburn and luckily for the American people, the Senate filibuster requires a 60-40 vote for their election “reform” bill to pass. 

And with the Senate split at an even 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, they are far from the threshold – even with RINOs like Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney.

That’s why Clyburn floated the idea, as the New York Post reports, “that Senate Democrats could tweak the filibuster — which requires 60 votes to end debate on most measures and move them to a final up-or-down vote — to let bills that address constitutional rights pass by a simple majority.”

Since Biden’s inauguration, Democrats have grown ever more shameless in their willingness to blow up the rules of the game when it benefits them.

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Donald Trump was grinning ear-to-ear when Stormy Daniels’ lawyer was slapped with this punishment

Leftists tried and failed to use the Stormy Daniels non-story to ruin Trump’s Presidency.

And now it’s coming around full circle.

Because Donald Trump was grinning ear-to-ear when Stormy Daniels’ lawyer was slapped with this punishment.

The radical Left thought that the Stormy Daniels lawsuit against Donald Trump would be his downfall, but of course that turned out to be a giant nothing burger.

It didn’t help Stormy Daniels to have insane celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti on her team.

Avenatti has skipped $213,000 worth of rent payments for his office space, been slapped with a $10 million judgement in a bankruptcy case, and even been arrested for domestic violence.

He’s certainly a wild cat.

In 2020, Avenatti was convicted and found guilty on three charges of attempting to extort a major corporation, Nike, for tens of millions of dollars.

And earlier this week, Avenatti was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

That doesn’t seem too harsh given everything he’s done – in fact, prosecutors were pushing for 9-10 years – but let’s just say Avenatti didn’t take it so well.

According to reports, Avenatti started crying in court when the Judge announced his 2.5 year prison sentence.

Anyone with any sense of discernment knows that – despite his tears and monologues – Avenatti probably isn’t actually sorry for what he’s done.

He’s likely only sorry for getting caught.

And you would think that a 2.5 sentence wouldn’t be so bad even considering you attempted to steal millions of dollars from an American company.

But it apparently is too much for softy Avenatti.

The irony is sweet. Avenatti was shouting from the rooftops saying President Trump should’ve been indicted and imprisoned.

But it’s Trump who is free and Avenatti who will be enjoying the inside of a prison cell.

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Joe Biden has nowhere to hide after this report came out

Biden’s poll numbers are tanking day by day.

The American people are tired of his failed “leadership.”

And Joe Biden has nowhere to hide after this report came out.

Joe Biden’s policy failures are stacking up.

He has proven that he cannot take on our nation’s enemies on the international stage.

Whether it’s not answering questions about Russian President Vladimir Putin or forcing America to renegotiate the failed Iran Nuclear Deal with Iranian terrorists, he has embarrassed this great nation.

And things at home aren’t any better.

If you look at the border, you’ll see that Joe Biden is more concerned with reversing anything Trump accomplished than doing what is right for Americans.

Border crossings have skyrocketed and the facilities they lambasted Trump for using to hold illegal aliens are now overflowing under Biden’s Presidency. 

And now Joe Biden has an even bigger problem on his hands according to this report. 

The average price for a gallon of gas in the United States hit $3.14, an incredibly large increase from the $2.18 it was a year ago, and the highest level since October of 2014.

No doubt, Biden’s opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline and his restrictions on energy development on federal land is contributing to the rapid increase in price.

And with infighting going on in OPEC between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it’s possible gas prices could hit $3.50 or even $4 per gallon. 

What is Biden’s response to all of this? 

That’s right, a laughably cringeworthy tweet about how the cost of a 4th of July cookout has decreased 16 cents from last year.

He doesn’t want to address that a family with two vehicles is paying an extra $500 a year on gas alone. 

But that seems to be par for the course for the Biden administration – deflecting and endlessly “circling back” when faced with the real problems facing the American people.

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You will not believe what Joe Biden did when a reporter asked him about the most recent cyberattack

The Democrat Party continues to paint the picture that Joe Biden is competent and more than capable of handling his role as president.

Of course, Biden is often hidden away somewhere, making it much easier to claim he’s mentally stable because no one can see him or hear him.

But you will not believe what Joe Biden did when a reporter asked him about the most recent cyberattack.

Biden’s handlers may have thought they could just keep him away from the public initially, but it’s obviously getting harder for them to do so.

There was bound to come a time when they could no longer hide the President of the United States in the White House basement.

