Karine Jean-Pierre is sweating bullets after she was asked one question she never expected

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has to defend Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

It’s putting her in some uncomfortable situations.

And Karine Jean-Pierre is sweating bullets after she was asked one question she never expected.

Gas prices are on the rise again after dropping from record highs this summer to typical California prices.

President Joe Biden has avoided taking any responsibility for soaring gas prices after he declared war on American energy upon coming into office.

When gas prices were rising, Biden tried to blame anyone and everything for the problem that he created.

He attacked mom and pop gas stations for alleged “price gouging” and tried to blame everything on Vladimir Putin after the war in Ukraine.

Gas prices started dropping this summer as the economy slipped into a recession destroying demand from drivers.

After claiming the President didn’t have anything to do with gas prices, Biden took an absurd victory lap trying to take all the credit for prices going down.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy noticed this glaring hypocrisy by Joe Biden on gas prices.

So Doocy pressed White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about Biden’s responsibility for gas prices rising again during a press briefing.

“Is the President responsible for gas prices going up?” Doocy asked.

“So, it’s a lot more nuanced than that, right Peter? You know this,” Jean-Pierre replied. “There have been global challenges that we have all dealt with, ‘all’ meaning other countries as well have since the pandemic. There’s been a pandemic and there has been Putin’s war, and Putin’s war has increased prices at the pump.”

Gas prices started rising long before the war between Russia and the Ukraine.

“We saw what the President was able to do,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “He took some historic steps at the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and making sure that we were able to do everything that we can to bring that cost down for American families, give them a little more of a breathing room. And we saw that.”

Biden wants none of the blame but all of the credit whenever gas prices rise or fall.

As a desperate political ploy for November’s Midterm elections, the Biden regime has been draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve – oil Donald Trump put aside for an actual emergency – leaving the country critically unprepared.

Doocy pointed out the recent surge in gas prices sent the average price per gallon to $6.38 in California, $5.51 in Nevada, and $5.46 in Oregon.

“Who can afford it?” Doocy asked.

“And we understand that, and that’s why the President worked so hard the past several months to make sure that he did everything we can to bring gas prices down,” Jean-Pierre responded. “We have seen — I know you’re pulling out a couple of areas across the country.”

Jean-Pierre laughably tried to credit Biden for bringing gas prices down.

But no amount of spin will undo the political damage done to Joe Biden by the lingering problem of sky-high gas prices.

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