Karine Jean-Pierre welcomed Peter Doocy back to the Briefing Room with three words that she instantly regretted

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Fox News Channel White House correspondent Peter Doocy is known for asking Karine Jean-Pierre tough questions during press briefings.

Doocy recently returned to work after taking time off for paternity leave.

And Karine Jean-Pierre welcomed Peter Doocy back to the Briefing Room with three words that she instantly regretted.

Peter Doocy took a months-long leave from his position as Fox News Channel’s White House correspondent, where he earned a reputation for pressing the Biden administration for answers on tough questions.

A hot mic even caught Joe Biden calling Doocy a “stupid son of a b***h” last year over a question about the economy.

Karine Jean-Pierre certainly enjoyed Doocy’s absence over the past couple of months.

But Doocy recently returned to work and announced that he had been on paternity leave to take care of his infant daughter, Bridget.

Karine Jean-Pierre noticed Doocy’s attendance at the briefing on Monday and told the Fox News correspondent that “I’ve missed you.”

But Jean-Pierre’s attitude quickly changed when Doocy asked her, “does President Biden want to limit Americans to two beers a week?”

A surprised Jean-Pierre asked Doocy “where is this coming from,” before adding that “maybe I didn’t miss you so much.”

He informed her that “Dr. George Koob, who is the director of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism,” announced that “the U.S. may soon follow Canada and recommend just two beers a week.”

Jean-Pierre declined to “get involved” in that type of issue, which led to Doocy changing the subject to the Hunter Biden investigation.

“The Secret Service is paying $16,000 a month now to stage near Hunter Biden in Malibu,” Doocy said. “Who’s paying for that?”

Jean-Pierre tried to pass the buck to the Secret Service, leading Doocy to follow up by asking “how can you guarantee that people are not going to be buying [Hunter Biden’s] art to gain favor with the President?” before adding that he’s “reportedly selling art to pay for his $15,800 a month rent in Malibu.”

After back and forth between the two, Doocy pivoted again, but this time to Devon Archer’s testimony that Hunter Biden “sold the appearance of access to then-Vice President Biden.”

But Jean-Pierre only kept repeating the same answer, telling Doocy “that is a question for Hunter Biden and his representatives.”

Karine Jean-Pierre got used to facing softball questions during Doocy’s absence.

And his first briefing reminded her why she definitely did not miss him while he was on paternity leave.

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