Karine Jean-Pierre snapped over having to say one word about Joe Biden

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s panic time in the Democrat Party and the Biden campaign.

Democrats are stuck trying to figure out Joe Biden’s political fate.

And Karine Jean-Pierre snapped over having to say one word about Joe Biden.

Karine Jean-Pierre faces unthinkable questions

Joe Biden’s embarrassing and frightening performance during his debate with Donald Trump ripped the bandaid off.

The press had to stop pretending Joe Biden was fully cogent and had to actually report the truth.

Everyone with eyes to see could tell since 2019 that Biden was senile.

In that campaign, the media ignored the fact that Biden largely hid in his basement and needed a teleprompter for his interviews.

Now reporters have to actually do their job, and that means asking real questions.

One reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre if Biden has dementia.

“Does President Biden, at 81 years old, have Alzheimer’s, any form of dementia or degenerative illness that cause these sorts of lapses? And it’s a yes or no question,” a reporter asked Jean-Pierre.

Jean-Pierre denied Joe Biden has a cognitive condition and ordered the reporter to ask Donald Trump the same question.

“Are you ready for it? It’s a no. And I hope you’re asking the other guy the same exact question,” Jean-Pierre shot back.

Joe Biden won’t take a cognitive test.

That in and of itself raises suspicion about his cognitive condition.

If Biden’s handlers had nothing to fear, why won’t Biden take a cognitive test that would put questions about his mental acuity to rest?

The media continues to hammer Biden

Journalists want Biden gone yesterday.

All the press cares about is beating Donald Trump, and media members now consider Biden an impediment to that goal.

In what stands out as a testament to the medias belief that they can convince anyone of anything at any time, The New York Times is now claiming the videos they called cheap fakes and “misleading” of Joe Biden acting senile at the G-7 and other public events are now evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline.

“He seemed confused at points during a D-Day anniversary ceremony in France on June 6. The next day, he misstated the purpose of a new tranche of military aid to Ukraine when meeting with its president,” The Times reported.

“On June 10, he appeared to freeze up at an early celebration of the Juneteenth holiday. On June 18, his soft-spoken tone and brief struggle to summon the name of his homeland security secretary at an immigration event unnerved some of his allies at the event, who traded alarmed looks and later described themselves as “shaken up,” as one put it. Mr. Biden recovered, and named Alejandro N. Mayorkas,” The Times report continued.

The Times knew all of this to be true years ago.

But The Times covered it up because Biden was still useful to the overall goal of defeating Donald Trump.

Now that polls show Biden falling further behind Trump following the debate, it’s open season in the press on Biden’s cognitive decline.