And the more Biden gets “let out,” the clearer it is that his mental faculties are rapidly declining.

The media has been lobbing softball questions to Joe Biden from the second he won the Democrat Presidential nomination.

Clearly, the Democrat-controlled press wouldn’t want to embarrass him by asking something he couldn’t possibly answer, so they stick to important things such as his favorite ice cream flavor.

However, in recent weeks some in the press corps are asking questions that aren’t so easily answered.

At least not for Joe Biden.

On a recent trip, as the press padded after Biden hanging on his every word, one reporter asked him about the most recent cyberattack.

According to reports, almost one thousand businesses worldwide were hit with ransomware during this attack, likely making it the biggest attack of its kind.

Many are saying that Russia was behind the attack, but that has yet to be confirmed or denied.

When the reporter asked Biden about the attack, the President appeared lost and unsure of what was happening.

Biden froze.

After some very awkward silence, Biden reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out an index card that he appeared to read talking points off of.

This cyberattack was like nothing ever seen before, and the President of the United States needs talking points to remember the details.

Biden’s moments of confusion are starting to become more frequent, and the calls for a mental capability screening are becoming louder.

Democrats continue to pull the puppet strings in hopes of keeping the issues of his cognitive decline hidden, but it’s just not working anymore.

Joe Biden is not fit to serve the American people.

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A Republican Governor sent one letter off to the courts that is sending waves throughout America’s judiciary system

It seems like every other day there’s some local or state law passed by Republicans that is hit with an injunction or being shot down by liberal judges as “unconstitutional.”

But conservatives are starting to fight back against the obvious bias.

And now a Republican Governor sent one letter off to the courts that is sending waves throughout America’s judiciary system.

In February 2021, South Carolina passed legislation requiring abortionists to perform ultrasounds on pregnant mothers to check for a heartbeat before they could perform an abortion.

If a heartbeat were detected, the abortion would then be illegal to perform. 

South Carolina’s Governor Henry McMaster signed the bill into law earlier this year.

But it didn’t take long before U.S. District Court Judge Mary Geiger Lewis issued an injunction on the bill preventing South Carolina from enforcing any portion of the law they passed.

In response, Governor Henry McMaster and his lawyers went nuclear on the judicial system, arguing that it is intruding on South Carolina’s “legitimate sovereign interests in the form of unnecessary nullification of state law” and “oversteps the bounds of federal judicial power.”

U.S. News & World Report writes:

South Carolina’s governor wants a new abortion law to take effect, arguing Wednesday that a judge’s decision to put the whole measure — and not just the parts being challenged in court — on hold during a lawsuit “oversteps the bounds of federal judicial power.”

“This Court should not countenance such a judicial intrusion upon South Carolina’s legitimate sovereign interests in the form of an unnecessary nullification of state law,” attorneys for the state wrote. They argued that a section such as the requirement that an ultrasound be performed is “a standalone provision that survives any invalidation of another provision.”

McMaster, along with other defendants including state Attorney General Alan Wilson, also argue that the groups that sued don’t have proper standing to challenge the law.

“The right to life is the most precious of rights and the most fragile,” McMaster said in a statement Wednesday. “We must protect life at every opportunity, regardless of cost or inconvenience.”

While South Carolina could still end up winning the case and see the heartbeat law go into effect, the injunction is yet another example of the federal courts going completely out of their way to target conservative legislation for bans.

South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, and Missouri have all seen federal courts interfering with their state constitutionally passed legislation and outright banning the pro-life laws.

Henry McMaster and his lawyers clearly and concisely exposed the issue at hand here: judicial overreach.

Our checks and balances system doesn’t work if the judicial branch is allowed to just label anything as unconstitutional just because one judge doesn’t like the bill or place injunctions just because one political organization files for one.

It’s blatantly obvious that conservative legislation is being targeted by this judicial overreach.

But conservatives won’t put up with this for long.

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Tucker Carlson just caught the Deep State red-handed trying to shut down his show

Tucker Carlson isn’t afraid to call out anybody in power who deserves it. 

That’s why he has faced countless intense attacks to try to take him out. 

And Tucker Carlson just caught the Deep State red-handed trying to shut down his show. 

If there is one thing the establishment on the Left and Right have in common, it is their hatred for Tucker Carlson. 

On his show, which is the most watched cable news show of all time, he regularly calls out political figures on both sides of the political spectrum, covering stories of their corruption that nobody else will touch. 

