Kamala Harris was in a full blown panic when the press asked her one simple question

The first few months of the Biden administration have been anything but stellar.

Biden has been kept from speaking to the press by his handlers for fear that his mental deterioration will be even more evident to the American public.

And now Kamala Harris was in a full blown panic when the press asked her one simple question.

The Biden administration continues to fumble its way through the crisis at the border, pretending it’s actually not a crisis.  

They’re hoping the press will ignore the record numbers of illegal alien children that are pouring into America every single day.

But reporters recently asked Kamala Harris about the disaster at the southern border and pressed her to talk about the 13,000 illegal alien children that are being housed in cages down there.

In true politician fashion, Harris dodged the question. She shockingly claimed she didn’t know anything about children being held in cages with nowhere to sleep or shower.

Harris stated, “I haven’t been briefed on anything today about it, but I will when I get on the plane.”

Kamala Harris and the rest of the Democrats have no respect for the American people. 

It is glaringly apparent that they believe their constituents are too dumb to figure out what’s going on down at the U.S. – Mexico border.

Even the left-wing New York Times is reporting on the deplorable conditions.

A New York Times article stated, “Migrant children are being forced to sleep on gym mats with foil sheets and go for days without showering as the Border Patrol struggles to handle thousands of young Central Americans who are surging across the southwestern border, some of them as young as a year old.”

The current climate at the border is a danger to the United States, its citizens, and the thousands of illegal alien children being detained in horrendous living conditions.

It should not come as any surprise that Biden’s “open everything up” strategy is blowing up in his face.

The White House has lost control, and in turn, they’re harming thousands upon thousands of people every day.

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