Kamala Harris’ jaw will hit the floor when she reads this Texas Republican’s bill

It might be hard to believe but Kamala Harris has somehow managed to become less popular than Sleepy Joe Biden.

Perhaps, it is because she’s spectacularly failed at the two policy issues Biden assigned to her – voting rights and the southern border.

And if this Texas Republican’s bill is signed into law, Harris could be spending a lot more time in the one place she’s tried to avoid like the plague.

Congressman Ronny Jackson recently introduced a bill that would require immigration policy officials in the executive branch to visit the southern border.

Rep. Jackson’s bill is aptly called the Border Czar Accountability Act and was inspired by Kamala’s mishandling of the border crisis.

When asked about the bill, Congressman Jackson said, “President Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris as Border Czar 318 days ago, and she only visited the southern border once for a short photo op, far away from where the crisis is taking place, and only after receiving pressure from me and my Republican colleagues. Her visit proved to be nothing more than a failed attempt to quiet her critics. However, within the same 318 days, Border Czar Harris has found time to waste our taxpayer money on uneventful foreign trips to Northern Triangle countries.”

However, Rep. Jackson wasn’t finished giving the Biden-Harris administration a piece of his mind.

He continued, “Biden’s push for open border policies and amnesty for all illegal immigrants has created and continued to bolster the worst border crisis in history. The current situation at our southern border is a public health crisis, a haven for criminal activity, and a threat to our national security. Despite alarming data coming in from the border, President Biden’s Senior Cabinet Member and so-called ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris has wholly dismissed and ignored her responsibility to address and solve this crisis.”

If enacted, Jackson’s bill would force members of the executive branch tasked with handling immigration issues to file a report detailing the impact Biden-Harris administration policies have had on migration levels and visit the border once every sixty days.

And after each border visit, officials are mandated to issue another report detailing the meetings with law enforcement and any illicit substances seized by those officers.

While it is unlikely that Rep. Ronny Jackson’s bill will be voted on in this Congress, there is reason to hold out hope.

Currently, Kamala’s approval rating is actually lower than Biden’s approval rating.

And Kamala has been criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike for her current strategy of ignoring the border crisis and pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Regardless, it would be absolutely hilarious to see Harris be legally compelled to visit the border once every 60 days.

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