Kevin McCarthy made one prediction about Nancy Pelosi that could mean the end of her career

Republicans sprang into action after a historic defeat in 2020 with the Democrats taking control of Washington D.C.

Nancy Pelosi sees this as her shining moment, but she’s also been marked by Republicans as enemy number one.

And, if Kevin McCarthy’s prediction is right, Pelosi could see her career in Congress end sooner rather than later.

Republicans only need to flip six Democrat-held seats to take back control of the House.

Republican House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy seems pretty confident this won’t be a problem.

In fact, he bet his own house on it.

During a panel discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), McCarthy stated, “I would bet my house. My personal house. Don’t tell my wife, but I will bet it. This is the smallest majority the Democrats have had in 100 years.”

McCarthy gave former President Donald Trump credit for the Republican gains in the House in the 2020 election.

“This is the first time since 1994 that no incumbent Republican lost. We beat 15 Democrats. And you know who the 15 Democrats lost to? Conservative women and conservative minorities, each and every one of them,” McCarthy said to the electrified CPAC crowd.

McCarthy said that next year’s midterm elections are a pivot point for America to bring the Left’s extremist agenda to an end.

The Democrats’ majority is minuscule and historical trends show that midterm elections favor the out of power party.

Donald Trump was in large part the force behind driving down-ballot turnout that sees the Republicans controlling the redistricting map for over 180 seats in Congress – Democrats are only able to draw about half that number.

That gives the GOP a clear advantage when it comes to redrawing the maps for Congressional Districts.

Most believe that if Republicans take back control in 2022 that the Democrats will look to elect new leadership.

If this happens, Pelosi becomes nothing more than a regular member of the minority party, and she won’t like that much.

And it’s very likely a change in leadership could be the catalyst behind Nancy Pelosi’s retirement.

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