For doing that, he has faced intense demands for advertiser boycotts, which has caused dozens of big corporations to refuse to advertise on his show. 

But those attacks on his show are nothing compared to the latest assault, which is coming from Joe Biden’s administration. 

Last week, Carlson revealed that a whistle-blower came forward with proof that the National Security Agency (NSA) was monitoring his emails to try to find and leak damaging material to take him off the air. 

In response, the NSA put out a rare public denial, stating that Carlson “has never been an intelligence target.”

Of course, that wasn’t a direct denial, as the NSA is able to monitor the communications of any American they like, regardless of whether or not they are designated an “intelligence target.”

And regardless, it was proven Wednesday that the NSA was in fact monitoring his emails.

Carlson began his show stating that “sources in the so-called intelligence community told at least one reporter in Washington what was in those emails, my emails.”

While he did not identify the reporter or outlet, Axios’ Jonathan Swan reported on the contents of Carlson’s emails earlier that day.

The emails were between Carlson and “US-based Kremlin intermediaries” about a potential interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Carlson confirmed the story, “Late this spring, I contacted a couple of people I thought could help us get an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I told nobody I was doing this other than my executive producer, Justin Wells.”

It was clear that the leak was an attempt to smear Carlson.

They spent years claiming President Donald Trump colluded with Russia, and if Carlson didn’t get ahead of this story, they would likely do the same. 

Interviews with world leaders are not out of the ordinary.

NBC had a sit-down interview with Putin last month, likely going through the same intermediaries. 

Nobody cared then, but because Carlson is a threat to the establishment, they felt that him communicating with Russians would create a narrative that he is colluding with a foreign adversary.

That narrative is already being spread on the fringes of the Left, but would have been much bigger if Carlson didn’t get ahead of the story.

Rudy Giuliani just received the most astonishing news from a Washington, D.C. court that flipped his world upside down

Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani has definitely seen better days.

Giuliani has been the subject of a number of recent investigations surrounding Ukraine and the 2020 election.

And Rudy Giuliani just received the most astonishing news from a Washington, D.C. court that flipped his world upside down.

Last month, a New York appellate court ruled that Giuliani’s license to practice law would be suspended in the state.

The court claimed there was “uncontroverted evidence” that Giuliani “communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts . . . in connection with Trump’s failed effort at reelection in 2020.”

Of course, Giuliani is still appealing the ruling from the New York court.

But now, according to reports, Giuliani’s license to practice in the nation’s capital is being suspended as well.

NBC reports:

A local appeals court in Washington, D.C., suspended Rudy Giuliani’s authority to practice law in the city Wednesday.

A New York appellate court suspended Giuliani’s law license last month, saying he made “demonstrably false and misleading” statements about last year’s election while serving as former President Donald Trump’s attorney.

The action from the D.C. appellate court is required under the city’s bar rules whenever a lawyer faces disciplinary action in another jurisdiction.

Giuliani, a former U.S. attorney and mayor of New York, can appeal that decision, but he cannot practice law in the state. His attorneys have expressed disappointment with the ruling and their inability to present a case.

Trump’s team has recently distanced themselves from Rudy Giuliani saying he doesn’t represent Trump at all anymore, likely as a result from the incredibly overwhelmingly negative press he’s been receiving in the past few months.

Of course, this is all just a part of the establishment’s plans to make anyone related to the former Trump administration pay for Trump being in office in the first place.

The establishment’s government goons want payback and whoever they can catch will do.

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Members of the “Squad” could derail Kamala Harris’ political aspirations

Kamala Harris hasn’t had a very smooth ride the first few months of her tenure as Vice President.

She has been blasted for her handling of the border crisis from both sides of the aisle, and her inability to navigate the political sphere is becoming glaringly obvious.

But now it looks like members of the “Squad” could derail Kamala Harris’s political aspirations.

Independence Day weekend was filled with radical leftists bashing America and trying to convince the world what a horrible and unfree country it is.

One such person was Missouri Democrat Congresswoman and “Squad” member Cori Bush.

Bush tweeted, “When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people.  This land is stolen land, and Black people still aren’t free.”

Seems people like Bush forget that they were elected to office in a nation that allows her to speak out against it and the very freedoms she is afforded.

In response to the ridiculous statement, Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds told Fox News that it was high time the media asked Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to weigh in on whether or not they agree with Bush’s statement.

