Just when you thought Joe Biden couldn’t get more embarrassing he goes and does this

    The incompetence of Joe Biden has become overwhelming to express.

    His failures and cringeworthy moments are stacking up by the day.

    And just when you thought Joe Biden couldn’t get more embarrassing he goes and does this.

    Joe Biden is in clear cognitive decline.

    It’s uncomfortable to talk about, but the corporate press only makes the problem worse by ignoring the fact his mental faculties are not what they were even three years ago.

    At the beginning of 2019, Biden still sounded lucid.

    Now, he can barely get through a press briefing without tripping all over himself.

    And questions about his frailty were again raised when Biden needed cue cards telling him when and where to sit down.

    If Donald Trump had needed cue cards telling him where to sit down, the so-called mainstream media would have made it a week-long news story.

    This isn’t even the first time Biden has been caught needing study guides to get through a public appearance.

    Before a foreign policy press session, he had cue cards in big font that said “Tough Putin Q&A Talking Points.”

    The Democrats felt that all they needed was a figurehead in Biden to be president, but that strategy has backfired.

    If Biden is not stumbling over cue card talking points, he’s falling down on stationary bikes when he’s attempting to portray vitality.

    The press ripped Trump when he gingerly walked down a ramp.

    Meanwhile, Biden has fallen off a bike, fallen down the stairs getting onto Air Force One, and has mentally locked up multiple times during public appearances.

    Recently during a softball interview with late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, the host had to rescue Biden several times; he cut to commercial when Biden completely lost his train of thought.

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed, “I know a bunch of members of his family and some a couple of them very well. And I knew for a fact that certain members of the family were very concerned about his cognitive ability. They didn’t expect him to get the nomination. Nobody did. And he got it and they were freaked out about it. That’s—I’m not speculating. I know that for a fact. So I knew that the family believed he was in cognitive decline.”

    Democrats have begun openly talking about replacing Biden in 2024, even though he says he’s committed to running again.

    There is no way the Democratic machine will let that happen.

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