Kamala Harris is still skirting the border crisis and Congressman Steve Scalise had something to say about it

It’s been 27 days since Kamala Harris was tapped by Joe Biden to manage the border crisis.

During that time Harris has been almost totally silent on the issue and has refused to hold a news conference or visit the border.

And with Kamala Harris still skirting the border crisis, Congressman Steve Scalise had something to say about it.

Many believe the position of “border crisis manager” is a political minefield for Harris, given there is a widespread belief that she has Presidential aspirations for 2024.

There is no doubt this role will not serve her well in any future campaigns.

Harris recently held a virtual event with activists and White House advisors about the border crisis.

She made it clear that she takes no responsibility for the worsening situation at the border.

“The President has asked Secretary Mayorkas to address what is going at the border.  I have been asked to lead the issue of dealing with root causes in the Northern Triangle,” Harris stated.

Harris also said she plans to visit the Northern Triangle countries but has no intention of visiting the southern border.

Record numbers of illegal aliens continue to surge into the United States via the southern border.

Still, the woman picked to manage the crisis has no intention of visiting that border.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise wants everyone to know that the Vice President appears to be missing on the issue of the border crisis.

In a picture that made its way around social media, Scalise can be seen holding a milk carton with Harris’ picture on it.

Scalise wanted to make it known that Kamala Harris just can’t be found when getting answers on the border crisis.

Polls show that the border is Biden’s weakest issue, which is clearly why Harris doesn’t want to visit it because then she’d be forced to admit what a mess it is.

Obviously, Steve Scalise’s milk carton was a PR stunt, but it makes the message loud and clear that Biden and Harris need to start answering some questions soon because this problem isn’t going to go away on its own.

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