“I agree with you. I think that they should ask her about what Cori said. They should ask President Biden about what Cori said. I find it interesting that Republicans are always having to answer questions about what one of our members said. They should be having to answer questions about what Cori said yesterday,” the Congressman stated.

Harris is turning a blind eye to the situation because the last thing she wants to do is answer that question.

She is smart enough to know that it is a lose-lose situation.

If Harris were to agree with Bush, she’d be attacked from one side, and if she disagreed with Bush, you can be darn sure the “Squad” and all its brainwashed followers would work tirelessly to end her career in politics.

The Left’s sheer hatred of the country is no longer a secret.

People like Cori Bush and the rest of her radical leftist gang will stop at nothing to destroy the very country that made them who they are today.

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A major Democrat candidate confused millions of Americans with just a single tweet

Twitter is bound to get every politician in trouble at some point or another.

But some just don’t learn.

And this major Democrat candidate confused millions of Americans with just a single tweet.

Virginia certainly has no shortage of politicians who don’t seem to have their heads screwed on all the way.

Whether it’s current Democrat Governor Ralph Northam in pictures appearing in blackface plastered all over the Internet or former Governor Bob McDonell being indicted for taking $100,000 in gifts and loans to turn state employees into test subjects for a diet pill . . .

. . . something attracts weirdos to the Old Dominion’s highest Executive Office.

And with Ralph Northam out the door this fall, the upcoming Democrat and Republican candidates are no exception this time around.

Just about everyone from Virginia – or even remotely interested in politics – knows that the Democrat candidate for Virginia’s Governor’s office, Terry McAuliffe, is certainly not the brightest bulb of the bunch.

He certainly didn’t do himself any favors to change that narrative when he recently tweeted out saying “Call me crazy, but I think it should be easier to vote than it should be to buy a gun.”

Of course, immediately Twitter took to the thread to remind him that it is in fact easier to vote than it is to buy a gun.

What do you have to do to purchase a gun in the United States?

Find a licensed gun shop, pay for and submit yourself to an unnecessary “background check” that can take hours to see if the government is okay with you having ownership over that gun.

And the next time you purchase another gun, you have to go through that same background check process all over again.

With a number of guns you even have to submit yourself to a year’s worth of bureaucracy, paperwork, and a $200 tax stamp to purchase.

In 2020, millions upon millions of Americans received and submitted voter ballots without even asking for one in the first place.

In fact, there were a number of instances of people receiving ballots under the name of a former homeowner.

What did those people have to do to submit a ballot? Well, walk to their mailbox.

Someone from McAuliffe’s team should probably just go ahead and take his Twitter privileges away.

Seriously . . . does anyone know why on earth he tweeted this picture back in 2019? Anyone?

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“Creepy Joe” is at it again in this latest video of his inappropriate behavior around young women

Being one of Joe Biden’s handlers is not a desirable job.

Keeping him hidden away and stopping him from making awkward remarks can’t be easy.

And “Creepy Joe” is at it again in this latest video of his inappropriate behavior around young women.

Rumors of Biden’s penchant for women have swirled for decades, and his inappropriate behavior has made headlines for as long as he’s held office, but as his mental faculties decline, these instances seem to be happening more often.

His inappropriate remarks to a young girl in the audience during a speech at Joint Base Langley-Eustis made headlines worldwide.

And who can forget the incredibly awkward interview he had with a nurse from Arizona where he told her she looked “like a freshman.”

Biden’s behavior isn’t new, but that doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

Most recently, “Creepy Joe” made inappropriate comments about the daughters of an ice cream shop owner.

While being introduced to the girl’s father, who Biden largely ignored, he quipped, “You have guard dogs, I assume,” a clear reference to the attractiveness of the owner’s daughters.

The father tried to laugh the weird exchange off by stating that both girls were, in fact, engaged.

Joe Biden is incapable of controlling himself around women regardless of their age.

Of course, it’s radio silence from the Left because to them, Biden can do no wrong.

If this was Donald Trump, they’d probably try to have the man behind bars by now, but not Biden.

The hypocrisy is deafening.

In a 2014 book by Ronald Kessler, it was revealed that Biden would often skinny dip at his Delaware home and at the Vice President’s home during Obama’s time in office.

So there is no doubt this behavior is not unusual for Biden, but why he isn’t held accountable for it is anyone’s guess.

Supposedly his behavior went so far that female Secret Service agents were offended by being put in such an awkward position.

Again, though, if you’re a Democrat, these things are acceptable.

