Kamala Harris just proved the Democrats are frauds on election integrity

The Biden administration is a sinking ship taking on more water each day.

Joe Biden continually sends out Vice President Kamala Harris to take the slings and arrows for him.

And Harris just proved the Democrats are frauds on election integrity.

Democrats have been crowing about January 6th and the “armed insurrection” for over a year now.

They have obscenely argued that American democracy almost ended that day.

Their argument is that former Vice President Mike Pence could have overturned the results of the electoral college, which is not even true.

However, Republicans proposed an amendment to the Electoral Count Act (ECA) of 1887 that removes any and all ambiguity about the electoral college.

And during an interview with PBS NewsHour, Kamala Harris rejected the offer.

Harris said, “It’s not a solution to the problem at hand. We need federal laws that guarantee the freedom and right of every American to have access to the ballot, to be able to vote.”

This proves that all of the hand-wringing and fear-mongering about January 6th were political posturing.

The Democrats have been attempting to use the Capitol Hill Riot to justify nationalizing election laws, blocking voter ID requirements, and enshrining temporary voting measures that were implemented at the 11th hour due to COVID.

Democrats have tried and failed to make their case that voter ID laws are racist.

But a Monmouth poll showed that 80% of Americans and 62% of Democrats are in favor of voter ID laws.

The arguments against requiring someone to show an identification before voting are preposterous on their face.

Democrats also want to make mail-in voting and ballot harvesting permanent and nationwide practices.

Ballot harvesting is illegal in many states, and prominent Democrats like former president Jimmy Carter and former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz have said that universal mail-in voting was ripe for fraud.

Of course they made those statements before Democrats won the 2020 election on the back of mail-in voting.

Prior to the 2020 election, there were even news articles about an impending “red mirage,” meaning Donald Trump would be ahead on election night, but Biden would pull ahead days later after all of the mail-in votes rolled in.

That’s precisely what happened, and there were many questions about the integrity of the election.

Instead of bolstering election integrity, Democrats are fighting to make election protections as lax as humanly possible.

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