Keith Olbermann instantly regretted picking a fight with this former superstar for the New York Yankees

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The radical Left dominates professional sports in America.

But it didn’t used to be this way.

And Keith Olbermann instantly regretted picking a fight with this former superstar for the New York Yankees.

From professional sports to the entertainment industry to corporate brands, the Left’s woke ideology has seized control of virtually every major institution in America in recent years.

It’s almost impossible to even enjoy a sports competition without seeing some form of the Left’s woke message.

But the Left only recently gained control of professional sports.

David Wells is a former star pitcher for the New York Yankees who played 21 seasons in the big leagues and won two World Series titles.

Wells recently ignited a firestorm on the Left during his appearance at the Yankees’ Old Timers Day festivities.

“Wells got into a back-and-forth with former ESPN and MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann on X after Olbermann took aim at the comments Wells made about Bud Light over the brand’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney,” the Daily Mail reported. “Along with taking shots at Bud Light for the partnership with Mulvaney, Wells also took shots at Nike for being ‘woke’ while also saying some harsh words while discussing the current state of the Yankees.”

Olbermann later posted a screenshot of Wells saying he would not drink Bud Light with the comment “Bulls**t @BoomerWells33 would drink wood alcohol. Another f***ing fraud.”

This was a reference to Wells’ reputation as a heavy beer drinker during his long career in the Major Leagues, having once pitched a perfect game despite suffering from a severe hangover.

Wells dropped the hammer on Olbermann, telling him to “shut the f**k up” in a reply to his original post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Keith shut the f**k up,” Wells wrote. “Just because you never played the game and all you did was work for espn and talk s**t on all of us players because you have a degree in journalism makes you an expert on putting Athletes down. And that’s if you even have a degree. Stick to your politics.”

A couple of years ago Wells would have likely not had an outlet to respond to Olbermann’s attacks.

But thanks to Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, now X, and turning it into a free speech platform, Wells has an outlet to set leftist like Olbermann straight.

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