Kari Lake had one hilarious message for Hillary Clinton

Kari Lake has Democrats panicking.

She knows how to handle the corporate-controlled press better than most politicians on the Right.

And Lake had one hilarious message for Hillary Clinton.

Democrats and establishment Republicans have thrown up one roadblock after another to stop Kari Lake in her bid for Governor of Arizona.

The Democrats trotted out Hillary Clinton to attack Lake in hopes of boosting Katie Hobbs, who lost the confidence of her own party.

And Lake had a humorous retort.

Lake said during an interview, “I was a little concerned today—I’m gonna be honest—when I saw Hillary Clinton bad-mouthing me, and she looked angry and actually scared. And just completely unrelated, I want you to know—just in case you’re wondering—I’m in perfect health, my brakes on my car are in good shape, and I’m not suicidal. And we’re gonna win this thing on Tuesday.”

Lake was alluding to the Clinton Body Count, i.e. the number of people connected to the Clintons who mysteriously died from unsolved murders, plane crashes, and questionable suicides.

One of the most notable instances was former White House counsel Vince Foster, whose death was ruled a suicide, although no suicide note was initially found.

A note later surfaced, but handwriting experts were split on whether or not it was a forgery.

Perhaps the most notorious example was sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who died in federal prison when he was supposed to be on suicide watch.

Epstein’s cellmate had been transferred out for some reason and all of the cameras on the cell malfunctioned and both security guards fell asleep when they were supposed to be monitoring him.

In addition to Epstein’s sex crimes, his financial crimes were arguably more scandalous.

Epstein was involved in the Towers Financial Ponzi scheme that was the biggest in history until Bernie Madoff.

After being involved in that, Epstein helped set up various foundations for the Clintons.

Lake poking at the Clintons is precisely why many Republicans have warmed to her.

She is willing to battle the establishment head on, and her time as a journalist has equipped her for handling the so-called “mainstream” media.

Lake is showing why she has a bright future in Republican politics, and the Democrats cannot stand it.

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