Kamala Harris just made a move that has everyone talking and Joe Biden pretty miffed

Few people predicted just how poorly the Biden administration would do during its first year in the White House.

The problems continue to pile up and no one seems to have answers for any of it.

And, Kamala Harris just made a move that has everyone talking and Joe Biden pretty miffed.

Joe Biden’s socialist spending bill is teetering on the edge as the in-fighting in the Democrat party grows.

What Biden thought would be a slam dunk has turned into just another disaster to add to his lengthy list.

It doesn’t help that the president is getting no assistance from his Vice President.

Kamala Harris, who many projected to be a superstar in the party, is proving to be a real letdown for the Democrat Party.

Harris has a tendency to disappear when the going gets tough.

Most recently she jetted off for a one-day trip to Palm Springs while the Democrats struggled to get enough votes together for Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending bill.

There was no reason given for Harris’ trip and journalists were barred from filming the Vice President’s plane from taking off.

According to The Desert Sun “a White House spokesperson was mum on reasons for the non-public visit . . .”

It was also reported that Democrats in the area didn’t even know Harris was in town.

The trip was cloaked in secrecy and came at a very odd time for Harris and the Democrat Party.

Why Harris isn’t helping Biden get the votes he needs is anyone’s guess.

First, she went into hiding when it was evident the border crisis was totally out of her control and now this.

It’s like she sees adversity and runs.

It was also recently released that Harris has brought on a team of well-known “messaging experts” many believe to help with damage control.

Kamala Harris is not the political powerhouse many on the Left hoped she’d be.

Much like Biden she continues to prove why she is not fit to serve the American people.

A Vice President that can’t face the music during the hard times definitely needs to reconsider any future political aspirations.

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