Kamala Harris was humiliated after she got caught lying about Joe Biden’s record on this one critical issue

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Kamala Harris is desperately trying to save her failing political career.

But she continues to be her own worst enemy.

And now Kamala Harris was humiliated after she got caught lying about Joe Biden’s record on this one critical issue.

Even though Joe Biden continues to claim he is running for a second term, POLITICO reported on Wednesday that his delayed decision is causing “doubt” and an “awkward deep-freeze across the Party.”

Should Joe Biden decide not to seek a second term in 2024, Vice President Kamala Harris believes she is next in line and expects to be crowned the Party’s nominee.

But Democrat Party leaders do not see it that way.

Even though Harris was once considered a rising star in the Democrat Party, today she’s the least popular Vice President in the past 50 years.

And for good reason.

The first six months of her tenure as Vice President was a nightmare, as numerous staffers resigned due to the toxic work environment in Harris’ office.

As Joe Biden’s official “border czar,” she is also responsible for the illegal immigration crisis facing the country.

And every time Harris appears in public, she makes gaffes and spews out her annoying villain-style cackle.

On Wednesday, Harris visited Bowie State University where she announced a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Augustus F. Hawkins Centers of Excellence Program to support The Bowie Black Male Educators Project.

“The Black Male Educators Project aims to increase the number of Black male teachers who are prepared to work with students in early childhood, elementary, secondary and special education with the knowledge, understanding and skills in English for Speakers of Other Languages,” Patch reported.

But Harris could not even complete this task without embarrassing herself.

Harris claimed that the Biden administration has “reduced heating and electricity bills so folks have more money in their pocket.”

Of course, Harris’ claim is demonstrably false.

As Breitbart News reported, “the cost of natural gas rose 6.7 percent from December 2022 to January 2023, and electricity increased 0.5 percent, according to the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) in January.”

Government reports also prove that Harris’ claim is false on a yearly basis.

“The fuel oil index rose 27.7 percent over the last 12 months, while the index for electricity rose 11.9 percent, and the index for natural gas increased 26.7 percent over the same period,” the CPI reported in January.

Skyrocketing inflation, especially in energy prices, is one of the biggest issues facing Americans under Joe Biden.

But Kamala Harris is trying to convince Americans not to believe their eyes or their bank accounts and trust her when she says Joe Biden is lowering energy prices.

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