Karine Jean-Pierre just announced this shocking news

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Karine Jean-Pierre caught everyone off guard.

It’s no secret that her tenure as White House Press Secretary has been rocky.

And now Karine Jean-Pierre just announced this shocking, life changing news.

The revolving door between the Democrat Party and the corporate media is only growing more incestuous.

The result is that the Democrat-controlled White Houses exert massive control over the news cycle, as friends and ideological fellow travelers seamlessly move between the world of professional politics and covering and commenting on the world of politics.

As if more was needed, so many Democrat operatives putting on new “journalist” hats is only further proof that the media serves primarily to boost the Left and oppose the Republican Party.

This latest announcement from Karine Jean-Pierre’s personal life brought this reality into focus once again.

Jean-Pierre announced she separated from her partner of over 10 years, former CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux.

The two shared an adopted nine-year-old daughter.

“I’m a single mom who is co-parenting this amazing kid,” Jean-Pierre told Vogue Magazine. “Our number-one priority is her privacy and to make sure we create an environment that’s nurturing.”

Jean-Pierre added her number one priority was now her daughter.

“We talk about her feelings all the time,” Jean-Pierre added. “I ask her all the time, ‘Are you happy? How’s it going?’ and she’ll tell me. That’s the nice part – being the parent that you wish you had,” she says. “My parents were amazing, but they were trying to survive.”

The relationship between Malveaux and Jean-Pierre raises conflict-of-interest questions that always seem to work in the Democrat Party’s favor.

The two met during the 2012 Democrat National Convention when Jean-Pierre worked for the Obama campaign and Malveaux covered the race for CNN.

“We met at a donor party being held in a nightclub,” Jean-Pierre wrote in her 2019 memoir entitled “Moving Forward.” “I know it’s a cliché, but the truth is, I spotted her across a crowded dance floor.”

CNN would have removed any correspondent from campaign coverage who was dating a Republican operative they were ostensibly tasked with covering.

But Malveaux then remained at CNN until January 2023, during which time Jean-Pierre served as White House Press Secretary.

No one in the press batted an eye at this relationship.

It’s expected. It’s normal.

Just like no one batted an eye when CNN hired recently departed Biden Administration Kate Bedingfield as a CNN commentator.

This is the literal “state TV” journalists constantly screeched about Fox News during the Trump years.

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