Karine Jean-Pierre turned red with rage when CNN pointed out this painful fact

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Everyone is running out of patience with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Even the media is getting sick of her act.

And Karine Jean-Pierre turned red with rage when CNN pointed out this painful fact.

President Joe Biden went to the battleground state of Wisconsin to try and spin his dismal economic record that he’s branding Bidenomics for his reelection campaign.

He stumbled through a 20-minute speech where he mixed up words while he lied about creating good-paying manufacturing jobs.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was dispatched to try and defend the President’s economic record on CNN.

She told CNN This Morning that Biden’s appearance in Wisconsin was an example of him delivering for the public.

“He talked about how the Inflation Reduction Act, and also the bipartisan infrastructure legislation and also the CHIPS and Science Act, all of these important, historic legislation are creating a manufacturing boom,” Jean-Pierre claimed.

Job growth in the manufacturing sector has decreased over the last year despite the regime claiming it created a boom.

The Press Secretary tried to claim that Bidenomics was delivering for residents in one of the most important states in the 2024 Presidential Election.

“You look at Wisconsin, just specifically looking at Wisconsin, $3 billion of companies are investing $3 billion in Wisconsin,” Jean-Pierre said. “150,000, more than 150,000 jobs were created in the last two years because of the president’s ‘Bidenomics’ right? Because of his economic plan.”

That’s when CNN host Phil Mattingly gave Jean-Pierre a devastating reality check about how Wisconsin residents view the President.

“Yeah, I mean, to that point, he’s underwater in Wisconsin,” Mattingly said. “You’re talking about Wisconsin, he’s underwater in Wisconsin.”

She tried to take a victory lap over Bidenomics and it instantly blew up in her face.

But residents of Wisconsin can see through Biden’s blatant lies about the economy.

Biden’s approval rating is negative in Wisconsin and across the country, he’s received low marks from voters on his handling of the economy.

Former President Donald Trump is leading or within the margin of error on most of the recent polls coming out of the state.

A sputtering Jean-Pierre tried to do damage control after she was forced to confront Biden’s unpopularity.

“I know and I understand it, but you have to remember, Phil, these are long-term investments, right?” Jean-Pierre replied. “These are long-term investments which Americans are going to start to see and as you know, Phil, you know this probably better than I — you’ve covered a couple of administrations at this point — the real polling doesn’t tell the whole entire story. That’s why we are going to continue to tell that story.”

Even CNN is pushing back against Jean-Pierre’s laughable claims about Bidenomics.

She’s claiming Biden’s failed economic policies are “long-term investments” because she knows they’re not working.

Voters think that Bidenomics is making the crumbling economy worse after the President’s mismanagement.

Karine Jean-Pierre will be working overtime to try and spin the disastrous economy under Joe Biden as the Presidential election heats up.

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