Kamala Harris is desperate to save her political career and you’ll be shocked to see who she’s taking advice from

Kamala Harris is not the Vice President the Democrat Party hoped she’d be.

In fact, she’s worse than they likely ever imagined.

Now Kamala Harris is desperate to save her political career and you’ll be shocked to see who she’s taking advice from.

Kamala Harris’ performance as Vice President likely has many in the Democrat Party wishing they never picked her.

From her disastrous handling of the crisis at the southern border to her awkward appearances on TV she has proven time and time again that she is just not cut out for political life.

Harris has seen multiple high level staffers resign over the last few months and rumors continue to swirl that her office is a toxic environment.

So what is a political hopeful like Harris to do?

Call in some unlikely advisors, of course, and be sure that it’s leaked to the press that you’re meeting with them.

Harris’s team recently leaked to Bloomberg that the Vice President is seeking advice from Wall Street titans and Big Tech oligarchs.

It appears Harris is seeking input from these incredibly powerful individuals on things like policy.

Bloomberg reported:

Vice President Kamala Harris has increasingly turned to corporate executives from Wall Street and Silicon Valley to serve as informal advisers, policy allies and political boosters as she grapples with a sprawling and at times intractable policy portfolio.

Microsoft Corp. President Brad Smith, Cisco Systems Inc. Chief Executive Officer Chuck Robbins and Citigroup Inc. CEO Jane Fraser are among the leaders whom Harris has sought out in telephone conversations, video conferences and strategy meetings.

On its face, it may seem odd that the Vice President of the United States is seeking advice from fat cats on Wall Street and Big Tech dictators.

But who else is better to steer her career than the very folks the Democrats use to manipulate the average American?

Members of Silicon Valley are eager to continue censoring conservative viewpoints and squashing “misinformation” in order to better control the public.

And of course everyone knows most of the Democrat Party’s funding comes from the high powered Wall Street executives.

This may in fact be one of Harris’ most brilliant moves yet.

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