Joe Biden’s handlers can try all they want to hide the man from the public, but his outrageous behavior isn’t a secret.

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BLM radicals were grinning ear-to-ear when they saw this one report

Black Lives Matter extremists are pushing Critical Race Theory everywhere you look.

They won’t stop until the entire nation bows down to their lies.

And BLM radicals were grinning ear-to-ear when they saw this one report.

America hasn’t been the same since the death of George Floyd.

The radical Marxists who lead the BLM movement seized on the opportunity in the wake of his death.

They burned down cities, killed innocent people, and led the charge in the fight to defund police.

Their tactics didn’t sit well with the American people, so they’re playing the long game.

Instead of pushing their radical agenda now, they’ve decided to indoctrinate everyone they can to make that much easier in the coming years. 

One of the biggest schemes is brainwashing K-12 schoolchildren with the Marxist Critical Race Theory. 

Critical Race Theory professes that America is fundamentally a racist nation designed for the prosperity of white people at the expense of racial minorities.

And the largest teacher’s union in the country just gave it a stamp of approval.

“The National Education Association voted during its annual assembly over the weekend to support teaching critical race theory in K-12 schools, approving a “New Business Item” that, among other things, established a task force for developing a curriculum focusing more deeply on race,” reports the Washington Examiner

This decision by the NEA is a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, it is despicable that they are endorsing a racist and Marxist ideology to be taught to children.

But on the other hand, they finally admitted that this is their plan, rather than gaslighting conservatives by saying nothing of the sort is being taught.

And thankfully, parents across the nation are standing up to the “educrats” running their schools and taking back control of what their children learn. 

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What this Republican Governor did left Joe Biden with nowhere to hide

Joe Biden’s world is crumbling down around him.

His constant failures and gaffes are catching up to him whether he realizes it or not.

And what this Republican Governor did left Joe Biden with nowhere to hide. 

Joe Biden has been fumbling the ball ever since he was inaugurated.

And one of the biggest Biden blunders is at the border.

Under his “leadership,” the number of border crossings and people held in detention facilities for crossing the border has skyrocketed.

Instead of denying entry or deporting the illegal immigrants, he has been bussing them to red states across the nation or forcing them to stay in crowded facilities during the pandemic.

The reason is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. 

Biden is banking on the hope that he will pick up more seats during the midterms and ram through amnesty for all illegal immigrants who are here.

This would all but ensure Democrat control of the federal government for years.

But one Republican Governor has had enough of Joe Biden’s antics.

Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota announced this past Tuesday that he will be sending National Guardsmen to the border to bolster America’s defense against unwanted trespassers.

In a tweet, he said “We have monitored the ongoing crisis at the southern border and will send 125 @NDNationalGuard soldiers from the 957th Engineer Company at the Army’s request to help secure our border. Grateful for our courageous Guard members’ readiness to protect our great state and nation.”

Border states like Texas and Arizona have already spent billions of dollars to quell the crisis at the border with no help from the Executive branch. 

But unfortunately for Biden, red states aren’t going to quit on making sure America is a nation with borders, law, and order. 

North Dakota is the seventh state to send personnel to the border, and they certainly won’t be the last. 

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Amy Coney Barrett continues to prove she may not be the conservative pick Donald Trump was told she was

Donald Trump made the reshaping of the Supreme Court his mission during his time in the White House.

His pick of Amy Coney Barrett to replace the ultra-liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared solid on paper.

But Amy Coney Barrett continues to prove she may not be the conservative pick Donald Trump was told she was.

Lately, Virginia has been all over the news, with parents battling a school district in Loudon County over Critical Race Theory in the curriculum.

However, one issue in Gloucester County remained somewhat quiet until the Supreme Court got involved, or rather, didn’t get involved in this case.

A biological female who claims to be a “man” has been fighting in the courts to be allowed to use the boy’s bathroom at her school.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that this girl who believes she’s a man can use the boy’s bathroom.

The Gloucester County School board appealed the decision, and it made its way up to the Supreme Court, where the Justices chose to let the ruling stand.

Gavin Grimm, the girl, pretending to be a boy, proudly exclaimed that “he” is now allowed to use the bathroom despite being a biological woman.

“I am glad that my years-long fight to have my school see me for who I am is over.  Being forced to use the nurse’s room, a private bathroom, and the girl’s room was humiliating for me, and having to go to out-of-the-way bathrooms severely interfered with my education. Trans youth deserve to use the bathroom in peace without being humiliated and stigmatized by their own school boards and elected officials,” Grimm said.

