Kamala Harris flew off the rails after a top columnist for the Los Angeles Times called on Joe Biden to make this move

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Joe Biden only selected Kamala Harris as his running mate in 2020 because of the Left’s obsession with identity politics.

But that decision turned out to be a mistake.

And Kamala Harris flew off the rails after a top columnist for the Los Angeles Times called on Joe Biden to make this move.

Kamala Harris’ tenure as Vice President has been an embarrassment for the Democrat Party.

It’s also causing the Party a lot of headaches considering Joe Biden’s age and declining mental and physical abilities.

Joe Biden will be 86 years old at the end of a second term.

Polls already show the majority of voters, including Democrats, do not believe he is mentally fit to serve as President.

Normally, Democrat officials could push Joe Biden aside.

But as Vice President, Kamala Harris is naturally next in line behind Joe Biden.

And Democrats realize that Kamala Harris is a terrible politician.

Her public appearances are full of gaffes, strange comments, and an annoying cackle.

Harris is also the least popular Vice President in the history of polling.

FiveThirtyEight shows Harris with an average approval rating of 39.5 percent while 51.7 percent disapprove of her performance.

This puts Harris 12 points underwater, a bad place for any candidate to be much less the Vice President on the Party’s ticket.

But Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton believes he found the perfect solution for how Democrats should handle Harris.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein is retiring in 2024.

Skelton is pushing for Feinstein to retire early and for Governor Newsom to then appoint Harris to fill her Senate seat.

Of course, Skelton understands there is little to no chance of this ever happening.

“A great idea,” he wrote. “But it’ll never happen because it would take all of the President’s persuasive and coercive powers to pull off,” he continued. “And he doesn’t seem the type likely to do that.”

He noted that “Harris will never give up the Vice Presidency voluntarily,” which is why she “would need to be pushed — dumped, as two great Presidents have done.”

“Biden would need to invite her into the Oval Office for a heart-to-heart,” he wrote. “She has been a terrific Senator with lots to be proud of, but it’s time to let go — for the country’s sake, the state’s and her own — he’d urge, speaking as a longtime Senator himself and a former colleague.”

Skelter said Harris would “probably be better off back in her old Senate job.”

However, as he also pointed out, Kamala Harris will never step down voluntarily because she wants to be President too much.

But the fact that a major paper in her home state of California would even allow such an article shows how much of a headache Kamala Harris is giving Democrat Party leaders.

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