In the case, the only two dissenting votes were real conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, who stated they would have heard the Gloucester County School Board’s appeal.

But it wasn’t just Amy Coney Barrett who voted with the liberal judges – it was all three of Donald Trump’s court appointees.

This ruling sets a precedent that will make it almost impossible for states to pass laws keeping biological males out of women’s bathrooms.

Trump did issue a statement saying he is greatly disappointed with Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett for continually ruling with the High Court’s more liberal Justices.

Looks like a number of legal minds led Trump astray when they promised Kavanaugh and Barrett were rock-solid conservative judges.

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The first weekend of July brought violence in our cities that you’ll never believe

Since Black Lives Matter started rioting in American cities left and right in the summer of 2020, the radical Left has been trying to sweep it all under the rug.

But that’s not going to happen this time.

That’s because the first weekend of July brought violence in our cities that you’ll never believe.

George Floyd’s death set off a firestorm unlike anything America has seen in the past decade.

Race relations were down the toilet and the Black Lives Matter organization grew more radicalized than ever – targeting dozens of cities with destruction unlike anything Americans had seen in a long time.

No one knew that was just the beginning, however.

According to reports, July 4th weekend brought obscene levels of violence in Chicago, Illinois, with the latest numbers showing 100 people shot, 18 fatally killed, and hundreds destroying police vehicles.

Multiple officers were even injured during the night of violence and unrest.

If you thought 2021 would bring any sort of “improvement” over 2020’s insanity, you’d be wrong.

ABC Chicago reports:

From Friday at 6 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Monday, at least 100 people have been shot, including two CPD officers and five children 13 and younger.

There were at least 18 killed.

During the same time period over the holiday last year, 87 were shot and 17 were killed.

The ABC report adds that 12,000 officers had days off outright canceled as officers had to work 12 hour shifts during the night to focus on 15 “violence-prone areas in Chicago.”

Chicago’s Police Superintendent, David O. Brown, noted “No one else would do the brave and courageous work the men and women of the Chicago Police Department do every day . . . There are too many violent offenders and too little consequences in our courts. There are too many illegal guns in our city.”

All of this comes as Biden’s administration seeks to crack down on guns with unprecedented gun control efforts to turn law-abiding Americans into felons overnight – all via executive order and without an ounce of Congress’ approval.

Those executive orders would do nothing to curtail the majority of violence in our nation that’s coming out of Deep Blue cities like Chicago.

The truth is that the violence that the Left says they want to prevent isn’t from so-called “white supremacists” or law-abiding, gun-owning Americans.

It’s from godless BLM radicals who are being left unchecked by local Democrats in Deep Blue cities all across America.

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Joe Biden just got some bad news about the deficit that will leave you fuming

Since being inaugurated, Biden has been digging the American people deeper and deeper into debt.

There just isn’t enough money for him to fund his socialist fantasy plans.

But Joe Biden just got some bad news about the deficit that will leave you fuming.

Joe Biden’s spending spree is only getting worse as his Presidency continues.

Just about a month ago, he came out with a record breaking $6 trillion budget that would “rebuild infrastructure.”

Of course, they don’t want you to look into what they mean by infrastructure. 

That’s because everything from paid maternity leave to child care is now infrastructure to them.

Not roads and bridges, just redistributive social programs meant to buy votes while impoverishing the American taxpayer.

But it looks like Joe Biden’s plans are starting to catch up with him.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) just came out recently saying they expect the federal deficit to balloon to $3 trillion this year.

An historically large increase to the total amount of debt.

The CBO does predict that the deficit will decrease to about $1.15 trillion in 2022, still an enormous amount the American people will be bleeding every year.

The report also noted that inflation will be well beyond the 2% the Federal Reserve aims for. 

“The CBO foresees the consumer price index jumping 3.4% in 2021 before hovering at 2.3% for 2022 and 2023 and then slightly edging up to a 2.4% annual average for the rest of the coming decade,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Americans across the nation are already feeling the sting of inflating prices, especially at the pumps, while supply chains are still disrupted from the government mandated economic lockdowns.

But Biden doesn’t seem to be bothered by this. 

He still plans on crafting at least two more spending proposals that will each cost over $1 trillion. 

It’s almost as if he doesn’t care about the common taxpayer and just wants to chain America down with debt to make his socialist wet dream a reality. 

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